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Veena threatens to make me disappear: Ex-husband’s claim

Veena threatens to make me disappear: Ex-husband’s claim

Pakistani actress and host Veena Malik’s ex-husband has claimed that Veena threatened to make him disappear.

My ex-husband Asad Khattak claimed that unknown people lived with my children in Dubai and how my children were sent to Pakistan illegally, I will open a Pandora’s box soon.

It is believed that there is a war of words between actress Veena Malik and her ex-husband Asad Khattak regarding meeting the children and in the last few days Asad Khattak had also accused the actress in his tweets.

Asad Khattak accused Veena Malik of illegally transferring the two children from Dubai to Pakistan and sent a notice to his ex-wife seeking Rs 500 million in damages.

Asad Khattak also tweeted a recording of actress Veena Malik’s alleged audio call in which she is making serious threats as well as allegations.

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