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Will the Oxford shot be the cheapest available vaccine?

Will the Oxford shot be the cheapest available vaccine?

so we’ve told you about the vaccines the candidates and how they work what about the prices what will these vaccines cost this factor alone could very well decide which vaccine you might end up getting vaccine companies realize this so they are willing to competitively price the vaccine our next report tells you more a vaccine for 11 months now the world has been waiting for one it is the ultimate weapon to defeat the

wuhan virus but will you be able to afford it recent breakthroughs have heightened expectations if the trials go well the world might end up getting more than one vaccine that too at affordable prices some estimates and advance orders provide valuable insights on how each of these vials could be priced the oxford university astrazeneca short could be the cheapest vaccine they are promising to sell the vaccine at cost

price to developing countries in india the oxford vaccine could cost a maximum of 1000 rupees or around 13 if purchased from the pharmacy buying a single shot from the private market would cost anywhere between 500 to 600 rupees or nearly seven to eight dollars the indian

government should be able to procure it for much less according to one report the indian government could get it for 250 to 300 rupees or around three to four dollars governments will be purchasing this vaccine and making it available to the populations of those countries but also garvey the global alliance for vaccines and immunization will be supplied with vaccine and they can make vaccine available to low-income countries the vaccine is not very expensive to manufacture and also no profit will be made during the pandemic period which also helps to keep the price of this vaccine very low in comparison the other shots could be expensive like the pfizer vaccine reportedly one dose of

this vaccine could cost 20 dollars this is the price that the us government has struck with pfizer to procure the vaccine those who do procure this vaccine will face an added cost the fisa vaccine needs to be stored in special ultracool storage at -70 degree celsius temperatures pfizer has already moved the us regulators for emergency authorization similarly moderna is selling its shot at 15 to the us government the

company plans to roll out the vaccine first in the united states we hope to have about 20 million doses of the vaccine by the end of this year by the end of the calendar year and we’re looking forward to making about 500 million to a billion doses next year but that is going to be a 24 7 operation the makers of sputnik we plan to give the american pharma giants a run for their money they plan to sell one shot at ten dollars

sputnik v is a two dose vaccine its makers now claim that it has an efficacy of 95 the vaccine is undergoing trials in india and brazil the russian government has sealed agreements to produce the sputnik v in india brics members were able to react quickly and take concrete measures to combat the pandemic i would like to note that the russian direct investment fund has concluded agreements with indian and

brazilian partners to conduct clinical trials of sputnik v vaccine as well as with pharmaceutical companies in china and india to open centers for the production of our vaccine in these countries not only for their own needs but also for third parties all these vaccine candidates could be made available by early 2021 the early supplies will be limited but the vaccine makers are promising to ramp up production as soon as they get the node from the regulators

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