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Trump beaten before election, court lifts ban on tick-tock

Trump beaten before election, court lifts ban on tick-tock

A US court has upheld an executive order banning President Donald Trump’s Chinese lip-syncing app “Tik Tak” from November 12.

US President Donald Trump signed a decree using his special powers on September 19, which included a complete ban on downloading Tik Tak from the next day and its use from November 12.

The order was later overturned by a federal court in the US state of Washington.

Now, however, a federal court in the US state of Pennsylvania has suspended the US presidential order banning tick-tock from November 12. The restraining order was issued by a U.S. court, not at the request of Tick Tack, but at the request of local business groups.

A US court has ruled that the Trump administration will have to prove its security risk in court, and that the ban will affect more than 100 million American consumers.

It is believed that US President Donald Trump had accused China of spying through Tik Tak, while in November 2019, the US had stopped its troops from using Tik Tak due to the threat of espionage.

It should be noted that the Chinese technology company ‘Bite Dance’ which was founded in 2012, owns the most popular app Tik Tak.

This video sharing app was introduced only in China and a year later in 2017 the company introduced a worldwide app called ‘Musically’ which was later changed to Tick Talk app.

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