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Trump, Biden deliver closing arguments to voters ahead of Election Day

Trump, Biden deliver closing arguments to voters ahead of Election Day

so great to see you you’re on the other week and our audience said we love janelle when can we have her back and here you are so it’s great to see you um i know that um one of the things i was asking the things you’re sort of interested in um talking about and one of the things you mentioned was america first and how that’s such an important theme for the president just explain why why you think that’s so important in the election yeah i think it’s awesome you know the reason why it’s mostly important is because you have the biden administration and the biden campaign that has proven

that there is a clear imbalance as it relates to how they plan to handle the crisis you know you think about they’re handling just the health side of it but there’s an economic crisis that’s really important and sheltering in place is not something that our small businesses can handle and can take another round of i think this is super important as well because the uncertainty that comes with the imbalance that the biden harris administration or ticket is is producing it’s a huge uncertainty on top of that you have tax they want to increase your taxes which means that that’s going to cause corporations to just you know have to hit their bottom line and then that means cuts and unemployment and it’s just

going to just stifle the economy so i really think that they’re putting the american first and putting america first is where we need to focus and that needs to be the topic of all of our discussions going forward and charlie when the president first started using that phrase america first everyone said oh wait you know it’s whatever it was racist and fascism and it’s just such a good example where he’s just not put off by that and just tonight in the rally i saw him like you know proudly saying yes that’s who we are he went to the united nations and said yes america first i put america first you should put

your country first yeah every politician should put their country first and it’s very popular i mean for a couple decades people like joe biden have been selling our middle class out to foreign countries to enrich themselves and their families and our transnational corporations president donald trump in his closing argument should reinforce that he renegotiated the trade deals he has paid peace between israel sudan bahrain and the uae he’s ending these endless wars and every decision he has made has not been what’s going to best benefit some sort of deal that i’ll get on the back end instead to

put our workers first and our country first this is a paradigm shift president trump represents a complete and total change and how we view foreign policy trade policy immigration policy economic policy and also how we engage on these cultural issues and for those of you watching right now that have felt like you’re losing your country all you have left is president trump all the other institutions have been taken over by the globalist anti-american forces president trump is the sole fighter that represents all of us that want to see america’s best days ahead sarah 100 well 100 look it’s

trumponomics right about america putting america first isn’t just about america it benefits the whole world i mean look at what he did he ended the the iran deal and i brought that up earlier because it’s so important here’s a nation you know that’s supporting terrorism look at what obama did he turns over you know billions of dollars to iran for what so that it can harm the rest of the world president trump says let’s let’s stop this let’s end this he rebuilt our relationship with israel and now i mean i just had to laugh while we were on break i saw rachel campus duffy she was tweeting out you know you were talking about her husband earlier there’s a parade in jerusalem there’s a parade in jerusalem for president trump

you know not only are the amish having a parade for him but people in jerusalem are so what we’re really seeing here Is a shift a shift in the way we think and by the way hollywood should be so proud of this because isn’t it hollywood that always says you should put yourself first and then you can help everyone else well here you got a president that’s putting his country first and the people first then we can help everybody else so quick quick thought janelle another thing you mentioned was was how you just not seeing any enthusiasm for biden among um black voters tell us about that yeah

particularly the black male vote you know in 2018 here in georgia during the governor’s race we saw the democratic party kick the black male vote to the side tremendously um to support stacey abrams and and now we’re seeing it happen again and i think this is something we really have to focus in on you know these are the voters that are that were impacted in most cases by the 1994 crime bill and their families these are the individuals who some of their families are are sitting at

home and they have a family members who are incarcerated not to mention you know a lot of our black males are part of those individuals who were able to find employment during the you know when we had record low unemployment for african americans so these are the voters and i think they’re going to come out in droves and they’re they are the african americans that’s going to push the president across that finish line wouldn’t that be just such a story after all these charges of racism thank you janelle for pointing that out all right um

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