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What is it like for Black Americans voting in Georgia?

What is it like for Black Americans voting in Georgia?

the u.s state of georgia has a long history of voter suppression before the voting rights act passed in 1965 many blacks were harassed and denied the opportunity to have their voices heard at the polls and just as recently as 2019 the state had troubling statutes like the exact match law which predominantly affected african americans trying to register to vote although that law was finally abandoned black voters in the state face other troubles so i’m traveling to atlanta to speak with black americans to find out what difficulties they’re still facing and to try to understand why voting is still so difficult for many in the black community [Music] yes voter suppression is a serious issue and right here in fulton county georgia during the process of early voting individuals had to stand in line for over eight hours just for the right to vote say for

instance in alpharetta individuals only had to stand in line for 14 minutes as opposed to in areas where the minority community rates are high they had to stand in line for over eight hours and we just don’t believe that that’s that that is fair or equitable the voter suppression has been going on for a long time as you’re aware so that there’s nothing new to us we just have to find a way to continue to educate our seniors and our young people that how important it is and how vital it is that we exercise our civil right to vote i know they always ask for identification before you vote but some people don’t have that paper picture id but they may have like a birth certificate or social security card and they um was thinking was

feeling like they should still be allowed to vote even if they don’t have the picture id the change that’ll be invoked this year over half of the people that are voting voted early got it out of the way early so even even when it’s time to actual vote it won’t be nearly as as congested as it would normally be i guess i was benefited because i waited a while and you know most of the the earlier population had kind of already went through uh but i voted maybe a week or so before the early voting ended and a very swift process i got in and out maybe 10 minutes

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