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You Can Get An ‘Eat Pizza’ Emote In Final Fantasy XIV

You Can Get An ‘Eat Pizza’ Emote In Final Fantasy XIV

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV patch includes the addition of a new emote called ‘eat pizza’ — just in time for the game’s free trial weekend. The emote is a long-awaited nod to the original Final Fantasy XIV’s infamous ‘pizza face’ bug, which would cause the character’s face to go full pizza. This bug was eventually fixed, but the emote is a nice way for Square to poke fun at the situation and make players laugh. The fact that this new emote is available for free just makes it that much better.

If you’re a big Final Fantasy XIV fan and you play on the PC or console, you’re probably aware that the game recently got a huge update. With the latest version of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, one of the most exciting additions is a new emote. In the new patch, players are able to perform the “Eat Pizza” emote when they are in a party with another player.


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