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Why Everyone Should Love Lizzo

the truth hurts singer always keeps it real lizzo wasn’t always the powerhouse of positivity she shows to the world today the singer has struggled to make her way to the top but once she got there she used that platform to raise those around her lizzo’s positive influence and self-confidence have become an important part of the talented performer’s identity i’m not doing this to be poppin or famous i’m doing this to help people so i have to go through life the singer whose real name is melissa vivienne jefferson spent her early childhood in detroit

michigan with her family where she was exposed to a lot of gospel music lizzo’s parents encouraged her creativity and even as a kid the future star was working on her rap game she told npr i would call into this morning show and try to get through so i could do the freestyle when lizza was around 10 the family moved to houston texas where she was able to experience a more vibrant music scene and absorb different

genres in houston young lizzo joined a middle school r b group called cornrow clique as for how she acquired her shortened stage name lizzo told 889 radio milwaukee lizzo is my nickname everybody in my crew would take their name shorten it and put an o at the end mine was

lizzo and it kind of stuck with me and i brought it with me it made me feel way more comfortable listening to lizzo’s biggest tracks juice and truth hurts it almost feels like they’ve been around forever the truth is lizzo has actually been working in the music industry for much longer

than many people realize it just took a bit of hustling to break into the mainstream world by age 14 lizza was working hard with flute lessons and rapping lizzo eventually went on to study classical flute at houston university on a scholarship and played the flute for the cougar

marching band becoming discouraged with her music she dropped before her junior year at the time lizzo had to live in her car sleeping on friends floors and couches a situation that almost meant giving up music forever lizzo told texas music magazine i was sad and disappointed in myself because i’d always been so advanced in school the golden child so when i wasn’t successful i was like who am i i thought my life was

going to be something else and it wasn’t happening after her father passed away when she was only 20 years old lizzo made a big life move she uprooted herself and went to minneapolis there she was a part of a few different groups including lizzo and the larva inc and an all-

women rap group called the chalice lizzo told cbs this morning of her time making music with groups that was fun i got confidence to be a front woman i had confidence to express myself in 2013 lizzo dedicated herself to working on her career as a solo artist and poured her time and passion into her music for a while lizza was worried that she would never break out into the mainstream of the music industry because of

her unique style of music she told rolling stone i used to be so upset that i never had cosigns i was like i’m too weird for the rappers i was just sitting in this league of my own although she didn’t have a huge audience at the time the late recording artist prince recognized her talent and

lizza worked on his 2014 track boy trouble she told npr prince was the first person to really make me feel validated as an artist when i heard that track he like let us do whatever we wanted he said pretend as if this song is yours a couple of years later lizzo was signed as a solo artist

by atlantic records she released a 15-track album called lizzo bangers of experimental songs that blended her favorite genres and styles unfortunately the album didn’t initially reach the level of notoriety that lizzo hoped for in 2016 she put out the coconut oil again the reception

wasn’t great although not for lack of quality tracks go give it a listen the following year lizzo released a little half rap half pop song known as truth hurts the dancy tune didn’t really blow up until 2019 the same day that lizzo released her follow-up heartbreak album cause i love you

the two-year-old track truth hurts was featured in the netflix movie someone great the movie included a scene with actress gina rodriguez and dewanda wise having a dance party to the upbeat track that’s when the 31 year old’s rollout into the world of mainstream rap and pop

really took off lizzo told people magazine now the song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone’s falling in love with me for which is such a testament to journeys your darkest day turns into your biggest triumph truthhurtz also found fame on tiktok and soon after songs

from her new album became massive hits gracing the speakers of dance clubs everywhere after over a decade of dedicating her life to music lizzo made it in january of that year lizzo’s single juice made it onto the billboard r b charts and in january she performed the track for the

first time live on tv on the ellen show that summer the star’s performance at the mtv vma awards show blew the audience away prompting a renewed public interest in her previous albums lizzo also collabed on the track tempa with missy elliott whom lizzo cites as one of her biggest inspirations at the 2020 grammy awards the 62nd edition of the event honoring the biggest musical talent in the world our girl lizzo was

nominated for an amazing eight awards the singer took home best pop solo performance award for truth hurts best traditional r b performance for jerome and best urban contemporary album for cuz i love you proving that lizzo is spanning the genres of pop r b and rap

and of course the occasional classical flute it’s been a long struggle for lizzo to make it to the top while touring in 2018 the demanding schedule became overwhelming and being away from friends and family got the best of her lizzo told rolling stone that during a performance

she experienced an anxiety attack which led to starting therapy that was really scary but being vulnerable with someone i didn’t know then learning how to be vulnerable with people that i do know gave me the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist a star like lizzo advocating for

openness about mental health and seeking help just makes her fans love her that much more her self-reflective lyrics full of honesty and realness have resonated with listeners on a deep level lizzo’s lyric writing process is something that comes to her naturally she told the 405 when i’m hit with a good streak of inspiration i write as fast as a freestyle then when i’m done i go back over the lyrics and tweak here and

there i just listen to the beats until i feel a rhythm and rhyme lizzo’s songs often incorporate her views on confidence and self-love her social

media pages are a catalog of guides to body positivity as a plus-size singer in a thin industry the 510 star stands out without even trying but she’s also shown that she’s proud of her curves and encourages her followers to follow a healthy path of self-love she often speaks openly

about her journey to confidence and body acceptance which in a way has mirrored her journey in the music industry the only standard of beauty i had was in television and mainstream media as a curvy woman i believe that women have it hard even if they’re the media’s

definition of beauty celebrating our differences instead of fighting about them is the key to change and growth in an interview with b-e-t she said for a long time i was the most ashamed of myself i didn’t like myself i was waiting for this epiphany to happen that one day i was just

going to blossom into a different person lizzo’s normalizing of bigger body types and acceptance radiates through her confidence and encourages her fans to do the same when it comes to being body confident lizzo doesn’t see this as being brave she told glamour when people

look at my body and be like oh my god she’s so brave it’s like no i’m not i’m just fine i’m just me in an interview with teen vogue lizzo stated it’s bizarre to me that what i’m saying and doing is revolutionary because it should be so innate and first nature we should love ourselves first

lizzo is also a feminist at heart and an advocate for a lot of current issues after labeling her as a feminist rapper lizzle told 889 radio i’m okay with it because it’s who i am i’m not inventing it to suddenly be in vogue for her lgbtq fans lizzo told teen vogue that she can relate to the idea

of a spectrum i personally don’t ascribe to just one thing i cannot sit here right now and tell you i’m just one thing that’s why the colors for the lgbtq plus are a rainbow because there’s a spectrum and right now we try to keep it black and white that’s just not working for me a

supporter of the community lizzo also guest starred as a judge on rupaul’s drag race in 2018. during the covid lockdowns in 2020 lizzo kept the positivity game strong via social media and even shared her at-home workout routines for someone with this much energy and power on stage she definitely keeps up with the fitness lizzo shared her workout on tiktok along with the feel good caption if you’re watching this just

know you’re beautiful lizzo also uses her social media to advocate for political issues and shared a few videos encouraging young fans to get out and vote in the recent elections when she first moved to minneapolis lizzo had the idea of becoming a food critic hence her instagram

handle lizzo bee eating when she decided to continue her career in music the handle still worked in regards to her musical beats eventually

lizza revealed her band geek past and now rarely finishes a performance without bringing out her sidekick sasha the flute that is lizzo’s instrument is aptly named after beyonce’s sasha fierce and has its own instagram page under the handle sasha be fluting don’t be offended if she doesn’t follow you back though sasha’s busy lizzo’s fame may have blown up because of her catchy lyrics and on point beats but her bold

personality and positivity have kept fans invested in whatever lizzo does next she’s shown the world that even after years of struggles and even though her music doesn’t fit perfectly into a box or genre lizza will never dull her shine to fit the mold she’s playing on her own level you

know this music is for everybody but it’s coming from me [Music] just like everyone else lizzo has faced tough times and moments of self-doubt it’s through her passion for her music and for using her platform for good that she’s risen to the top of the charts and reached the hearts of her fans

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