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Winter brings tourists to Kashmir with first snowfall

Winter brings tourists to Kashmir with first snowfall

the season’s first snowfall has opened the gates for winter tourism in kashmir valley with hundreds of tourists on the ground to enjoy the scenic beauty this has brought and raised hope among those associated with the tourism industry in the valley ishanvani reports from india’s winter heartland take a look the winter paradise of kashmir goldmark is getting ready to welcome tourists after a long pause located in the

north of the union territory gulmark has attracted travelers tourists and winter sports lovers for decades early snowfall much ahead of christmas means adventure lovers from india will arrive for skiing and snowboarding different activities which have got tourism players all excited after a dry summer surrounded by the western himalayas gulmarg has been called the heartland of winter sports in india the

government of india has invested 420 000 us dollars to transform gulmarg into a world-class destination winter is also considered a perfect time for vacation in gulmarg where temperatures can dip to minus 15 degrees celsius experience here is surreal actually people are generally

afraid of coming to kashmir so there’s no need to be afraid of coming to kashmir uh this is such a nice place it’s such a good place actually you just get mesmerized by the wheel of kashmir you know the valleys the gardens everything is exquisite ranked as asia’s seventh best ski destination ski lovers from russia australia and new zealand are frequent visitors but due to the coronavirus scare the expectation is that there would be more domestic tourists to revive tourism hotels here are offering discounts of up to 60 percent [Music] people associated with

the tourism industry have started receiving inquiries and on sunday around 600 tourists have arrived in the city with hopes high at present one tourism player in jammu and kashmir are experiencing a warm winter gulmak is called a winter paradise and with the first snowfall

thousands of tourists are expected to visit this winter wonderland hundreds are already on the ground and are enjoying the first snowfall now because of covert 19 restrictions and lockdown tourism industry in the kashmir valley was dented hard now they’re expecting that with the first snow of the season and more snow coming in there will be more tourists from across the globe visiting kashmir valley and with the

restrictions being east there’s exp they’re expecting that tourists from across the globe will come to visit kashmir because this particular snow

in gulmak is mostly allowed by secures and snowboarders who from across the globe from european countries come to kashmir valley during winter season and help boost the tourism industry with campus and pharaohs in golmark chanwani for beyond world as one co-presented by

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