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US Election: Philadelphia defiant despite Trump’s claims

US Election: Philadelphia defiant despite Trump’s claims

Philadelphia is the city in the eye of this election storm right now a democrat stronghold accused without evidence of cheating by the president and they are defiant two more questions in the building where they continue to count vote by vote officials are not holding back so can I just ask you again to address uh and respond to the president’s statement no I think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and

he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as George h.w bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country and that’s my feeling I doubt to listen to me but that’s it as they have

before they again took the media for a tour of the count past the protests outside this is where the last few remaining thousand ballots for this city are being tallied desks with glass tops those are the extractors they tore the envelopes and people pulled them open space here is for monitors to observe at any time they can’t go closer but the counts are

streamed live for anyone to watch how’s the count going great outside the counting hall al Schmidt is the republican commissioner for the city and is appalled by the president’s accusations, okay well that’s good but there are monitors in there right i mean you’re every day all day yeah independent wellnesses uh from both parties no the democratic party and republican party uh have both been in there the trump campaign and the Biden campaign have

both been in there every day all day we’re there all day so we would know so what do the people behind the votes make of all this over the two-week run-up to the chaos we’ve crisscrossed the state a four-hour drive to the west in the rust belt is john’s town where we met trump supporter eric cabler last week how’s things I think Donald did a very good job from

philadelphia today we caught up with him but i think the level heads will prevail here as we move forward and you know i think the vote was the vote and again we move on and hopefully we move on we all agree both sides of the aisle agree that we need unity going forward and that’s this is probably the first step to it so hopefully we move forward of course among the president’s base of support there are those who believe him and will stand with him and that makes this a moment of continued uncertainty

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