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What happens if Trump and Biden tie in the Electoral College?

What happens if Trump and Biden tie in the Electoral College?

this is one of the most contentious u.s presidential elections in living memory the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged we’re not going to lose this except if they cheat it’s a scam president trump has claimed for months without evidence that unprecedented levels of postal voting due to the pandemic are part of an election through conspiracy by his democratic opponents and now he’s exploring other ways of winning i don’t want to go back to congress either even though we have an advantage if we go back to congress does everyone understand that possibly not

because trump is invoking the 12th amendment of the u.s constitution last used to elect a president nearly 200 years ago the u.s president is typically elected with a majority of votes from the electoral college that’s a body of electors made up from the individual states but what if trump and biden are tied in the electoral college well that would put the us congress in charge of deciding the 12th amendment states that the lower house of representatives elects the president and the

senate elects the vice president each delegation to the house from the 50 states receives one vote for the president so a majority of 26 is needed for a winner but if that vote is deadlocked beyond inauguration day in january then the speaker of the house currently democrat nancy pelosi would take over as president and if you think that looks messy well consider this the president is elected by electors rather than the popular vote but it’s the popular vote that decides the number of those electors and right now republicans control 26 delegations to the house while democrats have 22 and that’s why

trump is accurate to state that he has an advantage but of course that could change with the election and imagine if results from individual states especially those highly contested swing states are challenged by claims of vote rigging and worsened by delays in counting due to an avalanche of postal ballots it’s a recipe for a potential full-blown constitutional crisis that even the supreme court might struggle to adjudicate partly because it removes the outcome of a democratic election away from the voters themselves owen fairclough cgtn washington

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