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who’s Ethan Zohn

One of the hottest new authors today is Who’s Ethan Zohn? His road trip fantasy series, Road to Siran, has already sold out at bookstores everywhere. As with any of his previous releases, there are many who will be expecting another big seller and those who haven’t heard of him yet. With a release date just around the corner, we wanted to get an early look at what fans can expect this time around.

The story begins in 2021, when Ethan Zohn takes readers on a daring & mysterious journey deep into the mountains of Nepal. From there, he takes readers on a shocking mystery that will have them searching high and low for the answers while struggling to survive in the wilds. The main characters in this adventure include: Kip Thao, a young orphan who has only just been rescued from a horrendous fate; Liat, a woman obsessed with finding the answers to her own mysterious & tragic death; and Ethan, a young street hustler who barely hides his own drug abuse and criminal past behind a mask.

The novel is organized into three parts. Part one, called, Into the Mists, details the general scenery and general adventure that take place during the journey into the Mists. It also details the roadblocks and hurdles that are placed in order to protect the readers from dangerous individuals. There are also plenty of twists and turns in this part of the novel, adding an element of surprise and excitement. We see more of the back-woods people living life in the wilds of Nepal, and some of the ancient evils that lurk in the dark.

In part two, Into the Mists, we take a brief look at some of the destinations that were introduced in the first novel, as well as some of the local traditions and beliefs. While it isn’t necessary to delve too deeply into these aspects of the plot, I found them interesting to learn about and was glad that I was given the chance to learn more about them. I enjoyed learning more about some of the history and culture of the Nelis’ and the culture they had once helped to shape.

Part three covers the final resting place of Ethan and Mo, who were only mentioned briefly in the beginning of the novel. We get to learn more about their lives after leaving Nelis’ cabin, as well as the reason why they left in the first place. The novel wraps up nicely with Mo and Ethan together again, celebrating the conclusion of their story and the birth of their son.

I enjoyed how the author portrayed the characters. Although Ethan and Mo were children when the events of their story took place, their roles were easily defined. They were smart and curious young characters and engaging in conversation. Their bond with each other was strong, and their experiences during their trip made for great stories. The parents were portrayed as loving and protective, yet not overbearing.

I especially liked how the author wrote about the effects that the wilderness has on a person’s psyche. Although it seems that everyone is afraid of traveling across the open road, it is a very common occurrence. Everyone goes through a stage where they’re not sure if they can handle the idea of traveling cross-country, so they try to stay as safe as possible by setting up a road trip.

Despite a few minor flaws, I thought this was an excellent novel. It gave me ideas about fathering and raising children. I look forward to reading the second in the series, “Paddington Bear.” I’m sure I will enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed Zohn’s first novel.

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