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Trump delivers remarks as vote count continues

Trump delivers remarks as vote count continues

Evening i’d like to provide the american people with an update on our efforts to protect the integrity of our very important twenty twenty election. If you count the legal votes. I easily one. If you count the illegal votes. They can try to steal. The election from us if you count the votes that came in late. We’ll look into them very strongly a lot of those came in late. I’ve already decisively won many critical stage including massive victories in florida. Iowa indiana ohio. A name

just a few we one these and many other victors despite historic. Election interference from big media big money and big tech as everybody so we one by. Historic numbers and the pollsters got it knowingly wrong they got it knowingly wrong we had polls over so we and everybody knew it at the time there was no blue wave that they projected they thought it was

gonna be a big blow away that was false it was done for. A press reasons but instead there was a big. Red wave. And it’s been properly acknowledge actually by the media there were. I think very impressed but that was after the fact that doesn’t do us any good we kept the senate despite having twice as many seats to defend as democrats. And in a- really- much more. Competitive state’s wave a- we did a fantastic job with the senate i think we’re very proud of what’s happened there we had many. More seats to defend they spent almost two hundred million dollars on senate races in south carolina

and kentucky alone. Two races and- hundreds of millions of dollars overall against us at the national level our opponents major donors were wall street bankers. That special interests are major donors were police officers farmers every day citizens. He had for the first time ever we lost zero races in the house. I was talking to kevin mccarthy today said he couldn’t believe it zero race is very unusual thing zero. And actually one many new seats. With i think many more on the

way. This was also the year of the republican woman. More republican women were elected to congress than ever before that’s a great achievement i one of the largest share of non white voters of any republican in sixty years including historic. Numbers of latino african american asian american and native american voters- the largest ever. In our history we grew

our party by four million voters stick registered out. In republican party history a democrats are the party of the big donors the big media the big tech it’s james and republicans are become the party of the american worker and that’s what’s happened. And we’re also i believe the party of inclusion. As everyone now recognizes media polly was. Election interference in the truest sense of that word. By powerful special interests. The use really phony polls after gone forty poll

state polls were designed to keep our voters. At home create the illusion of momentum. For mr biden and diminish republicans ability to raise funds they were what’s called suppression calls everyone knows that now. And as with it’s never been used to the extent that it’s been used in this last election. To highlight just a few examples the day before the election quinnipiac which was wrong. On every occasion that i know. Hey joe biden up by five points in florida. And they

were off by a porridge for points and i one florida easily easily. So they had me losing florida by a lot and i ended up winning florida by a lot other than that they were very accurate. And they had. For him up four points in ohio and they were up by twelve point two points. And they also one ohio state of ohio very easily. The washer posted by deb seventeen points in wisconsin and was basically even. They were off by about seventeen points. And they know that they’re not

stupid people they knew the suppression. There are now only a few states yet to be decided in the presidential race. The voting apparatus of those dates are run in all cases by democrats. We were winning in all the key locations by a lot actually and there are number started miraculously getting whittled away. In secret. And they wouldn’t allow legally permissible observers we went to court in a couple of instances and we’re able to get the observers put in and when the

observers got there they wanted them sixty seventy feet away eighty feet a hundred feet away or outside the building to observe. People inside the building. And we won a case a big case and we have others happening a lot of lots of litigation even beyond our litigation there’s tremendous. Amount of litigation generally because of how unfair this process was that i predicted that i’ve been talking about. Mail in voting for a- long time it’s- it’s really. Destroyed our system it’s a corrupt

system. And it makes people corrupt even if they aren’t. By nature. But they be corrupt still easy. They want to find out how many votes they need and then they seem to be able to find them they wait and wait and then they find them and you see that on election night we were ahead and- vote in north carolina by a lot tremendous number of votes. Then the was still ahead by a lot but- not as many because they finding ballots all the said no we have some mail in ballots it’s amazing

how those mail in ballots are so one sided to i know that it’s supposed to be to the advantage of the democrats but in all cases there so one sided. We were up by nearly seven hundred thousand votes in pennsylvania one pennsylvania but a lot. And that gets whittled down to. I think they said now we’re up by ninety thousand votes and they’ll keep coming and

coming and family they find them all over. And they don’t want us to have any observers. Although we one a court case the judge said you have to have observers. Likewise enjoyed and they’re appealing actually they’re appealing. We one a case that we want people to watch and we one observers. And they’re actually appealing which is sort of interesting i

wonder why that appeals. That all we wanna do is have people watch. As they do the- vote tabulations. Likewise in georgia one by a lot. A lot. With a lead of over. Getting close to three hundred thousand votes on election night. In georgia and by the way got whittled down. And it’s getting to be. To a point where i from by lot. Two perhaps being even down a little bit. In georgia a pipe burst in a faraway location totally unrelated. To the location of what was happening and they

stopped counting for four hours. And well things happen the election. In judges run by de we also. Margins of three thousand. Issue we’re way up in michigan to stay. At it was god we did. Fantasque well. And that that will every in every case ago little the- today were attracted would. Arizona we only need to go. I guess 55% of the remaining vote fifty five percent. Margins and- that’s a margin that we’ve significantly exceeded so we’ll see what happens with that but we’re on

track to do okay in arizona. Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election will not allow the corruption to steal such an important election already election for that matter. And we can’t allow silence of anybody to silence of others. Then manufacture results i’ve never had i’ve been doing a lot of public things for a long time i’ve never had anything that’s been

as inspirational by people. Falling talking. Sending things to us i’ve never seen such as- such love in such affection such- spirit as i’ve seen for this people know what’s happening and they see what’s happening as before their eyes. And there are many instances which will be reported very shortly this tremendous litigation going on and this is a case where they’re

trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig election. And we can’t let that happen detroit and philadelphia notice to the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country. Easily cannot be reached. For engineering the outcome of a presidential race a very important presidential race in pennsylvania democrats have gotten. To the state supreme court to

try and ban are election observers and very strongly. That we won the case- but they’re they’re going forward they don’t want anybody in there they don’t want anybody watching them as they count the ballots and- i can’t imagine why is absolutely no legitimate reason. Why they would not want to have people. Watching this process because of its straight-

they would be here should be proud of it instead their- trying obviously to. Commit fraud and there’s no question about that in philadelphia observers have been kept far away very far away so far that people using binoculars to try and say and there’s been tremendous problems because they put- paper on all of the windows so you can see and the people that are banned are very unhappy and- become somewhat violent. The eleventh circuit ruled that in georgia the floods have been.

In by. Election day that they should be in violation day. And they weren’t votes are coming in after election day. And then they had a ruling already that you have to have the votes in by election day to the best of my knowledge about should be in by election day. And they didn’t do that democrat officials never believe they could win this election honestly i really

believe that that’s why they did the mail in ballots with this tremendous. Corruption and fraud going on. That’s why they mailed out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots without any verification measures whatsoever. And i’ve told everybody

that that these things would happen. Because i’ve seen it happen big i watched a lot of different elections before they decided to go with this big massive. Election with tens of millions of ballots going out to everybody in many cases totally unsolicited this was unprecedented in american history this was by design despite years of claiming to care about the election security. They refused to include any requirement to verify signatures identities or even determine whether

they’re eligible or ineligible to love people up in that they have no idea if they just taken. The numbers they’re writing down the workers and doing a lot of bad things and we have a lot of information coming in litigation and you’ll see that will. A shaky even your payback you’ve seen it all the officials overseeing. The counting in pennsylvania and other key states are all part of a- corrupt democrat machines that you’ve written about and- for a long time you’ve been writing

about. The corrupt democrat machine. I went to school there and i know. A lot about it hasn’t changed a long time ago and hasn’t changed it’s gotten worse. In pennsylvania partisan democrats have allowed ballots in the state to be received three days after the election. And we think much more than that. And they’re counting those without even postmarks or any identification whatsoever. So you don’t have post work sugar have identification. There’ve been a number of disturbing a regulators across the nation are campaign has been denied access to observe. Any counting in detroit detroit

is another place and- i wouldn’t say is the best reputation for election integrity poll workers in michigan we’re duplicating balance but what our observers attempted to challenge activity those poll workers jumped in front of the volunteers to

blocked their view so that they couldn’t see what they were doing. And it became. A little bit dangerous one major hub for counting ballots in detroit covered up the windows again with large pieces of cardboard. And so they wanted to protect and blocked the counting area they didn’t want anybody seeing discount even though these were observers who are legal

observers it was supposed to be there. In detroit there were hours of unexplained delay in delivering many of the votes for accounting. The final bad should not arrive until four in the morning. And dad even though the polls close at eight o’clock so they put it in. And the batches came in and nobody knew where they came from. We’ve also been denied access to observe in critical places in georgia. And multiple swing states counting. Was halted for hours and hours on election night

with results withheld from major democrat run locations only to appear. Later and they late appeared in the all had the biden on a more just about all the- all. They’ll have the name by on. Which a little strange i. Judge and every democrat to clarify that they only want legal votes. Because they talk about votes and i think they should use the word legal legal books we one every legal vote counted i want every legal vote candidly one openness and transparency. No secret chat rooms no

mystery ballots no illegal votes being cast after election day. You have election day and the laws are very strong and that you have an election day. And they don’t want votes cast after election day and they want the process to be an honest one it’s so important. We want an honest election. We want an honest count. The we one hour people working. Back there

because it’s a very important. So that’s the way. This country is going to win this way the united states will win. And we think we will win the election very easily with think there’s going to be. A lot of litigation because we have so much evidence so much proof and it’s going to end up. Perhaps at the highest court in the land. We’ll see what we think they’ll

be a lot of litigation because we can’t have. Election stolen that by it like this and i tell you i was. I have been talking about this for many months with all of you. And i’ve said very strongly that mail in ballots are going to end up being a disaster small elections were disaster small over easy to handle lections. Were disasters. This is a large scale version and it’s

getting worse and worse every day we hearing. Stories that are harvesters absolute horror stories. And we can’t let that happen to the united states of america it’s not a question of who wins republican democrat. Joe myself. We can’t let that happen to our country. We can’t be disgraced by having something like this happen. So it will be. Hopefully cleared up

maybe soon i hope soon. But it’ll probably go through a process a legal process and- as you know i’ve claim certain states and he’s claiming state so we can both lead the state’s but ultimately i have a feel. Judges again after rule. But this been a lot of  out of and can’t to. For the america. Thank you very much.

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