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Where did Rakhi Sawant and her husband first meet?

Where did Rakhi Sawant and her husband first meet?

Bollywood scandal queen Rakhi Sawant’s husband has revealed that he had never met Rakhi before marriage.

Rakhi’s husband Ratish told Indian media that a film could be made on our love story and marriage story which would be more popular than other films.

Rakhi’s husband said that Rakhi Sawant is a very good wife because she cares for me very much, I thought that announcing my marriage would affect my business as I was working on one or two defense projects at the time, as well. The aerospace sector was affiliated with the government to work on the project.

“I told Rakhi not to leak our wedding photos on social media and she acted like an ideal wife,” he said.

“It’s love at first sight, we’ve never met before, we’ve only talked on the phone and when we’ve met, Married in 2 to 3 days.

Ratish said that after marrying with her love and sincerity, Rakhi has won the hearts of my family including me.

It should be noted that Rakhi was married to a British businessman in July last year, whose wedding photos did not go viral in the media at that time.

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