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Trump speaks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Nebraska

Trump speaks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Nebraska

that’s a lot of people that looks at that’s incredible i hope the fake news media is turning their cameras way back there that’s incredible hello Omaha and I have to also say because a lot of people are here from Iowa hello Iowa okay wait a minute who’s from Iowa race go who’s from Omaha you know what we’re going to be in iowa soon we’ll do that one separately that’s a big difference seven days from now we’re going to win Nebraska and we’re going to win four more years in the great white house that beautiful beautiful wine this is yeah look at this i can’t believe this 29 000 people can you believe 29 000 you know we have to win both nebraska’s you know that right you have two you cut we’re going to win both this election is a choice between the trump super recovery which is what we’re having or a biden depression sad to

say and some bad news just came out on biden but i won’t tell you about that you’ll find that out tomorrow no look at you man that’s something biden has pledged the biggest tax hike in the history of our country first man that i’ve ever seen campaign on the fact i’m going to raise your taxes what’s going on i gave working families record-setting tax cuts and in my second term i will cut middle-class taxes very substantially more and by the way a lot of things are going on you’re seeing those poll numbers are going through the roof i hate to tell where is the fake news it’s over there oh that’s a lot of

cameras oh it’s going up they’re very concerned they’re very very concerned all over florida’s looking great now nebraska we know it’s looking great okay i mean in theory i didn’t really have to be here but it’s nice to be with your friends too with your vote we will continue to bring back our jobs support our police defend our second amendment which is under siege secure our borders maintain american energy independence expand school choice and ensure more products are proudly

stamped with the phrase that beautiful phrase beautiful phrase made in the usa right i will deliver record prosperity epic job growth and a safe vaccine that eradicates the virus and quickly ends the pandemic and we’re making that final turn they don’t want to hear it we’re making that turn you know that right we’re gonna have the vaccine anyway with or without it we’re making the turn normal life will fully resume that’s all we want we want normal life normal life go back seven months we’ll take normal life greatest economy we ever had we want normal life and next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country that’s where we’re heading super me joe biden doesn’t even respect you enough to campaign he never came here right did he come here oh all right so that’s the end of that i’ll see you guys

moments ago we learned about the other reason joe biden has been hiding in his basement in a national television interview do you want me to tell you the rest the biden family’s business partner revealed shocking disturbing and explosive information about joe biden’s corrupt and illicit foreign business dealings while he was vice president the business partner made clear that biden’s denial of involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings was a blatant lie with proof he stated with first-hand knowledge that vice president biden was directly and personally involved in establishing corrupt business dealings with china and getting money for it this all happened at the same time as biden was letting china steal american jobs and plunder american wealth you saw that for eight years if Biden wins china wins and china will own the usa if biden wins he will do bad things by the way he’s not a good guy just so you understand is

there any place you would rather be than a trump rally on about a 10 degree evening 10 degrees it’s cold out here but that’s okay you know we just left wisconsin it was cold and we left michigan it was called and raining and i said i won’t put on a hat because i’m going to show you how tough we are that was a tough one it was pouring it was pouring and it was freezing and it’s the coldest right here i hate to tell you well it’s a little later it’s an honor to be with you i have to say when

we win you win nebraska wins and all of america wins and that’s the way we are joe Biden spent the last 47 years let’s think of it 47 47 years outsourcing your jobs opening your borders and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign ridiculous wars countries you’ve never even heard of in 2016 Nebraska voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as the president who finally put America first and if i don’t sound like a typical Washington politician it’s because I’m not a politician if i don’t always play by the rules of the Washington establishment

it’s because i was elected to fight for you and i fought harder for you than any president who’s ever held this wonderful beautiful office that i can tell you this election is a matter of economic survival for omaha and for communities all across our country joe biden’s agenda and i’m not sure it’s zoe biden’s agenda let’s face it that’s not his agent it sounds nice martin’s degenerate the guy’s shot he’s so gonzo you saw him yesterday i took him away i was in pennsylvania with his tremendous like crowds like this and tremendous rallies and he had the lid on right you know the lid like from a garbage

can they call it the lid and they saw what was happening because i went to three of them i did three of them yesterday in Pennsylvania so he went from Delaware to the closest point where pennsylvania hits Delaware which was about five minutes away from his basement and he made a speech just before that he called me george he said George i think he was talking about George and his wife was sitting next to the home and she you could see she was not happy but it’s hard to correct them you know the camera’s on but he called me george and then he did the little speech and it wasn’t good they sort of just moved him out they took him away his own people brushed them off they took them off stage this is not what

you can have you know we have the greatest country in the world we have more potential than any country in the world we can’t play games so the democrats let’s say the democrats the radical left democrats they have an extreme agenda he’s just a vehicle he’ll be there for about four weeks or so and then you’ll have kamala kamala that’s not gonna be that will not be the first woman president you’re gonna have a woman president maybe soon maybe soon but you’re not gonna have Kamala it can’t be Kamala she’s further left by far than crazy Bernie you know Bernie is like a conservative compared to her but biden’s extreme agenda includes a radical vision to destroy suburbs across our nation

how are your suburbs doing don’t ask are they good they won’t be good for longer thinking and to completely dismantle law enforcement and police departments nationwide you know what’s going on you see it better than anybody you don’t have to take my word for it Biden’s plan to destroy suburbs and police just take a look roll the tape we do this view on this freezing cold night the suburbs today are not the suburbs of half a century ago the suburbs are far more diverse than the

cities but they’re being targeted for what federalized centralized government control by the left democrats want to abolish the suburbs they are too clean and nice and therefore by definition they are racist the Biden campaign has highly specific plans on how to do this it’s called affirmatively furthering fair housing it’s a hud regulation it was written during the Obama administration Biden’s advisors plan to enforce it towns will be ordered to abolish zoning for single-family housing because single-family homes, needless to say, are racist low-income federally subsidized apartments will go

up in the suburbs we’ll also build 1.5 million new energy-efficient homes and public housing units thankfully trump repealed this rule back in july but now the left is backing an even more radical plan it was a bill put forward by senator cory booker to push low-income housing developments into the suburbs this would be a federal takeover of local zoning laws in essence and Biden he fully supports it the prior administration piled up more than 600 major new regulations a cruel and punishing regulatory burden that cost the average American an additional 2 300 per year think of that the average American 2 300 regulation hitting low-income Americans by far the hardest our historic regulatory relief is providing the average American household an extra three thousand one hundred dollars every single year I’ve had the luxury of enjoying the benefit of the tax cuts allowed me to grow my businesses I believe that if you take into

account the trump tax cut you take into account the drop in unemployment and particularly unemployment for african americans the lowest it’s ever been in history how’s the economy right now we’re loving it kennedy credits the trump tax cuts and deregulation for her company’s growth it’s the first time in 10 years that it’s booming again the tax cuts that were imposed did wonders for the the middle class i will cut taxes even further for hard-working moms and dads i will not raise taxes i will cut them first thing i do is going to repeal this trump tax cut do you believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement absolutely i’ve been a police officer for nearly 32 years joe biden does not have the backs of police officers joe biden’s staffers they gave money to a fund to help bail out accused criminals joe biden’s silence is encouraging the rioters kamala harris was working to help the instigators the criminals get out of jail if joe biden’s elected it’s just going to continue everyone beware because they’re not going to stop the only person that defended the police is trump i have had overwhelming support from police my whole career up until this year we can reduce the responsibilities assigned to the police and redirect some of the funding for police can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding yes absolutely and joe biden’s america will all be in danger if you support the police and you want to be safe in your home

and you want your children safe support Donald trump to thank you very much well that’s pretty effective you know what that costs to bring to you tonight thank you thank you very much pretty effective right you see it saves me a lot of words I can sit here watch I say see Nah he’s not the right guy he’s not right for this country he’s not the guy for this country this election is a choice between the American dream which is what we want and a socialist nightmare which is where you would head if you ever did that which I don’t believe you’ll do it’s a choice between a trump boom and a Biden lockdown he wants to lock it all down no we close it up we understand the disease it’s a terrible thing should never have been allowed to come here from china should never have

been allowed joe Biden will delay the vaccine postpone therapies prolong the pandemic shutter your schools right shudder your schools destroy your small businesses and shut down our country we’re not doing that look we are setting records 11.4 million people it’s all opened up we understand it and we are doing a job we are literally setting records on employment look at housing look at automobile production look at how you’re doing in nebraska look at how you’re doing in nebraska biden even wants to lock down young and healthy americans yet for those under the age of 50 i hate to

say this under the age of 50 how many are under the age of 50. pretty young well i have good news for you 99.99 okay you know what that means that means you’re in good shape that’s what that means but you notice the fake news now right all they talk about is kovit kovetkovic and we’ve made such progress it’s incredible excuse me i’m here i mean i wasn’t exactly feeling great it’s been a long time i wasn’t exactly feeling great and i met with the great doctors one thing when you’re

president you got plenty of doctors we have one of them here tonight i think right we have our great white house doctors traveling sean he’s become very famous where’s sean he’s become oh is that sean look at sean look at him wow you know he’s got a big ego he loves it when i mentioned his day now he’s a great doctor and they were great doctors from johns hopkins and from walter reed and everything else and uh what we know today is like so different than what we knew six months ago incredible the progress they’ve made and with the vaccines which are coming immediately even without we’re turning that corner you know at some point we’re turning that corner and it’s been pretty amazing florida had a rough

time boom it’s step back it’s all the way down texas all the way down arizona great governors all the way down biden’s cruel and senseless lockdowns would cause countless deaths from suicide drug overdose and delayed medical care alcohol i mean so many so many different problems remember i’d say the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself that’s what you have when i banned travel from china remember he said now he says oh we should have done it sooner except when i banned it for two and a half months he said he shouldn’t do that he’s xenophobic right and now he says oh i

should have done it earlier and he had a thing called the swine flu it was a disaster much less lethal he was a it was a disaster he was a disaster he’s still a disaster actually if we listen to joe countless more people would have died they were anticipating it could be 2.2 million you don’t hear that 2.2 million and you know the number it’s still one is too many as far as i’m concerned one is too many this shouldn’t have happened one is too many but it could have been 2.2 it could have been more than that biden was willing to sacrifice your lives on the altar of open borders he wants open borders

without borders you don’t have without borders you don’t have a country by the way the wall is now over 400 miles long and we’re building 10 miles a week and it’s very soon going to be finished so we have the strongest southern border we’ve ever had and we want people to come into our country but they have to come in legally and they have to come in through merit merritt biden has no plan no idea no clue he has no clue that’s for sure and he just wants to lock up and throw away the keys letting riders and looters run wild and you know it’s interesting they call them peaceful protesters they burn down your cities they do things that nobody’s seen before all in radical left democrat run cities and states but cities all of them all of them and every time we go in we were going to go into seattle we let them know we’re coming in the night before we came in they gave up they left they took over a piece of seattle that wasn’t going to last minneapolis the same

thing we went into minneapolis we went in you know we have to be asked in theory by the state we went into minneapolis and it all ended it took about what do you think 25 minutes or so it was just boom right down the street now you know the republican-run cities are doing very well the republican-run cities and i hope you agree because i know he’s here but you have a very good republican governor you do know that right oh listen to that good good hi pete good pete i’m glad they did that did i want to do the otherwise i just wouldn’t introduce you later you know keep it quiet they like you pete the biden plan will crush you and crush your family my plan will crush the virus and you will see economic benefits like we’ve never seen in our country before that’s where we’re handled when the china plague arrived we moved heaven and earth to fight the disease we airlifted medical supplies pioneered groundbreaking therapies reduced the fatality rate 85

think of that and saved over 2 million lives our excess mortality rate has been 42 less than europe you hear about europe 42 less much better than europe i’m working to make the breakthrough treatment that i received i did i had this thing called regeneron i don’t know i’d like to say it had nothing to do i’d like to say my immune system is just like barren trump you know first lady had it i had it barron had it they said sir baron has tested positive like 12 minutes later he said how’s baron doing oh he’s okay now sir he threw it away he just took that through it away you know they’re young they have strong immune systems but i’d like to say the treatment didn’t do anything for me doctor do you hear that didn’t i just threw it away like baron but you know what i wasn’t going to take my chance i said you have something give it to me

and it was effective because i woke up the next morning after being with these doctors they wanted to touch every single part of your body and i didn’t like it 12 of them each one was a specialist right every single one but they were great no they were great but i woke up the next morning and i i’ll tell you i felt like get me out of here it was amazing so i really think this thing was great that’s great i think it was great and you know i don’t have the luxury of staying in a basement i’m

president of the united states i don’t i can’t be staying i really can’t you can’t stay i had a lot of meetings i meet a lot of people as president i have that obligation so we have basements in the white house i could say we have beautiful bedrooms upstairs at the white house i could stay for a year and a half i can’t do that i have to be working for you and if

something happens that happens and i get you know they came in they said sir you’ve tested positive i said tested positive for what then you go into one of the 27 different names corona there’s there’s this china virus the china plague and china plank that’s what i tested positive for but it was amazing and it was actually an experience and until i came along you were supposed to have lifetime immunity right i said well you know i’m recovered i feel great and i’m immune i could jump right into this road i could kiss every man and woman every man but because it was me the press said no it’s not for

a lifetime it’s only for four months the immunity is only now for four months they brought it down right it was always going to be for a lifetime now it’s four months so what are you gonna do what are you gonna do it’s one of those things but i guarantee you this on november 4th you won’t be hearing as much about this it’s going to be right now it’s it’s kovind kovitkova no matter what happens covet coven and on november 4th you’ll probably try and find some information about

it no we’re rounding the term we’re rounding that beautiful turn and it’s going to be very good the vaccine’s all going to make it go away a lot faster and they’re going to be great the greatest companies the greatest companies of their kind in the world are doing it really good johnson and johnson moderna they really are great pfizer thanks to our relentless efforts 97 of all current emergency room visits are for something other than the virus think of that 97 we’re in great shape

and in the one areas of midwest the little areas in the midwest certain areas that are heated up right now they’ll go down they’ll go down very quickly they’ll be down within two weeks they’re figuring they’ll go down just like they did in florida texas arizona and so many others we’re on track to deliver 100 million doses of a safe vaccine and a great vaccine and that’s all set we’re all set logistically our military is going to deliver it it’ll be done very quickly we will vanquish the vaccine and we will get rid of this whole thing we will get rid of this virus it’ll be very you watch it’s going to happen very

quickly and we’re going to have our country back and the whole world is going to be coming back this was a terrible terrible thing that happened terrible thing that happened terrible thing that happened joe biden has made a corrupt bargain in exchange for his party’s nomination he has handed control of his party over to the rage-filled socialist marxist and left-wing extremists and could we put another name in there starts with a c communist yes no we got a couple of them too unfortunately if biden wins the flag-burning extremists on the streets will be running your government it’s not

going to happen by the way by the way just so you know we are so far you listen to the fakers back there look at them you listen to the fake news we are so far ahead is gonna be bigger than four years ago by the way get out and vote you gotta that’s the only thing i mean i’m standing here freezing i ask you one little favor get the hell out and vote the great red

wave at least you’re down there with each other i’m all up here and that wind is blowing this election day you must stop the anti-american radicals and really i mean that’s what they are they’re radicals we can solve these problems so quickly if the governments would just say would you please come in federal government we stop it in a matter of minutes it goes so fast the radicals delivering joe biden you have to do this you have to deliver them a message the far left a thundering defeat at the ballot box on november 3rd it’s got to be a big one we’ve got to win big and we’re going to win big you know i’m watching them and they’re getting like three weeks ago i don’t know they were doing these fake polls and they felt very

good and then a week ago they were feeling okay they’re not feeling so good right now they’re saying these are not good numbers was that one of the greatest evenings ever four years ago and you know the difference is and i say this is easier there’s more look at this crowd i mean we had big crowds we’d never had crowds like this look at this crowd 29 000. you know you have 29 you have 29 000 people in omaha that’s pretty good and you’re all on television say hello you’re on

national television see all the red lights that means the cameras are going that means those cameras are going 29 000 people they say 29 000. yeah you know who spoke today president barack hussein obama he had 12 people in seven cars did you hear them no he draws he draws flies i’ve never seen he just he had no he had no people i thought he’d have some people and he brought bon jovi along you know what happened to bon jovi they increased the crowd by 22 people can you

believe it and then joe spoke and that crowd left and we have 29 000 people here and we had a tremendous crowd in michigan and a tremendous crowd in wisconsin and they’re trying to figure out like if trump is getting these crowds and if biden’s getting like 12 people you know the circles he fills in the circles they got like five of them and a lot of times they put reporters in there because they have no people but today he tried to blame that on covet also he said no no we don’t

seek large crowds because we want it because of the the virus right they don’t want the large crowd that’s not the reason okay just that’s not the reason it’s a hell of an excuse but it’s not the reason we’re thrilled to be joined by the men we were just talking about he’s a friend of mine he loves his state he loves his country and he’s a great governor pete ricketts pete great job great job what a good guy what a good man how’s your state doing pete all right good how are we doing by the

way we’re going to be okay here right he says good good thank you very much pete and his brother todd another one really good now there’s only two people that are better joe and marlene now todd is great but they will both admit joe and marlene are better right and you’re here hi joe i like the hat hi joe you got to be proud of you boys they’re doing a great job thank you very much thank you very much great family here as well our senators deb fisher who’s fantastic she is my favorite senator from the state of nebraska by far by far she’s fantastic she is i’ll tell you what she calls me it doesn’t stop

between her and joni ernst from iowa who i think is here where’s joni joni joni they call sir we need help with ethanol sir we need help with corn we need it’s always but you know what that’s what a great senator that’s what a great representative is supposed to do right joanie thank you very much and i heard you’re doing very well i just saw some very nice numbers and deb you don’t have to worry about numbers right you don’t have to worry about numbers i’m with you all the time thank you both and uh yeah it looks very good in iowa thank you very much good and representatives jeff fortenberry a warrior where’s jeff thank you jeff great great guy don bacon wow well i like him too but i don’t know if i like

him that much that’s very good i’ll tell you you better get me omaha do you understand that i said now i know i wouldn’t have asked her but now i’m going to say make sure we win this site too right good how are we doing don i hear good huh not good i’m very impressed that’s about as good as i’ve heard in a long time and adrian smith thank you great great job great job great to have you here it’s a great group of people and these are warriors they fought with me a lot they fought

with me we just we we we keep winning over there but it’s not easy right but we get it gets easier and easier all the time thank you very much i appreciate it for decades our politicians spent trillions and trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders but now we are finally protecting our nation rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs our factories and our troops back home to the usa our troops are coming home thank you no our troops are coming back home it’s enough 19 years in afghanistan and we have it worked and they’re coming

home and it’s a great thing and they’re home from syria they’re home i left some because we kept the oil if you don’t mind there was some oil we captured it we kept it and uh coming home from iraq it’s enough it’s enough we want to have them all home we have a lot of other countries too we’re in many many many countries most of which you’ve never even heard of right you’ve never even heard of it’s ridiculous i ended the and by the way making our military stronger by far than ever before i ended the nafta nightmare and proudly signed the brand new usmca which is turning out to be phenomenal it’s a

great deal it’s a great deal just kicked in now and you know what companies will not be leaving nebraska and iowa and all of our places there’s a very big disincentive for them to do that when china targeted our farmers i delivered 28 billion dollars to our incredible farmers here in nebraska and iowa and all across the country don’t forget to tell the people of iowa that please 28 billion i said to secretary sonny pertu of agriculture you know sunny is great i said sonny how much were the farmers targeted and he said 12 billion sir and 16 billion two years 12 and 16. i said 28 good so i tariffed 28

billion took it from china and distributed it to our farmers nobody else nobody else is going to do that in fact some people say our farmers do better now than they did when they actually had a farm but we did we had the biggest order of corn two weeks ago in the history of our country the biggest order of soybeans and the biggest beef order right two weeks ago two weeks ago joe biden’s running mate the most liberal member of the u.s senate you know that is right sponsors the

insane green new deal 100 trillion dollars you too can have no windows in your buildings which would wipe out the ethanol industry joni it would totally wipe out that industry we worked hard on that industry and they’re now in good shape devastating nebraska and devastating iowa as president i will always defend ethanol okay all right does nebraska like ethanol too by the way okay good i want to just i need that little assurance i need that little bit of assurance under my

leadership we achieved the most secure border in u.s history our southern border largely because of the wall my opponent’s insane immigration plan would completely eliminate u.s borders open borders they want to have let’s have open borders so everyone can just pour it like they used to he would make every community into a sanctuary city for violent criminals so we invested 2.5 trillion dollars a lot of it right here from this state and from germany from iowa 2.5 trillion dollars new equipment our military is in the best shape it’s ever been in we have the greatest equipment anywhere

in the world we are the envy of every other country russia china north korea we have the best missiles and rockets and tanks and planes and fighter jets f-35s submarines and our nuclear weapons are now renovated and or new and fixed and we only hope to god we never have to use them hope to god our military was very much in bad shape it was depleted it was depleted it was exhausted it was ridiculous we killed the leader of isis al-baghdadi they were looking for him and we took out the world’s top terrorists solomani is dead i withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous and ridiculous iran nuclear deal 150 billion dollars we paid we paid for nothing and 1.8 billion dollars in cash i’m more impressed with

that what do you think pop i think i’m more impressed 150 150 billion or 1.8 billion in cash i think i’m more impressed with the cash you ever hear everything like that that’s what we gave to iran for nothing we got nothing i recognized the true capital of israel and opened the american embassy insurance and i also recognized israeli sovereignty over the golan heights think of that they worked on that for 52 years i got it done in two hours and instead of never-ending wars in the

middle east you see what’s happening already three countries that we have five lined up and we’re gonna have another it’s gonna be it’s an easy one it’s a lot easier than you would think they worked on this for 35 years they had the wrong people they had the wrong concepts but uh you know i got nominated for three nobel peace prizes can you believe and for all different regions like kosovo and serbia we’re doing deals you know trade deals just normally we’re doing trade deals i said wait a minute aren’t they always fighting each other yeah aren’t they always killing each other yeah for many decades

or how did you know i said i know they’re killing him they fight each other all the time tell them we’re not going to do any business with them they want our business right and we’re not going to do any business unless we make a deal where they stop killing each other and you know what it took about 20 minutes they’ve been fighting for 40 years i think they’ve been fighting for 400 years to one another but they’ve been fighting for a long time they want to make a deal all of a sudden two months ago they’re in the oval office hug into two prime minutes hugging and kissing and thinking great that was

easy joe right that was easy just makes sense i just said hey why don’t we get them together i mean we’re gonna do these two deals tell them to stop fighting and we save a lot of lives that’s a good thing but we’re forging peace in the middle east without blood all over the sand and we’re not spending money you’re doing it either it’s something very nice because we’re pulling out a vote for republicans is a vote for the american dream it’s a vote for acknowledgement that abraham lincoln was a republican is that nice people don’t know that a lot of people don’t know so in conclusion over the next four

years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on china and that’s already begun largely already we will hire more police increased penalties for assaults on law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities we will defend religious liberty free speech the right to life and the right to keep and bear arms we will maintain america’s unrivaled military might and we will ensure peace through strength and that’s what we have now with what we have we will end surprise medical billing require price transparency that’s bigger than health care you watch already signed kicks in on january 1st lower drug prices even more we sign favored nations that means we’re

going to get the lowest price anywhere in the world right now we’re by far the highest and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions america will land the first woman on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars and nasa is the number one space center anywhere in the world again it was a mess three and a half years ago we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our school we will teach our children to love our country honor our history and always respect our great american flag and we will live by the timeless words of our national motto in god we trust for years you had a president who apologized to america

now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of nebraska and iowa so get your friends get your family get your neighbors and get your co-workers get your boss and say boss get out of here boss get out and vote you got to vote the red wave is coming the great red wave now we’re doing very well those early ballots you know the whole ballot hoax you see what’s going on there’s so much so many bad things happening but we’re

doing very well you know we’re supposed to be a little behind and then we’re a little bit above right but that wave comes and now we go to the front of everything i think we’re going to win everything we didn’t come this far and fight this hard to surrender our country back to the corrupt washington swamp so on november 3rd we must finish the job that we started we have done a job like nobody there has been no administration nobody but and it’s us all together there has been no administration has done in the first three and a half years what this administration has done not even close not even close not even close from norfolk to hastings from grand island to lincoln and from scotts bluff to right here in

omaha we inherit the legacy of nebraska patriots who gave their blood sweat and tears for this beloved nation we stand on the shoulders of american heroes who crossed the ocean settled the continent tamed the wilderness laid down the railroads raised up the great skyscrapers won two world wars defeated fascism and communism and made america the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country we are returning power to you the american people with your help your devotion and your drive we are going to keep on working we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep

on winning winning winning we are one movement one people one family and one glorious nation under god and together with the incredible people of nebraska and iowa we have made america powerful again we have made america wealthy again we have made america strong again we have made america proud again we have made america safe again and we will make america great again thank you nebraska thank you iowa thank you both thank you get out and vote

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