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Trump is the candidate to rebuild the economy: Barrasso

Trump is the candidate to rebuild the economy: Barrasso

Seats and the white house for democrats to claim the majority. Wyoming senator John Barrasso joins me now, senator, good to see you today.  great to be with you. Thanks, harris. harris: you have a lot of experience winning. I would imagine getting there, you haven’t won everything. So some of the strategies for winning comes from learning when you didn’t. So what would be some advice that you would give some of those senator candidates that are facing headwinds like Martha mcsally in Arizona?  I’d talk about the contrast than the contest. They’re all close races. This is hand-to-hand combat. There’s so much at stake. So much at stake here. The Republicans are fighting to grow the economy. Democrats are fighting to grow the government. That’s the difference. We have enthusiasm on our side. The senate is the firewall. The democrats want the white house, the senate, and the house. We know what will happen if that occurs. Taxes will go up on

just about every American. Our candidates need to talk about that. Fossil fuels and affordable energy will go away under the green new deal that the democrats are pushing for. The institutions of the united states will change dramatically as the democrats talk about adding new states to the union with democratic senators and expanding the size of the supreme court. From 9 to 11 or 13. These are risky, dangerous. These are extreme. That’s why we’re fighting so hard. harris: you know, you are now sharing a split screen with the president of the united states tossing hats out to a crowd that has been there for some time. It’s a chilly day and Waterford township, Michigan. I’m curious, does it help, does it distract? What does it do to have the president crisscrossing the country as the senators make their cases and by the way, he was with

Martha mcsally a couple of days ago. Took some criticism for not being as generous with the stage with that particular senate candidate.  i think it helps quite a bit to have the president out there. He’s in Michigan. John James, an incredible candidate. An opportunity for us to pick up a seat. We have another opportunity in Alabama with Tommy Tuberville and Jason lewis in Minnesota in a dead heat race. When the president is there, that helps. He was in Omaha helping Joni Ernst from Iowa. This is important. The president and the Senate candidates are in many ways linked. You know what you get in you get joe Biden in the white house. He’s willing to shut down the economy again. He’s willing to eliminate

millions of jobs related to fossil fuels and make it double the cost to fill your tank with gasoline. On item after item, Joe Biden is wrong. He’s going to raise taxes by $4 trillion. So the more the president can talk about the great American comeback, the great economic numbers that we had yesterday, harris, 33.1% growth. That — those numbers are regard shattering. The president is the one that can rebuild this economy and lead the great American comeback. Joe Biden, not a chance.  harris: what is interesting, senator, about what you’re saying and I nodded because we’ve had john James on

the program. It is — you mention that as a possible pickup. Is there some work on capitol hill going on right now to look at those areas where you might lose and then look where you might pick up?  well, we’re in the majority now. We want to stay in the majority because of the important things we can do in a second president trump term. We can call it the firewall. We have to prevent the things that democrats would want to do. You’ve heard these reports. Fox has reported today, Elizabeth warren wants to be secretary of the treasury. Bernie Sanders wants to be secretary of labor. What is that going to do in terms of our efforts to rebuild the economy, to have a growth of the economy as opposed to the growth of government? Fundamental differences. harris: please forgive me.

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