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What is the reality of 2 cases against Osama Satti who was killed by the police?

What is the reality of 2 cases against Osama Satti who was killed by the police?

Which 2 cases were already registered against Osama Satti? Did the police respond to these cases by firing 22 shots at Osama Satti?

According to media reports, a record of two cases has come to light against the young Osama Satti who was killed by the anti-terrorism force of the federal capital Islamabad police. According to the records, two cases were registered against Osama Satti in 2018.

According to Islamabad police, a case was registered against young Osama Satti in Ramna police station for exporting 6 grams of drugs while another case was registered against him for using a tampered vehicle in the police station secretariat. The accused was also wanted by the police in both the cases.

Here the question arises that if a case of 6 grams of drugs was registered against Osama Satti, was his answer that he should be shot 22 times? The big drug dealers are roaming free, running drug business in schools, colleges, hotels and attracting the new generation. What action did the police take against them?

The second question that arises is whether the punishment for using a tempered car is death and 22 bullets? The question also arises that if cases were registered in 2018, then why the police did not take action at that time? Is bringing these cases to light an attempt to cover up a senseless murder?

Earlier, police said they had received a call for a robbery that the robbers were trying to commit a robbery in Shams Colony, on which an ATS squad on patrol chased the suspicious vehicle and stopped it at several. Tried but the accused did not stop the vehicle after which the forced squad had to shoot at the tires of the vehicle but the bullet hit the accused due to which he died.

Here too, the statement of the police is proving to be wrong. Osama was shot by the police from behind and not from the front, as evidenced by the bullets in the front glass of the car, the front of the car and the bullets in Osama’s chest. How long will the police cover up their crimes?

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