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What No One Realizes About Barron Trump

What No One Realizes About Barron Trump

first boy baron trump who hasn’t been seen in public in three months sure looks grown up he’s got an iron-clad will he’s obsessed with the finer things in life and playing golf yes it seems that barron trump donald’s youngest son takes after his father barron trump has certainly been bearing the burden of the spotlight lately when internet conspiracies aren’t popping up about the teen’s unverified roblox account his mother melania is vouching for the teen’s intelligence and creativity despite being in the spotlight since the age of eight and becoming an object of public interest during his father’s

2016 presidential campaign very little is known about donald’s youngest son barron what is life like for the youngest trump why is he called little donald what are barron’s plans for the future baron is melania trump’s only child donald trump has five children from his three marriages the three eldest donald trump jr ivanka and eric from his first marriages to ivana trump followed by tiffany the daughter of his second marriage to marla maples and 14 year old barron the only child of donald’s current marriage to melania nos trump donald’s eldest child donald jr is 29 years older than barron who is by far the youngest of the trump children with second youngest tiffany being 13 years barron senior baron’s childhood

baron was born on march 20 2006 about a year after donald and melania married since baron’s half-siblings were all much older and lived apart from melania baron grew up as somewhat of an only child growing up at the trump tower penthouse on fifth avenue in new york city baron attended columbia grammar and preparatory school where his elementary education had a cost comparable to attending an ivy league university of 45 000 dollars annually columbia grammar boasts an impressive list of alumni including writer herman melville and actress sarah michelle geller now that

baron lives in washington he attends saint andrews episcopal school in potomac maryland which has a similar hefty fee moving to the white house after being elected baron’s father donald moved to the white house in dc with his family in tow not long after according to nbc news melania was adamant that baron should finish his school year without relocating schools so after finishing his year at columbia grammar baron and his mother also moved into the white house this was a costly decision for melania and barron due to security expenses baron is trilingual reportedly all of donald’s children speak french but only baron can boast being trilingual baron learned his mother’s native language slovenian at a young

age apparently mastering the tongue by the age of five he spoke slovenian to his mother and grandparents as a child back in 2009 melania told people that baron who was only three years old was already speaking slovenian in addition to his native english and was also learning french baron speaks two languages completely perfect melania gushed on the joy behar show in 2011 when baron was five moving into the white house was not an upgrade for baron in her interview with parenting via red book melania trump revealed that baron’s trump tower lifestyle is nothing short of luxurious baron who has an entire floor of trump’s three-floor nyc penthouse to himself is allowed to draw on the walls in his own rooms and

has incorporated planes and helicopters into the decor which is designed to look like the palace of versailles in addition to the family penthouse baron moves with his family throughout the year to their various homes including a 60 room estate in upstate new york a 15 000 square foot home in beverly hills and trump’s crowning jewel his mar-a-lago residence in palm beach it’s no wonder baron and melania weren’t in a rush to join donald in washington but his life as a presidential

son is reportedly just as luxurious according to inquisitor the white house has a person staff who will know what every member of the trump family likes as far as food snacks and personal items this will be stocked and waiting for the family so they can obtain it at a moment’s notice he’s the first presidential son since jfk since 1963 the u.s presidents have only

had daughters making Barron trump the first presidential son to live in the white house since john f kennedy jr he loves sports other than golf baron is an avid soccer fan and has been photographed sporting an arsenal football club shirt baron has played for the dc united under 12 teams and development academy as well as the Arlington soccer association’s under 14 team and was photographed kicking a ball on the white house lawn in 2017. according to Melania baron has always been an athletic child telling ABC news in 2016 that he’s a great athlete Donald has also praised his youngest son’s athleticism telling people when Barron was nine that his son is a very natural athlete at such a young age also saying

that baron was at that age where he’s just starting to learn in 2017 the major league soccer team dc united visited the white house presenting baron with a personalized signed black and red ball according to the Washington post and later a few of the dc united members played a game of pickup soccer with the teen who impressed forward Patrick Mullins mullen said he was impressed with Barron’s passion and knowledge of the game saying that his experience with the youngest trump made him feel good about kids growing up playing soccer the internet was a buzz upon seeing photos

that show baron is a few inches taller than his father who stands at six foot three inches and some joked that his athletic abilities could include basketball although baron seems content with soccer little Donald seemingly since toddlerhood baron has been someone who knows what he wants much like his father who is often described as iron clad it seems Donald has passed down some of his own personality as former attendant tony cynical who has known baron since his birth can attest the youngest trump knows what he wants speaking to the inside edition in 2016 cynical said when the baron was two and a half years old I took his breakfast into him he was sitting in his high chair and he looks at me and he said tony sit down we need to talk mother Melania also admits that her son is headstrong as she told parenting baron is a very

strong-minded very special smart boy he is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants sometimes I call him little Donald love for golf when he isn’t focused on school baron has been known to enjoy golf something he and his father have in common the two tees off when Donald’s schedule permits it baron has had a passion for golf since childhood something Melania says is his favorite father-son activity Melania told people in 2015 that a typical father-son day consists of the two going alone for dinner one-on-one and playing golf together as a child baron enjoyed golf so much

he told Melania he wanted to become a pro golfer baron wants to follow in his father’s career footsteps at age 5 baron reportedly declared to his family that he wanted to go into business like his father if that didn’t work out the young baron’s plan b was to become a pro golfer he hasn’t given the public any updates since but it’s likely he’ll inherit several business titles from his father as Melania told parents in 2018 when he was 5 years old he wanted to be like daddy a

businessman and golfer he loves to build something and tear it down and build something else he is very detailed at drawing expensive tastes he’s not a sweatpants child he doesn’t mind putting on a suit and he likes to dress up in a tie sometimes like daddy melania told abc news in 2013. at age 14 baron has a strong interest in fashion and as a child

melania treated barron to the finest cosmetics at her disposal Melania has admitted that baron has learned to care for his skin from her and has his own caviar complex c6 moisturizer one of Melania’s favorites which sells for as much as 150 melania told Abc news when the baron was seven I put it on him from head to toe it smells very very fresh he likes it privacy like trump’s older children baron has had to become used to being in the public eye from a young age with the public interest in baron climbing since his father’s original candidacy it’s no surprise that he’s had to learn to be camera-ready before

trump’s campaign baron had already made his media debut at age eight baron appeared on his father’s show the apprentice while Donald has no issue with Barron being of interest to the public Melania would prefer he has as normal a childhood as possible after Melania and Barron had settled in at the white house Melania told fox news’s Sean Hannity that baron isn’t living a normal life since the family’s moved to Washington dc but he is enjoying it there she also mentioned that she has tried to protect him from public scrutiny and that her effort’s required to give him the childhood

he deserves he’s an uncle born in 2006 Barron trump is 29 years younger than his oldest sibling Donald trump jr making him closer in age to his nieces and nephews baron’s father Donald has nine grandchildren who are between the ages of 3 and 13. the eldest of Donald trump’s grandchildren is Donald jr’s eldest daughter 13-year-old kai who is less than two years younger than her uncle baron is sneaker obsessed like so many other teens baron loves shoes the teen has been

photographed on many occasions sporting new balance kicks a brand he has been fond of for some time in 2017 Barron reportedly paired his prep school uniform with custom new balance trainers and in January he was spotted wearing a similar model of new balance sneakers this time opting for a pale suede with a reflective logo baron does not have a nanny Melania trump reportedly likes to have a hands-on approach to parenting including making baron’s school lunches

in 2015 Melania told people that she refuses to hire a nanny to raise baron when asked about raising baron herself Melania said i think it’s very important baron is nine years old he needs somebody as a parent there so I am with him all the time as you know my husband is traveling all the time several days after Melania’s interview was published Donald told the new york post that a young woman works with baron but Melania has often been spotted picking up her son from

school and a source close to the family claims Melania has not relied on nannies to help raise baron describing Melania as a devoted mother permanent to become a businessman little Donald may grow up to take after his father it’s hard to tell what’s next for Donald trump’s adolescent son but it’s likely to include golf which facts surprised you the most about baron trump do you think he’ll likely follow in his father’s footsteps let us know in the comment section below

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