Trump reverses ‘ridiculous’ decision to cancel ‘Wreaths Across America’

Trump reverses 'ridiculous' decision to cancel 'Wreaths Across America'

Trump reverses ‘ridiculous’ decision to cancel ‘Wreaths Across America’

Proximate result march an Annual christmas tribute to American heroes will follow Tradition this year after Wreaths across america was Briefly canceled over covid Returns. President trump tweeted i have Reversed the decision to cancel Wreaths across america arlington National cemetery it will now go On among the 14,000 buried at Arlington is i

lieutenant killed In 2007 during combat in iraq. Awarded the silver star and Bronze star with valor killed in The anbar province i’m very glad To have ryan manion’s sister With us tonight on what this Tradition means thee is the President of

the ryan travis Foundation. Thank you for being here. I know the idea that this was Canceled was a lot of people Thought was odd in the first Place. I mean, it’s an outdoor event of Putting wreaths on these head Stones at the cemetery, correct? absolutely. Thanks for having me, martha. Yeah, it was shocking. I learned on the news last night Just as wreaths across

america Was learning the news. A lot of them found out through Social media. And it was so surprising because I think, listen, i’m all for Keeping the safety of what’s Happening and making sure that We follow covid guidelines and We are

safe, but, this is a Tradition that dates back to 1992. Where each year arlington National cemetery wreaths are Brought and placed at the graves Of our fallen service members. And my first thought was where There is a will, there is a way. There is a way that we can do This safely and securely. Make sure we follow guidelines. And i was thrilled that the

Secretary of the army overturned The decision. I don’t think that came without A lot of pressure from gold star Families, from incredible Supporters of the tradition and Even some congressional support. But i think at the end of the Day, you know, all i could think Of was our men and women who Served and sacrificed never took The easy way out and easy thing

To do would just be to say it’s Canceled. Hard thing to do would be to say Let’s figure out a way to make This work. I’m so glad that it is. martha: i know your brother Said before he left for his last Mission if not me than who. It’s such a selfless

message That he lived for and i think You are right. We all want these things to be Done differently. It will no doubt they will have To do sort of smaller numbers Who are part of this, but i Believe that the act of the Laying of these wreaths is such A beautiful tribute during the Holidays to all of these men and Women who served and i just Think it’s such a

special event For people to take part in. You know, what would you say to Those who want to be part of This, which i did today. It’s very easy if you want to be A part of this. well, i think that we are Still waiting on word of you who This will look. It will look different this Year. And that’s okay. But, as the president of the Travis manion foundation we put Out

word that we’re ready to Support in any way we can to Make this event just as special. And i think the act of somebody I know for me as a gold star Sister knowing that each year Someone walks up to my brother’s Grave stone, looks at his

name, Reads his name, and plafses that Wreath there, i don’t think i Can express how meaningful that Is. And i think of all of the Families that are there that Have that same experience and Same feeling. And in no way, shape, or form Should

we take that away from Them. martha: absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. Go to wreaths across america and Donate several wreaths to be a Part of this. It’s a great way to show your Support for all of it. Ryan manion thank you.

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