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UN envoy: Failure to hold Libya vote could lead to conflict

UN envoy: Failure to hold Libya vote could lead to conflict

United Nations envoy: Failure to hold Libya vote could lead us into conflict

The inability to hold Libya’s elections could lead the country into conflict. The dire situation in that nation has been under scrutiny since 2011, and recent violence could be a result of electoral issues still being unresolved or even non-existent at this point; but it seems unlikely due largely because there are two groups challenging each other for control–the parliamentarian Government Council led by Islamist MPs like deputy speaker Bashir Saleh Giuma against an elected President who took office with Western backing last June 26th

If the Libyan Parliament fails to hold a vote by July 31, then there are fears it will spark conflict. The country has not had an elected government since 2014 when longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in civil war which resulted from years of unrest following Arab Spring protests against his autocratic rule; violence remains fl
The lack-of any true leadership vacuum has created immense uncertainty among Libyans who want their institutions functioning properly again like before 2011 revolution started but with competing militias all vying for power

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