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We have evidence of fraud that will be given in the Supreme Court: Trump

We have evidence of fraud that will be given in the Supreme Court: Trump

US President Donald Trump has accused Democrats of rigging the election, saying they have evidence of fraud that will be presented to the Supreme Court.

In a press conference, Donald Trump alleged that the election was rigged with collusion and that I was being ousted from the race through fraud.

Trump claimed that he got 700,000 more votes in Pennsylvania, but reduced his vote to 90,000.

“I would have won if the Democrats hadn’t stolen the election,” he said. “Democrats tried to steal the election through illegal ballots. Despite the intervention, I won in key states like Florida, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.”

“People know and see what is happening. We have evidence of fraud which will be presented in the high court. We believe that there will be a large-scale litigation. Our goal is to protect the integrity of the country,” he said. To establish

US President Donald Trump refrained from answering questions from reporters at the end of the press conference.

On the other hand, US media say that President Donald Trump did not present any evidence of fraud.

It should be noted that the results of the US presidential election have almost come out in which the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a clear lead while the results have been delayed in some states which Trump has accused of rigging.

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