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What is the fallout from the 2020 election?

What is the fallout from the 2020 election?

Welcome back everyone is back all our guests for final thoughts um on this momentous week matt gates start with you at the beginning of his administration George bush federalized education Barack Obama federalized health care trump cut taxes and unleashed the prosperity of the American people and one must wonder what would potentially be an initial Biden policy push will he try to federalize the concept of income itself by using the coronavirus to try to enact universal basic income if it’s this type of socialism that they’re planning we’ve got to be there to fight against it i certainly hope no

matter who the president is that our country succeeds and that we come together exactly i agree with that um and uh i think that’s going to happen actually tammy well i think that we’ve got to remember from the beginning of president trump’s first term he was mocked and derided and condemned and he has become the most consequential president of

the modern era with what he has achieved economically and with foreign policy and we have to remember that he has also defied all the prediction predictions in the past he’s faced down some remarkable things i would say we’ve got an election now separated by what 50 to 60 000 votes and three states or so i would suggest that people buckle up and that

maybe some of those places in these democrat cities don’t want to quite take down that plywood yet because we don’t know what’s going to happen but the democrats are trying to rush us along and perhaps it’s because they also are concerned about what the end result might be such a great point i mean if they weren’t um then why not just say

yeah sure we agree let’s have the process play out you know let’s have transparency let’s look into all of it Sarah nothing will change yes in the time span al gore was president for 37 days in 2000 yeah that’s exactly what i was saying that’s exactly what i was no that’s exactly what i was just going to say and tammy brought up such a

the great point we have to realize that we’re in a battle this isn’t a battle just against trump and i’ve said this before to you steve this is a battle against the American people that voted for trump against the establishment is what wants to stop this they are trying to teach everyone a lesson and unfortunately the establishment has a mainstream media on their side that is working in conjunction with them it’s up to us as Americans to stand up to that in such a

way peacefully and defend our constitution because she is the one thing that we have that constitution in this country once we give that up if we allow the Democrats to trample that constitution and rip it apart we have nothing left and guess what the rest of the world has nothing left either because there is no place on this planet like the united states of America and that’s a fact exactly Jason Chaffetz the election’s not over until it’s certified we are eternally grateful

for Donald trump for turning the Republican party in a conservative direction and giving us policy direction that’s so important the biggest bright spot for me was the rise of the republican woman you people you look at Lauren Daubert and Ashley Hinson and this whole group of republican women that are coming into the house of representatives that is nancy Pelosi and the democrats worst nightmare we need more republican women and they’re coming they won their

elections they’re going to have a major major impact in washington d.c they did a great job of recruiting them and now they’re going to have a big impact in this this 117th uh congress does matt case i want to go back to you just very quickly populism it’s it’s here to stay now in the republican party thanks to president trump don’t you think turns out populism’s quite popular we’re not going to be a movement that invades everywhere invites people across our borders illegally and

impoverishes the communities in our country with trade deals that benefit multinational corporations at the expense of our great workers it is who we are we are a strong party we’re a growing party in the congress and we’re ready to fight there you go you see i said at the beginning i’m gonna end positive positive.

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