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US Election: Trump projected to take key battleground state of Florida

US Election: Trump projected to take key battleground state of Florida

to cut you off for a moment or two we’ll be back with you in a moment sorry greg because um florida the crucial state of florida i think people had worked it out already given the scenes of celebration we’ve seen amongst the republicans there but we can now project that donald trump will win florida and quite comfortably given how narrow florida normally is that’s a bigger margin if it stays that way still four percent of the vote to count if it stays that way that’s a bigger margin than he won by in 2016 against hillary clinton 51.2 for donald trump 47.8 for joe biden there 5.2 million or so for joe biden 5.6 for donald trump and uh just cordelia lynch is with me here and of course reported extensively in travel

extensively in florida over the years and during the course of this campaign it seems a long time ago now that the democrats had some pretty solid hopes there didn’t they they did have some solid hopes you know they thought that a changed electorate was going to potentially deliver big leads i mean they were very very reticent to use the landslide word but they would have hoped i think at this stage to have some kind of major reversal of fortunes they haven’t yet gone got

that but let’s see where arizona takes us you know i’ve been to florida a lot i think what is interesting is quite mixed really uh we looked at the elderly vote places like sumpter county home to the villages the largest retirement community in the united states where a lot of people ride golf carts and there were signs for the first time ever of you know lots of democrat golf carts not your your typical trumpian republican ones but that’s small numbers you know we’re not talking about

massive changes here which is kind of what joe biden needed to push him over the edge in florida an increased turnout there as well i know i’m just doing maths in my head so i said there i think by recall hillary clinton lost by just over one percent or something it was a hundred and twelve thousand votes and look at those vote totals there well donald trump’s increase and you know why he got an absolute shellacking in places like miami-dade joe biden he hasn’t been able to expand in the way that hillary clinton was successful

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