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US-built databases a potential tool of Taliban repression

US-built databases a potential tool of Taliban repression

With a network of US-built databases, the Taliban has an extensive reach in Afghanistan. Since their overthrow during Operation Enduring Freedom nearly 15 years ago, they have used official documents to enforce taxes and regulation on local Afghans working for international organizations like NATO forces or UN agencies. They also use these public leader records lists to track down government officials who leave office but continue practising Afghan law because it is legal practice that requires registration with authorities at provincial levels just as lawyers do in America’s state bar associations.

US built databases are potential tools of oppression by the Taliban against Afghani civilians living under them after being overthrown following operation enduring freedom fifteen years ago according to recent reports from research groups operating out of Kabul University which were made available through

Access to US-built databases could be used by the Taliban regime for tracking down dissidents, according to Amnesty International.

The human rights organization claims that access to information about Afghan citizens built into a massive bio metric database is increasingly being abused in Afghanistan and should prompt concern from international forces supporting reconstruction efforts there.

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