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Trump campaign ‘absolutely ready’ to challenge invalid ballots

Trump campaign ‘absolutely ready’ to challenge invalid ballots

Vote regardless whether they’re sick or in quarantine. confluence of crises unlike Anything in living memory. We’re still in the battle for The soul of america. Decency, honor, respect. Where has it gone with this President? president trump: if you want Your children to be safe. If you want your values to be Respected, if you want to be Treated with honor, dignity and Respect, then i am asking you To go tomorrow and vote for a Person named president trump. [cheering and applause] sandra: the candidates Making their closing arguments In the 2020 white house race With both the president and joe Biden making pitches to Undecided voters as americans Across the country make their Voices heard on this

election Day. How confident is the trump team? Joining us now lara trump, Trump 2020 campaign senior Advisor. Good morning to you. What is the mood inside the Campaign this morning? well good morning. We feel really positive. We’ve all worked so hard over The past several months. Really our campaign never shut Down. We have kept it going since the Win in 2016. We have built a ground game That is unprecedented and the Republican party. Our entire family has been

Spread out across the country Over the past several months Working hard and i have to tell You we’re poised for what we Think is a historic win tonight For president trump. sandra: we know on the trail The president has spent a lot Of time going after joe biden’s Mental fitness. He appeared to do that again in A new interview on fox this Morning. Here it is. Listen. president trump: joe biden Is not prime time. He is not. He never was actually. His location where he was, he Was in ohio. He says i’m in iowa. It is great to be with the People of iowa. And they start screaming no, No, you’re in ohio.

That’s happened many, many Times. sandra: is that the closing Argument of the president and His campaign or is it more About the economy, fighting Covid, safety in our streets? What is the closing argument From your campaign? well, the closing argument Is that donald trump has been Able to deliver for the American people in four years More than joe biden has ever Dreamed of delivering in 47 Years. So people i think can feel the Positive impact of donald trump As

president. We have seen the great economic Highs, the unemployment lows Under this president. Renegotiation of trade deals That don’t forget joe biden got Us into the bad trade deals Like nafta. This is a president that Rebuilt and revitalized our Military but 100% accurate to Say there is something that has Slowed down about joe biden. A lot of people have seen it. We saw it on stage during the Primary debates a year ago and Continued to see the gaffes That joe biden has time after Time. He doesn’t seem like he is the Same joe biden of five or 10 Years ago. sandra: the deputy campaign Manager of the biden campaign Went on in a new interview Talking about the president, The campaign, trying to create These

distractions when it Comes down to the ultimate Outcome tonight. Listen. he is going to try to create Distractions. He will try to divide. It’s what he has done his Entire presidency. It is not going to work. He will fail because the American people are going to Determine the outcome of this Election. sandra: lara, you heard the President in the interview the Morning talking about what a Mess, he says, pennsylvania Ultimately will be when it Comes to tallying those votes In that state.

He pointed to a few other States as well. So what is the trump campaign Message when it comes to that? well look, our message has Always been we want every Single person to get out and Vote. We all get one vote in america. We want you to use it today. If you haven’t already gone out And voted, do it today, stand In line. Look, we have said that this Has been an unprecedented year. We have never seen this Universal vote by mail Situation. Unchecked in many respects in a Lot of states. They’ve never done something Like this before. So what we’ve said is we want Donald trump to win by such an

Overwhelming margin of victory It doesn’t matter how many Mail-in ballots come in late or If there is fraud. This is going to be a free, Fair election and every single America to get their one vote And cast it. sandra: as far as that Battle, though. I know the president talked About he has the lawyers at the Ready. For those ballots that right Now are — will be legally Counted in that state after Election day postmarked by Election day. Three days after. So what would we see if it Comes to pennsylvania on the Part of the campaign to ramp up Those efforts to stop those Ballots from being counted? we’re not

trying to stop any Ballots from being counted. We just want it to be a fair Election and what the president Has been saying from day one. If there is any question as to The validity of a ballot or Many ballots we’re ready with Our team to contest that and Say these are not accurate and Valid. But the president has always Said he wants it to be fair. He wants everyamerican to get Out and use their one vote and Vote in this election. The best thing we can do about The future of america. We aren’t saying that any Ballot shouldn’t be counted but It should be done in a legal And fair way. sandra:

chris coons, we had Him on earlier talking as a Biden surrogates and said about The outcome tonight. if either candidate declares Victory tonight what they are Trying to do is stop the Counting before it is finished. We want to have a free and fair Election. We should do as has always been Done count the ballots Including those that have come In before and will be counted After. Some folks are saying that no, No, elections are decided on Election day. That’s just not true. sandra:

you say what? we’re not the ones that said You shouldn’t concede the Election. Hillary clinton said under no Circumstances should joe biden Concede this election. That’s not what we have said on Our side at all. We feel, sandra, this is going To be a historic night. I think the polls have been so Inaccurate with this president. I continue to hear from people That say i went in and voted. I have lied to my friends about Voting for donald trump. People have not been

talking to Pollsters and we think it’s Going to be a landslide victory And we aren’t going to need to Take this into further days. sandra: i have to leave it There. We remember 2016 watching you And your family watch as the Results come in. What are your plans tonight for Watching that? well, we’re all going to be Together tonight like we were In 2016. We got into this fight together In 2015. Have fought every step of the Way and we’ll be excited to be

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