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What’s the ceiling for Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker?

What’s the ceiling for Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker?

it’s crunch time amina’s supposed to be kendrick perkins and i demand you go back to people kendrick perkins yesterday there was a pro day for georgia’s anthony edwards kentucky’s tyrese maxi paul do you want to see more of these nfl style pro days in the nba in the future rach i’m not too sold on these pro days because i mean just to watch a player look at this he’s handling the ball he’s passing it back he’s taking spot no defense around i can’t measure a player’s heart his work ethic i can’t i need to see him against competition i mean this is all good this is all good for instagram and you know for just you know measuring a guy’s birth but this really doesn’t tell the tape of a guy who who can play i mean me i probably would have failed pro day they couldn’t but they couldn’t measure my heart and my will things worked out for you and it

worked out i’m just saying i would say that pro day in some ways was just an advertisement for clutch right it was a recruiting tool for future guys coming out of college lebron and you know yeah ron and a.d sitting there courtside he was on espn2 i mean that’s what it felt like to be more than anything that’s that’s that’s really what it is it’s to make clutch look good and it’s also for the clients to look good you know for us as teams we always put guys in positions where they didn’t feel comfortable because we wanted to see how you reacted to the adversity that’s not adversity that’s just making the kid feel good and have tv cameras and all that right i’m going to make you uncomfortable and say you should talk in your okay okay okay rachel the mavericks making some trade noise according to the dallas morning news the mavs want to

move up in the lottery and everybody except luca and porzingis are available they have picks 18 and 31. so kendrick perkins and mean al hassan use your front office brain here does dallas have the right idea in this draft of all drafts let me tell you something rachel the dallas mavericks have an idea of who they want in the draft and in this draft where it’s so flat prospects after about five through about 15 are the same guy so you view the dallas mavericks and you know who you want hell yeah you go out and get them what do you think i don’t know i think they need a veteran player you know to enhance this roster but the thing is to they try to acquire assets and the more assets you get later down the road you can

acquire that player that you desperately need to make a championship run here’s what i know they want cap room not for this season but next offseason i wonder why all right our draft expert jonathan devone reporting that the wolves met with lamela ball earlier this week paul is it a big deal to you do you like the potential fit of lamellar ball in minnesota um not so sure they got deangelo russell who needs the ball carls towns needs the ball i don’t know if i like another guy that needs the ball in his hand and he’s he’s shown some greatness in the places he played but i’m not sure this is the pick for them listen rachel if you’re the the minnesota timberwolves you got an opportunity to get a free look at these prospects you do

it anyone who’s saying by the way i heard rumors about him not interviewing well if you are if you believe that then i got a bridge to sell you look if you knew better you’d do better and there you go come back fast please yeah we need you perk this is not going well the jump would like to wish a happy 24th birthday to devin booker paul said before the break he’s only 24. yes he’s only 24 and led the sons to an improbable 8-0 record during the restart he averaged over 30 a game in that stretch he was second in mvp voting to dame lillard in the bubble for the bubble mvp such a young age the best may be yet to come so what do you think the ceiling is for book rachel i think that he can be the best shooting guard in the nba

and on the mvp ballad within the next three years next three years yeah i said what i said rachel strong um i think he could be the uh the best player on the championship team you do okay he has that i always say you need that swing guy who can do multiple things and he’s shown a lot over the last couple years and in this bubble his maturity his all-around offensive game needs to get better on defense but he could be the best player on the championship team i believe where do you feel the suns are right now i mean because obviously those seating games they looked they look great i’m gonna do this in my voice because i’m tired of doing the perk voice this is the thing about teams like the suns when when you are trying to be great that’s not something that okay we got it we ain’t know in the bubble now everything’s here on after you

got to do it every single day and this organization has shown an inability of doing things like that every single day so the one thing they got to watch out for is recidivism going back to your old ways and it’s real easy if the season doesn’t start the way you liked it the way it ended to kind of everybody let go of the rope so before we say what can the suns be i just want to see them try and continue the good habits that monty williams got him working on last season well do you see them as an over 500 team as a playoff team making into that lower seasoning in the east in the west they’re hard for me to figure out because they start off the season so well they’re just like oh they’re going to be in the playoffs then they just

tank and then they come to the bubble and they look like a playoff team you know they got to find some consistency within this group and i think with some of the veterans they have they found it i think they could be a playoff team next year now you remember jason tatum said it was after he made the all-star game last year it just like completely changed his mindset he thought of himself differently he wasn’t worried about himself in the same way anymore and we saw his play just take off do you think book having made the all-star team is going to influence him the same way what kind of confidence did it give you as a player oh it gave me tremendous confidence it made me feel like you know i belong with these guys so when i sit in that locker room and i’m sitting next to lebron wade and uh yeah i feel like i belong now and it’s not it’s like all right it’s time for me to go show it you know he had that opportunity this year he feels like he belongs

now it’s time to take his team to the next level not only as an individual he took his game to the next level it’s time to take his team to the next level now now i think for book he’s thought of himself as an all-star several seasons before this one yeah so this wasn’t like a oh wow i finally made it it’s one of those about time yeah so and that’s one of the things i love about him he’s got high aspiration and high ambitions for himself devon booker the only nba player to be in the all-star game the nba bubble and kardashian island all three he got the trifecta this year so you knew better you do better he wins there you go this just in at the buzzer i’m very sad about this our graphics producer kate is leaving us oh i know shout out to dina chef thanks to gina as well um she is not going too far she will be joining the la clippers next week but you know

those resumes that our fans love so much right at the bottom of the screen nice she is responsible for those she is brilliant she is funny she has been with us since 2017 a vital part of our staff i love seeing all these moments over the years she’s got she’s got great photo faces hopefully she can bring uh high expectations for the clippers some championship vibes well yes we’ve had a staffers go to the lakers we’ve had kobe’s granity company take someone and now the clippers are taking us

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