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Afghanistan Cricket Board chief hints women can still play: Reports

Afghanistan Cricket Board chief hints women can still play: Reports

The chief of Afghanistan’s Cricket Board has now hinted that women may be able to play the sport in their country once again, after previously denying it was possible earlier this year.
In an interview with The New York Times last month, General Mohsein Shinwari said he would consider introducing a national team if there were enough female applicants interested and available for selection among local players who are eligible under law paragraph 2 which allows people between 18-35 years old without any disabilities or visual impairments from joining select sporting activities where they make up less than seven percent representation globally but more so within countries such as Australia (16%) Canada(7%). If implemented successfully then cricket could become one step closer towards being played across all

Afghanistan’s Cricket Board Chief hints that women could still play despite the ban imposed on them by Taliban
Ms. Farkhunda Naimat has been quoted as saying, “It is not impossible for a girl to be good at sport and have an interest in it.” She also added how important sports are when children grow up without being able to participate meaningfully because their families cannot afford extra education expenses or transportation costs needed outside school hours which leaves little time left over from working all day long just so they can make ends meet while supporting themselves let alone having enough money leftover each month after paying rent/mortgage etcetera

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