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Trump makes gains in Kenosha County despite weeks of protests

here with more on the race is people that know fox’s contributor and former GOP congressman

here with more on the race is people that know fox’s contributor and former GOP congressman sean Duffy fox news contributor Rachel Campos Duffy uh full-time at our bureau uh in Wisconsin which you call your house uh but first off uh welcome to both, yeah uh so far the president can’t be happy the, uh a lead that looked uh pretty big has now disappeared he’s now trailing 49.4 as we look at the race board to 49.1 as a whole bunch of ballots got dropped off where’s this

trending beginning with you sean yeah so brian first we knew that there are 160 000 roughly votes in Milwaukee and we knew that was going to come in heavy for joe Biden so the substantial lead that that joe Biden or the trump had we knew was going to dissipate um so right now we’re going to still have voted for Milwaukee we’re going to have votes come in

from the green bay we’re going to have some votes coming from Kenosha the city not the county and then from the rest of the state so Biden has an eight thousand point uh lead right now and I think he’s an 8 000 vote lead not point lead brian uh and so we just don’t know it’s going to be close but if if you’re probably democrats and republicans democrats are

probably a little happier with where Wisconsin sits now and what votes are left to come all right Rachel you mentioned to the president struggles on the big cities as a lot of republicans do but he did very well in Kenosha how well very well I mean it was 50 50 in that county during the last election and um he’s up to what by 30 he’s up 22 points he won by

22 points in kenosha yes which speaks volumes i think to um you know the the the trump paid attention to kenosha came and he gave money and help and aid it really mattered and they love their cops there and so do um a lot of wisconsinites and so i think there was a very uh you know anti-cop defunded message there and when your city is on fire and it looks

like beirut that’s not really the best uh position to be in if you’re a democrat sean it gets a little cold there you tell me and and rachel i think you back that up and then you wake up saturday morning and you’ll get the washington post and it says it says donald trump showing by 17 points maybe they’re saying to themselves why do i need to stand online and wait

these polls were so wrong abc came out with a poll that said yeah trump trump was going to lose wisconsin by 17 points even our gold standard in polling which is uh the marquette poll the marquette law school poll had trump losing by five points and those of us who were in the state were like he’s not going to lose by five points it is going to be a one-point race

either way i’ve said that to you on fox and friends and to others and lo and behold that’s what this race is and you wonder how wrong can the pollsters be and we talk about the silent vote in america for the for trump i get that but shouldn’t pollsters be able to find or account for the silent vote and they never seem to account for those people and it always seems

like republicans in trump are underrepresented in polling and i think it has an impact on american voters they don’t feel enthused because they don’t think their vote’s going to matter because the race is already done because that’s what the pollsters told us and it’s not true yeah there is a silent voter but also i would say i was just going to say this race wouldn’t

even be close if it wasn’t for the media um bias the entire you know uh term for for donald trump i mean he’s been facing all kinds of of lies and hoaxes imagine what it would have been if he had had a term like a normal president should when they’re elected

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