Trump called his friend India dirty

Trump called his friend India dirty

In the last debate of the US presidential candidates, President Donald Trump called his friend India dirty.

In the last presidential debate, Trump said, “Look at how dirty India is, how polluted the air is.”

The US President said that Corona is a global epidemic that came from China, Corona is not over yet and 2.2 million Americans were feared to have died from Corona virus, China is doing everything possible to fight the virus, in a few weeks. The vaccine will come, I also used the vaccine and it got better.

Trump said that Dr. Fauchi had said that nothing will happen to Corona, the virus will spread, don’t wear a mask.

“I want to open the country, I want to open a school because there are fewer cases of the disease spreading from children to teachers, look at New York, the condition of my city, people are leaving it,” he said. Will not happen

On the other hand, former US Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden said that we can open the country safely but precautionary measures should be taken.

Michael Kogelman, deputy director of the Asia program, tweeted about Trump calling India dirty in the last debate of the US presidential candidates.

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