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UK: Introduces new technique to regulate Corona

UK: Introduces new strategy to control Corona

London: Three levels of sanctions have been introduced in the UK to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

According to the details, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has introduced three levels of sanctions regarding the corona virus, which will be approved by Parliament before the application of these categories.

Addressing parliament, Boris Johnson said there was no need for a complete lockdown, but that the coming weeks and months would be difficult. He said that complete lockdown would affect children’s education and national economy.

The Prime Minister told Parliament that three levels of Corona sanctions were now being introduced, including “Medium, High” and “Very High”.

Under the new strategy, the Medium Alert of Sanctions will cover many areas of the country where special measures will be taken to curb the spread of Corona. High alert will be available where Corona is spreading rapidly, with bars, clubs and gyms closed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made it clear that the new strategy would keep businesses and educational institutions open.

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