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Trump’s strategy is to ‘out campaign’ Biden in final days of race: Jonathan Swan

Trump’s strategy is to ‘out campaign’ Biden in final days of race: Jonathan Swan

I want to bring in Jonathan swan now a political reporter for Axios hello to you sir I want to get your feelings on this Friday afternoon start with the trump campaign what is the closing message that you’re hearing on the inside Jonathan well what their strategy is going into the final days is to out campaign Biden they know that Biden has outraised them uh and outspent them on television advertising the last few weeks so part of this is the president doing multiple rallies in multiple states every day generating millions of dollars worth of earned media uh local tv and newspaper coverage which

you know often sort of is missed in Washington because we you know not necessarily getting national media but uh you know when he does one of these blitzes through different counties in these states he does get a lot of coverage and then also fanning out their surrogates members of the family Donald trump jr doing a very aggressive schedule eric trump Lara trump you know Ivanka so that’s the strategy and they’re really blitzing if you look at the last few days it’s multiple stops in Pennsylvania multiple stops in Michigan they’re doing a couple of defensive plays in Georgia and Iowa which they really would prefer not to be doing a little bit of activity in Wisconsin and you know again it’s just blitz blitz blitz right to

the end multiple rallies a day have you heard from the campaign what their feeling is uh with joe biden’s strategy now he had been in Wilmington for a long time and this week I mean he’s back on the road and he’s conducting a campaign in the way that he wants to do it how do they contrast that well I mean a big part of this has been knowing that joe Biden isn’t doing much in-person campaigning at all it’s trying to draw that contrast uh with the Biden campaign are focusing very very heavily on Pennsylvania they’re really blitzing Pennsylvania in the last few days and this

is their way of trying to block Donald trump’s path to 270 electoral votes they believe that if they can win Pennsylvania they make it very very hard for Trump to get to 270. so that’s their strategy they’ve tried to make this referendum this election a referendum on Donald trump they’ve kept Joe Biden very small footprint he’s done very minimal interviews media appearances rallies they’ve just tried to make it a referendum on Donald trump’s leadership in the pandemic last

question do you see the president doing rallies on election day which would have him on the road on Tuesday I haven’t heard anything to that effect but uh nothing would surprise me he’s really running through the tape and it wouldn’t surprise me if they based on what I’ve heard that they’ll add rallies to the schedule that they’ve already put out okay uh last stop at the moment then is Michigan on Monday night kind of what it was in grand rapids four years ago Jonathan nice to see you today thank you for your input, Jonathan Swann, from Axios

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