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Trump wins Alaska, Dan Sullivan reelected to Senate

Trump wins Alaska, Dan Sullivan reelected to Senate

And stuff like that. harris: a couple of things. Breaking news right now. The associated press and fox News called alaska for president Trump and democrat dan Sullivan — excuse me republican Dan sullivan wins reelection From the u.s. senate from Alaska. Emily, this brings republicans To 50. This really comes down to the Wire now. The republican dan sullivan Winning reelection to the u.s. Senate from alaska. Your initial reaction to that? there is likely a collective Sigh of

relief breathed by the Gop right now. The georgia run off race in January, this underscores how Important and crucial it is to Nationalize it. The republican back stop against A divided administration is more Important than moving into Georgia than the individual Senate races are. The outcome of alaska, those Were expected. I think while this is one more

Step in the right direction for The gop, it’s not a surprise. It hammers home the fact that All of those gop candidates that Are making their way to georgia, Many of them are already — made No secret for their candidacy For presidency in 2024. A quick final point. Why it’s so important for voter Turnout in these run off races And senate races. You would be hard pressed to Find any conservative who was A never trumper or disliked Trump and yet is willing to Hands over the keys of

the Senate to the democrat. Georgia is still a conservative State. Keeping that global bird’s eye Vision in mind for the races is The hammering home they have to Do to support the republican Backstop. harris: kennedy, what are the Issues? We then is joey’s home state and Understand that he knows that Landscape. What are the national issues That you

understand that Democrats want to push in that State? Joey mentioned stacey abrams who Ran for governor. She galvanized that state. slow has. But the republicans get the edge here. Perdue got more votes than the other candidate but you have to Have 50% plus 1. And a libertarian was the Spoiler. He won’t be part of the run off Which gives perdue the edge There. And lefler was running against 20 somebody republicans. She still got many

more votes Than her republican counterpart Including doug collins. Now she will only be running Against one other person and That’s a democrat who is A preacher from mlk’s church. A very popular figure. She will have a race on her

Hands. She still has the edge given the Makeup that primary. harris: all right. Molly i come to you with this. In all of the breaking news President trump won alaska. 75% of the expected ballots Tallied, the president led with 57% of the vote there compared To 39% for now for President-elect joe biden. I am more curious about the Politics of alaska. Home to

former governor sarah Palin. Is it being true to itself? alaska was a state where we Were told they would have a very Tight senate race. Looking at those margins right Now it’s a 20 point win for the Republican candidate. Alaska tends to be a very Independent state. Libertarian leaning conservative State. Interesting that it’s taken so Long to call the states given

These high margins. People wonder why some states Get called quickly and other States we find out a week later Trump won overwhelmingly. It speaks to something in General, this election was good For republicans. Donald trump unlike jimmy carter Or barack obama gained many new Voters. Castrorter Carter. This lid to surprising victories In the house. This was supposed to be a blue Wave election cording to the Polls. The senate was going democrat. It didn’t. It hasn’t yet.

This is why republicans seem More unified than ever. You are seeing democrats just Fighting with each other because The more progressive congress And they are bitter about Tuesday. harris: interesting. Joey, alaska, just has 3 Electoral votes. You and kennedy both said today About having faith and trust in The voting system. President trump picks up another Win 8 days out. People are watching this and Saying 3 electoral votes — what Kind of impact? I come to you for that.

 It all matters if president Trump campaign team are able to Find enough fraud to slip an Important state like Pennsylvania, nevada or georgia. That’s what it comes down to. We knew president trump won Alaska. Now it’s finally called. As it sits today, former vice President biden has the Electoral votes to be the President-elect once it is Certified.

What is important we need to Know that the results are actual Results what have we voted for. We need to know that mail-in Ballots did not turn into mass Fraud. Those questions are okay to ask While also calling former vice President biden president-elect Until something shows up to Change that. These are not 2 opposite Narratives. This is where we are. The visceral reaction on twitter And other places is because People feel cheated.

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