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Trump’s top aide also advised him to concede defeat

Trump’s top aide also advised him to concede defeat

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Chris Christie, a key ally of President Trump and former governor of New Jersey, advised Trump to concede defeat in the election and called the US president’s legal team a national embarrassment.

In a TV interview, Chris Christie said the president’s legal team’s approach had been a source of embarrassment at the national level. Filed and did not give any arguments in this regard.

“I have been a big supporter of the US president and voted for him twice, but now the election has been fruitful,” he said.

According to the British media, Chris Christie was the first governor to recognize Trump as the presidential candidate in 2016, this time in the presidential election, he helped Trump for discussions with Joe Biden.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a clear lead in the US election with 302 electoral votes, while Trump received 232 votes, but the US president is still adamant that the election was rigged.

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