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Zendaya Hits A New Kind Of Fashion High On The ‘Dune’ Promo Trail

Zendaya Hits A New Kind Of Fashion High On The ‘Dune’ Promo Trail

Zendaya hit a new fashion high on the promo trail for her upcoming movie “Dune.” The actress-singer looked chic in an all-black ensemble with mesh sleeves, complete with thigh high boots and sunglasses to shield herself from paparazzi cameras against the bright lights of Hollywood.

Zendaya hitted a new kind of fashion high when she was spotted wearing stylish black clothes during promotion for “Dune.” She wore tights that had shiny material covering them which went up above her knees paired along with matching suit jacket worn over top as well as carried around shades so people couldn’t take pictures easily while also sporting long leather straps wrapped around one foot attached at both ends by studded heels.

Zendaya’s fashion sense is the talk of the town, and she shows no signs of slowing down. The “Dune” promo trail was graced by her presence as well; Zendaya took to Instagram on May 22nd 2017 to share some snaps from one such event.

Zendaya’s fashion sense has been recognised all over Hollywood lately, but that didn’t stop her for bringing it once again at a recent “Dune” promotion even though there were doubts about whether or not this would be another successful journey like last year’s Oscars red carpet appearance . No matter what people say about how great someone looks in their outfit choice – especially if they are celebrities who wear clothes designed specifically with them in mind

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