What Trump may do next in his post-election battle

Trump releases statement after Biden's projected win

What Trump may do next in his post-election battle

president-elect joe biden is forging ahead setting up his administration and declaring that his transition to the white house is well underway while president trump and his team continue to contest the election results filing lawsuits in several states fox news sunday host chris wallace discusses the legal challenges from the trump campaign the upcoming senate runoff races in georgia and rumors president trump is starting a digital media company states in cities across the

nation are tightening restrictions as the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s continue to rise the surge in infections and precautions re-sparking questions and doubts about an economic rebound businessman and fox news contributor john layfield weighs in on how business owners and investors may be impacted this winter plus commentary from guy

benson host of the guy benson show the fox news rundown is a daily news podcast where we take a deeper look at the stories important to you you can subscribe on your favorite podcast player by going to foxnewspodcast.com i’m dana perino i’m brian kilmeade i’m shannon breme and this is the fox news rundown [Music] friday november 13 2020 i’m

chris foster even if president trump loses his fight to stay in office a lot of president-elect biden’s agenda could live or die depending on who controls the senate that comes down to two runoff elections in georgia if democrats were able to flip and oust the two republicans in those two seats it would be a 50-50 senate and assuming that joe biden is the president

and kamala harris is the vice president she breaks the tie and suddenly chuck schumer is the senate majority leader we talked to fox news sunday host chris wallace i’m lisa brady a vaccine may be the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel but there’s still a long way to go and many more small businesses may fall by the wayside we’re going to have a wave of bankruptcies if we don’t figure out a way to keep them alive until this vaccine takes effect and i’m guy benson i’ve got the

final word on the fox news rundown [Music] president-elect biden is proceeding with business as usual meeting with transition advisors naming a chief of staff a coronavirus task force and filling other jobs house speaker nancy pelosi says about president trump’s refusal to concede and the other republicans supporting his lawsuits over ballot counting they’re engaged in an absurd circus right now refusing to accept reality the republicans are shamefully pretending of proceeding

without recognizing what our responsibility is president trump is keeping up the fight with lawsuits in several states called for joe biden white house spokeswoman kelly mcinerney tells fox we deserve to have an accurate count and we deserve to ask questions when there are really serious affidavits out there making serious allegations the campaign makes

several arguments like dead people and non-residents voting or that its observers couldn’t get close enough at minimum it would take overturning about 75 000 votes in pennsylvania and wisconsin and winning georgia and north carolina to change the election results i don’t know that they have a clear plan uh but the president at least seems to think that this

election was stolen from him so they’re going to pursue uh any possibilities of vote fraud chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday there is also the possibility and i have to say i find this kind of distressing if you can tie up the state long enough but the the electors have to vote on december 14th there is a provision that the state legislature steps in and they name the electors so you know it it is possible if even in a state like pennsylvania that is uh you know went for trump for

biden rather by tens of thousands of votes you could have the republican control controlled state legislature come in and name trump electors not biden electors so that’s a possibility and i think most you know and i say i think all these things are swirling around they don’t have to sit there and do it for one reason i think most especially the the trump camp

believes that his voters uh his supporters want him to be seen as fighting for himself and fighting for them and so they they they don’t want him to concede they don’t want him to say i lost and i think they at least this is the trump camps perception and i think the president’s perception that he’s now already reportedly talking about running in 2024 that it is a better thing to be the aggrieved robbed president in in you know in exile than to just be a losing presidential candidate

yeah sure um if he runs in 2024 or even just in his business ventures he wants to be able to sell himself um as a winner now most not all but most republicans in congress if they’ve said anything at all or supporting the president in this most i assume believe that the election’s over and have their own reasons for keeping it up well i think there are a couple of

things going on there one you don’t want to be on the wrong side of donald trump i mean he still has enormous 80 90 support among republicans and one tweet uh from the president saying you know congressman so-and-so has been disloyal uh could be political oblivion for him uh that’s number one number two remember this election forget about the

presidential race the battle for control of the senate is not over and you know you’ve got these two special elections on january 5th in georgia the purdue seat the leftler seat and i think republicans want to do everything they can to mobilize people to come out and vote and again i think they believe that you know a grieve grievance-filled party uh you know this election has been stolen on the national level may be a more effective campaigning tool than just saying we lost yeah a lot

of money a lot of attention on those two january runoffs the democrats of course need to win both uh you think they have a shot yeah you know it like sounds like the line from dumb and dumber you’re saying there’s a chance uh yeah they have a shot i mean i think at this point you would say that the republicans are the favorite it’s still georgia even if joe biden

ends up winning it but there was a poll that was that came out after the election the runoffs in one case you’ve got david perdue the incumbent republican senator against john osof and the other you have the reverend rafael warnock against the incumbent republican senator kelly lefler and they were both within the margin of error i think one was 49 48 the

other was 50 46 so sure they got a shot and can you imagine the amount of money that is going to be spent because this won’t just be two random races these are literally races for control of the senate if if democrats were able to flip and oust the two republicans in those two seats it would be a 50-50 senate and assuming that joe biden is the president and uh kamala harris is the vice president she breaks the tie and suddenly chuck schumer is the senate majority leader so there

will be literally hundreds of millions of dollars spent on those two races in less than two months uh we’re seeing record record chronovirus cases there’s no reason to believe the next couple of months won’t get even worse with the colder weather and the holidays coming up uh joe biden one of his coronavirus advisors dr michael osterholm his name is says

we could end this with a four to six week shutdown but you’d have to have the government paying to float businesses and workers now the money part just isn’t going to happen even though even if you could get people to buy into it yeah and the answer is you couldn’t get people to buy into it i mean to go back to last march and have a complete shutdown and we

never really did have a complete shutdown we had a complete shutdown in a few states uh new york new jersey connecticut but we didn’t have a big a complete national shutdown and and and to do that all across the country because this has now become a a national phenomenon uh isn’t going to happen but i will say this i find it distressing not necessarily surprising but distressing that all the focus in this white house with the president with the vice president

seems to be on finding ways to fight the results of this election and that’s fine if they want to do that but we are in a critical point right now with 130 140 000 cases a day 60 000 piece people hospitalized and we’ve not heard one word from the president on the corona virus and you know he’s still as as they all like to say in these final days you’re the president until noon on january 20th why aren’t the president and the vice president speaking to the nation and doing

anything they can to try to push solutions and you know we kind of it’s not magic short of lockdowns where masks socially distance you know what to do with thanksgiving you know they have a bully pulpit but they don’t they seem to be

focused on the election and not on the health of their fellow americans yeah and still after all these many many months it’s still to some people a big political thing wearing a mask and uh i don’t know if you’re hearing as much talk about the whole thing as a fraud and it’s no worse than the flu than we did in the spring but you’re still seeing uh these maskless rallies popping up no that’s right and you know when on election night when the president uh had his quote uh victory

celebration in the white house at i think it was 2 30 in the morning there were a couple of hundred people there and i’ve seen pictures of it without masks and so forth for five people in that group in the east room of the white house got the coronavirus uh including uh his his top political adviser a felony brian jack his white house chief of staff uh mark meadows so again you know you can do a couple of things at one time and if they want to press their political arguments

about the campaign fine but they are also the president and the vice president the people in charge of handling the corona virus in this country and on capitol hill on the financial side clearly nothing’s going to happen with relief there until maybe until joe biden is sworn in no well yeah i mean there’s a possibility of but again you know you say to yourself

you’re the president and the vice president until january 20th why aren’t they getting nancy pelosi and saying okay the election’s over let’s make a deal let’s find something we can agree on i understand nancy pelosi has not been the most cooperative person in this she you know it bears her share of the blame but keep working to try to get a bailout for people uh who are losing unemployment benefits and for companies that have long since lost their payroll protection plan yeah

my understanding is that speaker pelosi has maybe made the the perfect the enemy of the good here where she’s held out for everything she wants instead of taking something well that’s certainly an argument you can make i mean there’s no no question you can make that argument of the flip side of the argument i’m not taking it aside here is she thinks they’re only

going to do it once and she doesn’t want it to be uh look the election was a huge problem here and and and shame on all of them because they should have been worried about the country not whether or not the democrats were going to get a win or it was going to play to the president’s political advantage but the election is over certainly the count the casting of votes of not the counting of votes so let’s go back and try and work it out i i you know i don’t understand the inaction on

this part um you know you’re as i say you’re president until january 20th at noon uh there’s this axios report that if president trump loses he wants to start a new digital media company not a tv network but you know something streaming any advice any advice what for for the president yeah to start up a a possible competitor uh well i i don’t you know i think

he should start a bidding war for with fox for my services i don’t know i mean it’s uh although i don’t think i would be high on his uh on his list uh although i’ve always treated him very fairly i know that he and some other people think uh that uh you know that i somehow sided with biden in the first debate but all i would say is if you want to find out what hurt you in the first debate mr president look in the mirror uh you know that that you know that first debate and his

behavior in that first debate i’m not saying it was the most important event it wasn’t obviously the handling of the coronavirus was may have cost him the election because right after that debate and his his comportment there uh he took a four or five point hit in the polls in in the at the very end of september early october and you know had he not taken that

hit and had to claw his way back as he did pretty effectively in the final days of the campaign he might have won yeah i’m sure there are a lot of not terribly politically engaged viewers who tuned into that debate out of curiosity and saw what came off as a bully that they didn’t want to see i mean obviously it obviously played to his supporters but maybe not

people that he needed i don’t and i’m not sure it played to all of his supporters i mean look he he got 70 million votes it’s the it’s the most votes any person has ever gotten for president except joe biden in the same election uh so you know he obviously had a lot of support but as you say in in an election is tight you couldn’t waste any opportunities and this was the biggest viewing opportunity of the whole election more than 70 million people all right we’ll see where we are next

week fox news sunday host chris wallace thanks for coming on you bet thank you chris [Applause] this is guy benson with your fox news commentary coming up with coronavirus cases setting new records in the u.s renewed restrictions are sweeping the country from limits on bars restaurants and gyms to mask orders the nation’s third largest city chicago has

a new stay-at-home advisory beginning monday stay home unless you have to go out for essential reasons do not have guests over avoid unnecessary travel and cancel your traditional thanksgiving plans mayor lori lightfoot says in her city alone a thousand more people could die from covid before year’s end if behaviors don’t change one coronavirus advisor to

president-elect joe biden is floating the idea of a four to six week nationwide lockdown dr michael astra home telling yahoo finance on wednesday we could drive the numbers down like they’ve done in asia like they did in new zealand and australia and then we could really watch ourselves cruising into the vaccine availability this as top infectious disease dr

anthony fauci says we can still avoid another lockdown by doing a better job with masks and social distancing emily williams knight is president and ceo of the texas restaurant association we are certainly bracing for more impact and i can tell you that having lived through the spring in texas with restaurant dining rooms being closed most of our restaurants won’t make it through winter with with closed dining rooms she says texas used to have the second highest number of

restaurants in the country 50 000. they’ve lost 15 percent already through september i think we’re in a bind a real bind i think president-elect biden is correct covet is by far the biggest thing in the kind of economic landscape that is a roadblock for this economy businessman and former wwe star john layfield is founder and host to follow the action and a

fox news contributor we’ve got to figure out some way to be able to stay open and stay open safely and i think we can to me there’s no reason that you can have walmart and home depot and cbs stay open and their workers not be getting covered not at a large degree not enough that you would have to shut down the store i think you we should be able to keep

open business in this country and the reason is i talked to a lot of small businesses right here in montgomery county where i live bethesda maryland and this stimulus check these ppps they’ve got them through to a certain point but if they go back to 25 which they’re voting on this week these businesses a lot of them say they’re just going to go bankrupt and i

just don’t think we can allow that to happen what about another stimulus bill i mean obviously they have been able to come to an agreement in washington but let’s assume for a second they somehow got something passed where do you think the money would need to go first small businesses first i think feminists and people’s unemployment benefits that’s

what’s kind of kept this economy afloat we we wanted to get a bridge to normalcy and we didn’t know what normalcy was until we had this announcement from pfizer and now from moderna that a vaccine is going to be ready by the end of the year with distribution starting at the end of the year toward the first part of 2021 so we can see the the light at the end of

this pandemic tunnel now and that’s different from before when people are just asking are we just going to keep stimulating this economy and keep giving up money now we can see where we are and these uh small businesses uh we’re going to have a wave of bankruptcies if we don’t figure out a way to keep them alive until this vaccine takes effect so you it

sounds like you would say that another stimulus of some kind is needed we can’t really get from here to there with the vaccine without with you know without trying to save more businesses i yes that is exactly what i’m saying i’m not for this government spending i’ve been railing on government spending for some time you know debt doubled under president bush it doubled again under president obama and we were at trillion dollar deficits uh before the pandemic and nobody

just cared to talk about it so i’m not in favor of a lot of government spending but i think in this case because of this pandemic this is something that is unprecedented in our lifetime at least and i think you need to find a way to keep these businesses alive until they have a chance for some normalcy because what we’ve done is we’ve given them enough oxygen

to get till now and if this stimulus runs out you’re going to see a wave of businesses go under you’re going to see people uh go under as far as personal defaults we still have 11 million unemployed right now that’s down from a trough of 22 million but we have to figure out a way this is not their fault and we see that we can have a normal economy at some respect in

the fin sometime in the spring because of these vaccines i think we need to help these people and these businesses get there because it’ll have a multiplier effect on our economy which stimulate what is stimulus supposed to have to have to happen i know at least one of the president-elect’s advisors has floated the notion that look we might have to have you know at least a partial lockdown to get a handle on what’s happening right now with the virus over a hundred thousand

cases a day how detrimental would that be for the economy do you think could we could we weather a partial lockdown beyond the renewed restrictions that have already taken shape around the country it depends on how far that partial is oh yes we could weather it but we’re going to lose a lot of businesses there’s an estimation that the gyms which is typical of a small business about 36 to 38 000 gyms in the country a third of those are going to go bankrupt and you’re going to see that for restaurants you’re going to see that for small businesses to me it just isn’t fair and it doesn’t make sense that we

can keep open pharmacies we can keep open big box retail stores and we can’t open up small businesses i think we can do it and we can do it safely we have to figure out a way to to make safety protocols so that people can keep these businesses open and yes i think a lockdown a lockdown of any kind will be very detrimental to this economy and i don’t think it’s necessary i’m for mask i am for social distancing but i’ve seen it work in so many different places you look at the sports

leagues when baseball first started up people said well this will never work we’ll never get to the world series you had 50 different sports leagues professional leagues playing around the world at that time if people can figure out how to do this certainly we in america can figure out how to do this too i think it’s an unnecessary step to go backwards in the lockdown i think safety protocols i think there’s a national mass mandate i think that’s something that could be very appropriate but as far as the shutdowns i think it will hurt our economy it will take us years to get over i know that uh mr biden has

talked about a dark winter uh he had you know and and health experts too had said that this could be a rough time of year combined with flu season and the surge right now does seem does seem pretty bad i but but yet we had this big rally you know with the vaccine on wall street is wall street already sort of factoring in that dark winter mentality was that sort of baked in there already i think what we were seeing this past week was a rally because of pfizer and because of the

vaccine i think the dark winter is is most likely if it was going to happen it’s still going to happen because you look at the time frame of what happens with a vaccine pfizer’s vaccine is one is the first ever gene-based vaccine that will ever be approved which you make gene-based vaccines and test tubes instead of cultivating them like you do say a polio or yellow

fever vaccine and because of that it’s much cheaper it’s easier to produce you do have a storage issue because of the temperature you have to keep it at but if you have a vaccine that comes out say in the first of december it’s going to take logistically a week to get to places around the country for people to get that vaccine you obviously give it to first responders first you’ll give it to your people that are most vulnerable your nursing homes but it’s a three-week period

with pfizer it’s 28 days when moderna you take the first shot and then the 21 dater later 21 days later you take the second shot so we’re looking at a month process at least from the time they first ship those vaccines till it goes into people’s bodies and is in people’s bodies enough for that second shot for people to actually have some type of immunity to it and in that time the everybody’s predicting we could have up to uh four hundred thousand deaths total we could have two

hundred thousand uh cases a day of covid so i think we’re still in for a really rough time ahead of us with cobit unfortunately until this vaccine is able to get out there and start taking effect yeah that would seem to me in a rough time for the foreseeable future for the airlines the cruise lines anything travel related right absolutely it’s an absolute nightmare for all those that you mentioned i mean who wants to get on a cruise i mean people were stuck there on cruises

for months people don’t want to risk that bermuda has done give me a good example being is an hour and a half hour and 45-minute flight out of jfk it’s a great place to go there’s very little coven however if you get covered you’re stuck there and so people don’t are not traveling because they don’t want to get stuck places because there’s a chance they can get covered

if you get in the united states you can always effectively drive back to your home or wherever you want to be i think cruises are the same way people are scared to get on cruises people don’t necessarily want to travel and because of that until we get a vaccine until we get some type of comfort and safety look at amc and look at movie theaters we have a lot of businesses that are dependent upon that vaccine but still late at the end of the tunnel to to be sure what is there an

industry you’d love to be in right now or one that you definitely would not want to be in right now yeah uh look biotech i mean i think pfizer to me is the one that is going to benefit huge from this vaccine they had it first they also didn’t take any government money and operation warp speed so they can price this at a way where they can make money they’re going to have a 100 million vaccines by the end of the year 50 million rather by the end of the year 1.3 billion next year

that 1.3 billion because they priced them about 20 each that’s about 26 billion dollars in revenue that you’re going to accrete to pfizer next year that’s on a 50 million billion dollar revenue company you’re looking at 50 jump in revenue with pfizer so i think your biotechs because of the fact that this is the first gene-based vaccine that will ever be approved that is a huge step and a seismic shift in the medical industry what i have to give you a chance to give a shout out to your charity

work because i know you’ve worked for years for at-risk youth in particular and now with a group based in memphis especially is the focus how has this pandemic changed that work it’s changed it significantly memphis inner city rugby is a group i work with a gentleman named shane young i think he’s one of the best in the world at what he does they’ve changed kids lives there they’ve taken what is about a 60 dropout rate in memphis which is some of the worst child

poverty in north america and they change it to 100 graduation rate in high school but also a hundred percent of those kids are going somewhere after so they’re going to military trade school or college after that they’ve given out over a million dollars in scholarships to these inner city kids but because of the pandemic we realize there’s a gap and there’s a lost generation that could happen in our inner cities because they went to remote learning so with remote learning you

have to have a computer our kids don’t have computers you have to have wi-fi our kids don’t have wi-fi they can’t go to school so literally you had kids because of where they were and because of the situation they’re born into weren’t able to go to school and you’re seeing that all across the country it’s a terrible thing that will make these inequities that people talk about even greater and so what we’ve done in memphis what shane young has done has reached out to teach for

america who gave us a classroom we got computers donated by mike novogratz the really philanthropic billionaire who helped beat the streets this wrestling program that’s fantastic and inner cities get started and stay funded got us computers and so we’re actually able to have remote learning for these kids so they don’t lose out and miss out of being in school because of where they are this shutdown has really affected kids in specifically low-income areas well thank you so

much for all the work that you’re doing to help with that and uh thanks for sharing some time with us today john layfield we appreciate it always great to talk to you lisa new from the fox news podcast network my name is kennedy and welcome to my podcast which will i humbly say single-handedly save the world you’re welcome it’s kennedy saves the world subscribe and listen now by going to foxnewspodcasts.com and now some good news with tanya j powers chris nikitch

made history this week he became the first ever athlete with down syndrome to complete an ironman triathlon he had a 17-hour time limit and he finished in 16 hours 46 minutes and nine seconds in that length of time chris who was 21 swam 2.4 miles rode 122 miles on a bicycle and ran the length of a marathon the special olympics twitter account said chris

inspired people around the world as he set a guinness world record he crossed the finish line wearing a shirt that featured his motto of one percent better every day the day after that he tweeted a year ago i wrote chris world champ anything is possible tanya j powers fox news [Music] it’s time for your fox news commentary guy benson what’s on your mind on saturday journalists social media feeds were filled with images of anti-trump voters flooding into the streets of major

american cities to celebrate the projected outcome of the election many of the revelers were wearing masks but there was very little social distancing but because journalists were happy this was treated as a good thing hours later following an upset in a college football game students at notre dame rushed the field to celebrate another kind of outcome these students represent a low-risk population were outdoors and were overwhelmingly wearing masks albeit without social

distancing sound familiar well the response for many in the media was not wagging fingers and scolding the students for causing a potential super spreader event it seems some outdoor mask wearing jubilant crowds are okay when media figures share their celebration but not okay in other contexts which has nothing to do with science of course and everything to do with politics

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