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Trump promises ‘tremendous’ stimulus package after election

Trump promises ‘tremendous’ stimulus package after election

hello everybody we’re going to michigan wisconsin and minnesota uh it’ll be a big day i think we had one of our biggest days ever wasn’t reported like it should have been but we had gdp up 31 33.1 that was the biggest increase in the history of our country and i think we’re going to have some other good quarters very good quarters and i think next year if you don’t raise taxes like biden wants to do he wants to quadruple your taxes and destroy it but if you don’t do that uh we are going to have the best year we’ve ever had economically next year we’re superseding all other countries our gain is bigger than any other country our percentage gain is bigger and we went down less than any other country economically so it’s incredible and we’re doing very well with respect to making the turn on the pandemic we’re working very hard on that

great therapeutics you saw various articles today i guess even the fake new york times you saw an article where people that are seriously ill are getting better it’s the first time i’ve ever heard them say that we have great medicines i would call them cures uh but other people call them therapeutics but we have some great things coming out and we have some great things already out and some are already a new says you know fully approved by the fda and i think that’s what’s happening where people are getting better and they’re getting better much faster so that’s great uh the economy is going to be very shortly at a level which i don’t think it ever was last year was the best year we’ve ever had and i really believe that next year starting really now i mean you could start now but next year will be the best year economically we’ve ever had and i can’t stress more strongly an increase of 33.1 you have to go back to 1952 you have to go back to 1961 many

many years to find anything and even then it’s less than half of the number that we’re talking about so it’s been a uh it was a great day and a great day yesterday and now today we’re really celebrating it because nobody thought it was possible nobody thought we could ever have that kind of an economic gain nobody nobody was predicting it so we’re very happy about that it really shows that our policies work if you had a president with different ideas instead of having a 33.1 gain you’d have a disaster on your hands but we’re set for the best year we’ve ever had on election night we haven’t made a determination we have certain rules and regulations you know washington d.c is shut down the mayor shut it down so we have a hotel i don’t know if it’s shut down if you’re allowed to use it or not but i know the mayor has shut down washington d.c and if that’s the case we’ll probably stay here or pick another location i think it’s crazy washington dc is

shut down can you imagine now texas were doing very well it’s going to be the same thing as last year in fact i think last term i think you asked the question last time too texas is looking very close and i want it by many many points texas is looking very strong i will tell you that if you look around florida is looking great florida’s looking really great ohio is looking great north carolina is looking fantastic actually we think pennsylvania is looking fantastic but that’s a late vote

and we think those people to pennsylvania what i’ve done for pennsylvania and you have to remember he wants no fracking whether you say it or not he wants no fracking and he showed that in the debate and if pennsylvania didn’t frack you wouldn’t have pennsylvania believe me it would destroy pennsylvania it’s a million jobs it’s a tremendous amount of money and they’re really one of our big producers so they have to frack he is not going to let them crack his party will not let them frack which is more important well he wanted a meeting he’s a really nice guy he’s really an activist in a very positive way and he asked for a meeting and we had the meeting and as you saw the meeting went very well little wade president on election day what states are you going to travel to i don’t know but i may be traveling on election day i may

be doing it that’s a very good question i’ll give you that answer in the next couple of days we’re doing a lot of traveling we’ll be doing a lot of rallies we have some big ones we’re having a problem with some people in minnesota where they have a cap because biden goes there and he can’t draw flies he can’t draw anybody gets a few cars i guess and they hung their horn we’ve got the biggest crowds in the history of politics and i think you will all be witness to that because there’s never been anybody that has ever had bigger crowds or more enthusiasm than we have so we have 25 000 people in

minnesota which is our last stop today 25 000 people want to be there and they say you can only have 250 people so they thought i’d cancel but i’m not canceling and we’ll find out what happens but we have 25 000 people in minnesota and they’re there because they’re angry at the riots and they know that i stopped them but I stopped them after it was requested and very late they should have requested it two weeks earlier but they’re angry at omar they’re angry at all of this stuff that’s going on in minnesota and i think it’s going to flip for the first time since 1972. okay anybody else what about what’s happening we’re going to have a tremendous we will have you want me to answer that one steve yes we will have a tremendous stimulus package immediately after the election and i think we’re going to take back the house i think we’re going to do very well in the senate a little bit more complex frankly and i think we’re gonna have a fantastic

presidential election because nobody has done more than this administration in the first three and a half years there’s never been a president or an administration that’s done more than we have for our farmers for our manufacturers for everybody in terms of tax cuts for our military what we’ve done with the military in terms of budget 2.5 trillion will be completing the wall very shortly we’re up over 400 miles nobody has done what we’ve done even close so i think we’re gonna have a great election people are going to realize that that’s why you have the big turnout that’s why you have the big crowds so we’ll see you there okay and now he heads off to oakland county michigan he will make his way to a maga

event there waterford township to be exact and off you will go to some of the other midwest states wisconsin and minnesota are the next stops throughout the day as joe biden will then go to iowa minnesota and wisconsin so trace from president trump just a moment ago very interesting words about minnesota and what he and his campaign see happening there where right now the real clear politics average in minnesota does still have joe biden pulling ahead of the president by 4.7 percentage points yeah and some have questioned just going to minnesota because they think minnesota really has

now kind of moved into democratic territory i find it fascinating because you know you talk about bringing our show full circle here and it’s fascinating that he’s continuing to talk about the economic resurgence 33.1 percent and you will hear that throughout the day he’ll go to all the campaign stops talk about the resurgence in the economy and it’s interesting that you juxtaposed that to what chris wallace was telling you earlier sandra about how much is that going to make a

difference in the last four five six days of the campaign the numbers came out and then he still kind of is that going to change minds of undecided voters 33 it is coming back the economy clearly is improving dramatically in some points but the question is how much does that help him going toward election when you only have a few days to to kind of build that momentum up

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