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US Presidents keynote address on anti coronavirus drug Washington

US President’s keynote address on anti-coronavirus drug

Washington – The president of the United States has announced the availability of an anti-coronavirus drug and its early release.

According to ARY News, Donald Trump has said that we have anti-corona drug which we will release soon.

After being discharged from the hospital, US President Donald Trump attended the first public meeting. He said in the public meeting, “I am fine, we have Corona’s medicine which will be released soon.”

He once again called the corona virus a Chinese virus and said that our scientists would eradicate this virus.

It should be noted that while patients infected with the corona virus are being isolated from others with strict security measures, the American doctor had given a surprising ‘discount’ to the US President who was infected with the corona virus.

The doctor had allowed the US president to attend public gatherings, saying he was fine, while Trump had not yet completed 14 days of quarantine.

The second presidential virtual debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on October 15 regarding the US election was also canceled due to President Trump’s refusal to participate in it, saying that in the virtual debate Participation is a waste of time, so instead of participating in the debate, we will hold a rally.

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