What You Don’t Know About The Life Of Princess Diana


What You Don’t Know About The Life Of Princess Diana

princess diana was everything the royal family is not the people’s princess affectionately known by the world as lady dye was fashionable trendy and had a knack for connecting with the public it’s no wonder she sometimes butts heads with the queen diana living an exciting life pouring her passion into supporting charities and raising her children to be well-rounded individuals despite their royal circumstance a true trendsetter princess Diana was instrumental in shaping 80s fashion before and after her marriage into the monarchy Diana became known as an icon and one of the most influential

people of the 20th century born in 1961 as lady Diana Francis spencer the story of the future princess wasn’t exactly a rags-to-riches situation Diana was the third child to Edward john spencer this count of Althorp and Francis ruth burke Roche this countess of Althorp before meeting her future beau Diana already had royal blood in her veins this count is a royal title ranked above barons but below dukes and earls Diana had two sisters lady jane Fellowes and lady Sarah mccorkadale and a brother charles spencer 9th earl spencer the family lived at park house in the remote and quiet country village of sandringham norfolk where they rented a home on queen elizabeth ii’s estate the queen had a country home on the land

that she was quite fond of and so diana and her family would occasionally cross paths with the royals and their two younger children andrew and edward when they were staying at the neighboring home after diana’s parents divorced when she was seven she first moved to london to live with her mother a custody battle eventually placed her and her siblings with their father and stepmother reign the countess of dartmouth with whom young diana did not get along as a young child diana was homeschooled but later attended riddlesworth hall school and west health school although she was a talented swimmer diver dancer and even won her school’s outstanding community spirit award she unfortunately did

not excel in academics and failed her o level examinations not once but twice as a teenager diana also attended a finishing school in switzerland called the institut alpine vitaminette where she was taught how to be a proper upper class lady her lessons ranging from social graces and etiquette to writing and dining she was being prepared for a royal life whether she wanted to be or not after leaving finishing school in 1978 diana moved into her mother’s flat in london where she learned to live independently during this period the future princess learned to cook she worked as a house cleaner a restaurant hostess and became a dance instructor diana evidently had a strong desire to make her own way in the world while she

could at 19 diana landed a job as a kindergarten assistant at an elementary school and moved into her own flat in colehern court in earl’s court in central london pretty extravagant neighborhood for a school teacher diana’s time working made her the first royal bride to have a job before being married i wanted to teach children they said why not come along so i first start often afternoons in 1977 diana met prince Charles he was 13 years her senior and at the time was dating her sister lady sarah as soon as diana and charles announced their relationship the media was obsessed with the courtship charles invited diana to the royal yacht britannia which was followed by a trip to balmoral castle the family’s scottish residence where diana first encountered her future mother-in-law the queen her majesty must have expressed some

approval because in 1981 charles proposed to diana and within a few weeks diana left her job at the school and arrangements for the wedding of the century were underway she’s been brave enough to take me home diana’s engagement ring almost deserves a story of its own inspired by her mother’s engagement ring the 18 karat white gold set had 14 diamonds with blue salon sapphire and set charles and the royal family back around 28 thousand pounds that’s about 35 000 the ring was eventually passed down and now lives on the hand of the elegant duchess kate middleton it’s about making your own future in your own destiny and kate will do um will do a very good job of that the couple made their first public appearance together at a charity ball at goldsmith’s hall in march of 1981. it was at that event where diana met grace kelly the beautiful actress and star who likely had an influence over diana’s effortless and elegant style

during their engagement diana moved into the royal residence of clarence house with the queen mother aka the wife of the late king george vi then following complicated protocols diana moved into buckingham palace just before her wedding when she was only 20 years old on july 29 1981 diana married prince charles their wedding took place at saint paul’s cathedral with 2650 of their nearest and dearest in attendance the event was broadcast on television with nearly 1 billion people from 74 countries turning in to marvel at the opulent spectacle the day became a moment in history and culture that most people who witnessed it recall to this day diana’s dress alone was enough to put people in front of their tvs the design of the dress was kept a secret right up until the ceremony the dress was designed by husband and wife fashion team david and elizabeth emmanuel and featured intricate embroidery over ivory taffeta and frilled antique lace which

dates back to the era of queen mary the gown had over 10 000 pearls sewn in valuing the design at an estimated 115 thousand dollars diana’s puff-sleeved dress barely fit into the royal carriage that carried her and charles to and from the cathedral and it took her a few minutes to make it down the aisle which is no wonder given how much that gown must weigh diana also wore a 25 foot long tulle veil that attached to her sparkling 18th century spencer family tiara an intimate touch included the detail of a c and a d on her silk kitten-heeled shoes for charles and diana the wedding also caused a stir when the couple made adjustments to the traditional vows Diana choosing not to include the traditional vow to obey her husband she also famously fumbled her words calling the prince Philippe Charles instead of Charles Philippe with that

many eyes on them who can blame her after the wedding diana became the princess of wales and became the third highest ranking woman in the royal family after the queen and the queen mother she became the fifth in line to the throne following the queen duke queen mother and charles a few months after the wedding the royal couple announced that they were expecting a child once again making headlines in the media diana broke royal protocol when she wore a bathing suit exposing her barely their baby belly while vacationing on the beach the queen was apparently appalled adding strain to their in-law relationship despite the beach scandal and a rough pregnancy diana gave birth to a healthy baby in june of 1982 who they named william two years later in 1984 prince harry was born with william and harry being

heirs to the throne it was customary for the family to have monopoly over the boy’s education and daily life diana however wanted things a little different she insisted on choosing her own baby names and refused a royal nanny and as harry and william grew older she wanted to make her own decisions regarding her children’s lives diana prioritized her children’s well-being over their royal responsibilities she wanted them to have a normal upbringing as much as was possible anyway this of course added fuel to the fire that was her relationship with the family to the queen’s dismay diana retained her personal style after becoming a princess her trend-setting fashion choices were followed by press and people all over the world diana’s wide shoulder dresses became a staple piece in every woman’s closet launching a major trend

that lasted into the 90s her short hair also went against the norm for royal princesses her pixie cut was modern edgy and became a popular style among young women a particular pink chiffon blouse that she wore for a vogue shoot ended up selling millions of copies after the famous publication diana’s signature style as a chic modern woman and mother distanced her from the rigid fashion of the royal family she did away with things like long gloves stiff heels and starch straight suits opting instead for comfortable trousers loafers and loose-fitting blouses diana felt that the overdone look of royal wear made her seem too unapproachable especially when she was working with charities and working-class people while traveling abroad diana would often seek out local designers to create custom pieces for her appearances in order to

respect local cultures and support the economies diana’s style has penetrated into the 21st century with celebrities still looking to her wardrobe for inspiration in an interview with glamour in 2013 rihanna said of diana’s style every look was right she had these crazy hats she got oversized jackets i loved everything she wore recently vogue produced a photo spread of top model haley bieber baldwin sporting diana inspired outfits including her iconic bike shorts and oversized sweater combo and her casual yet sophisticated jeans and blazer look diana really made cool athleisure a thing before it

was a thing diana is still a major source of inspiration for designers and influencers today there’s no referencing 80s and 90s fashion without taking a piece of style that the princess played a role in popularizing it was because of diana and her modern style that the public looked to the royal family for cultural cues at the turn of modernity diana was as many perceived her a regular down-to-earth woman to whom they could look up to although it wasn’t exactly part of diana’s

signature style the princess made sure to be seen wearing two special items to announce her acceptance of charles’s wife the queen offered diana the cambridge lovers knot tiara on loan from the crown jewels collection she also granted diana the badge of the royal family order they often have arguments but we don’t know five years into their marriage charles

and diana began to grow apart the large age gap became too much charles restarted a relationship with a former girlfriend camilla parker-bowles while diana began seeing major james hewitt her former horseback riding instructor in 1995 diana spoke with bbc of charles’s relationship with camilla she said well there were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded in 1993 diana wrote a letter to her butler sharing her belief that charles was in love with a then tiggy leg burke their children’s former nanny in her bbc interview diana also said my husband and i had to keep things together

because we didn’t want to disappoint the public however much to the queen and prince philip’s dismay or perhaps not the marriage ended in a divorce in her famous 1995 bbc interview diana also opened up about her doubts that her husband was suitable to be a royal leader after hearing this the queen allegedly felt that this was too far and wrote to charles encouraging the separation the divorce was settled in august of 1996. diana received 17 million pounds and an annual stipend of 400 000 pounds and she was stripped of her title of her royal highness unlike charles whose reputation was tarnished in the media by the divorce diana came through still beloved by the public despite the complications and

scandals she glided through with her grace and dignity intact a feat she was praised for by the british subjects both diana and charles signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from ever speaking about the marriage or divorce i don’t want a divorce the paparazzi and cameras never stopped following diana she told bbc that the most daunting aspect of her responsibilities was the media attention during her time as a royal the public became vultures obsessed with catching a glimpse of the princess cameras would hound her as she picked up her children from school and when she was coming

out of the gym or working out diana was treated as a celebrity even after leaving her marriage on several occasions the constant attention drove her to tears she couldn’t get a break a downfall of diana’s open and honest personality was that the press often took advantage of her willingness to speak openly about her marriage and the royal family often putting her in hot water with her in-laws diana also in an effort that was ahead of her time spoke very openly about her own struggle with mental health in her bbc interview in 1995 she said i am finding it very difficult to cope with the pressures of

being princess of wales but i am learning to cope with it by speaking openly about her struggles diana helped destigmatize talking about mental health and asking for help after realizing that the circus of media attention would never cease diana decided that she could use her platform for good diana became an ambassador for many charities and organizations working closely with events in support of those living with hiv and aids and leprosy this was groundbreaking at the time as these diseases were still considered somewhat taboo but diana spoke about these causes with passion and an open heart helping to de-stigmatize those who were suffering she famously visited a hospital in brazil for children living with

hiv you can shake their hands and give them a hug heaven knows they need it in her humanitarian efforts diana was working with at least a hundred different charities she made major strides in banning the use of dangerous landmines helping to raise awareness about the harmful effects on innocent people she helped to pass several pieces of legislation to ban them she worked directly with halo trust an organization dedicated to clearing land mines in angela and around the world diana also worked as an advocate for centerpoint an organization aimed at helping homeless people thanks to

diana linking publicly with the organization the world became aware of the tragedy of youth homelessness and the charity was able to get over a hundred thousand people off the streets diana’s charity work made her even more loved by the people and thus continued the stream of aggressive paparazzi in her life breaking news coverage princess diana is seriously injured in a day that rocked the nation and the entire world diana passed away when her car swerved off the road and crashed seven photographers who had been chasing her vehicle were put on trial for the incident to this day conspiracy theories exist as to the true cause of the event the most likely scenario is that the paparazzi got totally out of hand moving out of the realm of ethical journalism and causing the end of one of the most iconic and beloved figures of

all time i admired and respected her for her energy and commitment to others in addition to her philanthropic work diana’s essence lives on in pop culture fashion charity and even royal life the media’s obsession with the people’s princess was never forgotten elton john rewrote and performed candle in the wind for her and her name and likeness can be seen in commodities and shows like the simpsons diana’s fashion also lives on through endless exhibits retrospectives and magazine shoots that commemorate her timeless style the charities that diana helped and supported have continued to be funded by the royal family in her honor in 2017 attitude magazine honored diana with their legacy award for her works with aids charities and communities diana’s son prince harry has continued on her humanitarian work at an aids

conference in 2016 harry gave a speech advocating for what his mother worked for decades before he said it is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier to our ability to defeat this disease once and for all in 2005 diana’s other son prince william became an advocate for another charity close to her mother’s heart homelessness william began working with center point and in an interview with telegraph he said my mother introduced that sort of area to me a long time ago it was a real eye-opener and i am very glad she did it has been

something i have held close to me for a long time maybe most importantly diana’s more genuine and casual approach to royal life lives on through some of her successors her honesty and individuality paved the way for those such as meghan markle who have and will take on leadership roles in their own way working against archaic traditions for a more feminist monarchy and equal world diana’s sons have both chosen to marry outside of the royal bloodline bringing an updated sense of progressiveness and diversity to the royal family and i know that i can give love i’m very happy to do that and i want to do that does princess diana’s iconic presence live on even into 2020