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Where do the Steelers stand in the AFC after Week 6?

Where do the Steelers stand in the AFC after Week 6

I have been saying since august the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best team in the national football league no one everyone was making fun of me then is anyone willing Dominique are you willing to say it now I’m willing to jump on that bandwagon with you however Patrick Lavonne Mahomes scares the hell out of all of us so I mean the Chiefs haven’t played all that well so far this season but I think that’s what slows everyone down from jumping on that undefeated Steelers bandwagon with that great defense in a year where it seems like no one plays defense the steelers are one team that plays defense and has a quarterback with super bowl

pedigree and seems like playmakers at every offensive position in a solid offensive line it’s hard to argue against them and they seem to be getting better every week so I think you’re probably right they’re the best team in the NFL but I’m still scared of my homes aren’t you a little bit, of course, everyone is scared of Mahomes the best team doesn’t always win and sometimes

the best quarterback winds up winning they were fortunate to win the super bowl last year they had the best quarterback and they came from all of these deficits but Louis they have a coach that you trust they have a quarterback that you trust they all of a sudden have found a superstar receiver in chase Claypool and of all the contenders they play the best defense and it’s not even close that’s why I keep saying

it yeah i think the and also what you were banking on was the fact that Ben Roethlisberger was going to come back 100 healthy although he said that he was ready to go and that he’ll remain healthy and as long as he does look I think we’ve seen already like the influence that franchise quarterbacks hall of fame caliber quarterbacks have on everyone else and how it lifts everybody else you think ben not being back there isn’t having everyone else raised their game of course it is and that’s not to say that these guys aren’t talented because they are but when he’s there everyone else is like seven’s where we’re good to let’s roll and that’s how it goes and that that’s why it was everything was you were

just sitting there holding your breath going as long as his elbow’s good and he can stay on the football field we’ve got a shot here and you’re right chase Claypool has been playing out I remember seeing chase clay pull down at the senior bowl seeing him at practice and standing next to him as they were going through the individual period and it was him and denzel mims and Antonio gandy gold and all these big receivers and I remember looking at Claypool like this and I was like oh my god this kid I mean he’s tearing it up and you know on the defensive side you know Mike Tomlin is going to have the right you know Minka is playing out of his mind and you know tj and butt I mean these guys I mean they’re legit they’re gonna be right there but don’t forget number 15 of the chiefs just don’t forget I know what no one is in any way taking anything away from Patrick Mahomes all

I’m saying is if you look at the teams from top to bottom and the chiefs if you watch the chiefs play let’s see what they are with Leon bell really quickly d wood your thoughts Pittsburgh oh absolutely Pittsburgh is definitely going to be one of those teams right there with the chiefs in the AFC I mean listen last year I mean this was a team that was with eight and eight with the starting quarterback they had they were on their third quarterback and they still were eight and eight so imagine now you have a guy and ben Roethlisberger back now all it all depends on you know just staying healthy but with seven back there i mean absolutely they’ve got to beat the race last year they were eight and three last year in games in which they scored at least 11 points eight and three which they scored 11 points they picked up right where they left off

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