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Video Shows Resident Evil Survivor Redux Mod in Action

Video Shows Resident Evil Survivor Redux Mod in Action

Today in the gaming news, a video has been uploaded to YouTube showing footage of the Resident Evil Survivor Redux mod in action. Resident Evil Survivor Redux is a fan-created mod for Resident Evil, a popular survival horror video game developed by Capcom. The mod is based on the 2002 release of Resident Evil Survivor, a Japan-exclusive game for the PlayStation. The mod was developed by a team of fans that goes by the name Team NINJA. The footage shows the game’s lead protagonist, Aya, fighting off a group of zombies.
A video posted to YouTube today shows the Resident Evil Survivor Redux mod for Resident Evil 5 in action. The mod, which is still in development, is a fan-made recreation of the cancelled survival horror title Resident Evil Survivor. The video is a teaser for the future of the project, which is being developed for Steam by the modding team at Invader Games.
Gamers have been making unofficial Resident Evil mods for years, but this one is different. Last year, Capcom announced a Resident Evil 2 remake. It’s also a return to form for the series, which has been missing something for years. It’s a return to horror, a return to survival, and a return to the franchise’s roots. It’s a perfect time for an unofficial Resident Evil mod.

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