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US election 2020: Could postal voting upend the US election?

US election 2020: Could postal voting upend the US election?

voting in u.s has never been easy but over the years more and more u.s states have tried to make things easier by allowing voting by mail and the share of voters casting their ballots by post has risen steadily in recent elections  so how will voting by mail impact this election due to the global pandemic records could be set but how easy it is to do so very much depends on where you live 10 states automatically send ballots to their residents 35 other states have rules where voters need to ask for a postal ballot but these five states only allow voting by mail if you have a valid excuse for not being able to get to the polls in person and no Covid 19 does not count voting by mail has largely been uncontroversial until this year this is going to be the scam of all time there’s no concern for mail-in ballots democrats have largely

requested more absentee ballots than Republicans in Florida alone 800 000 more requests were filed by democrats so far so what might this all mean for the election result itself first and foremost voting by mail is more complicated and many will do it for the first time you have to absolutely be meticulous you know when you fill out the ballot and the information in 2016 318 000 mail ballots were rejected a number that could exceed 1 million this year and with so many more

democrats voting by mail republican lawyers are set to challenge the validity of mail ballots in every swing state hopefully the federal judges all respect it all highly respected hopefully they’ll be able to see this clearly and stop it currently there are 320 lawsuits in 44 states over the 2020 election with so many votes coming in via mail election night will look somewhat different this year election night is nowhere near the official results the rules vary some states start processing and counting votes before election day but in the crucial battleground states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania they wait

until election day the challenging part is going to be dealing with you know counting them as quickly as we can getting a final result from these states could therefore take a while i could be leading and then they’ll just keep getting ballots and ballots and ballots and ballots because now they’re saying that the ballots can come in late well what does that mean it means it will take longer than usual to count all the votes and election night could turn into election week you

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