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Trump answers questions on Middle East peace talks

Trump answers questions on Middle East peace talks

breaking news the president on the tarmac at joint base Andrews real quickly this is life, of course, the media is in the same bag but nobody’s ever seen anything like we’re witnessing right now it’s a very I think it’s a very sad time and it’ll go down as a very sad era for the media and certainly for big tech expect any other countries we have uh you mean to join the three countries yeah i do we have five but we really have probably nine or ten that are right in the mix we’re gonna have a lot I think we’ll have all of them it’ll be largely after we’re doing a lot of work right now and I’m involved in all of those deals the beauty is there’s peace in the middle east with no money and with no blood there’s no blood all over the sand and it’s

happening no we have five definites and I think we’ll have another five pretty much Japanese and all of them the big ones the smaller ones and the three that we got uh really I have a great respect UAE Muhammad is a very highly respected warrior he’s a warrior and then Bahrain likewise and Sudan that was great that was a great get because as you know there’s been tremendous hostility with Israel so yeah we’re very excited about it and we did it in a much different way that they’ve been working over the last 30 years so we’re very excited by god well they’ve been at it for years uh they don’t get together but they’ve been at that for many many years yeah it’s disappointing to see that but that’s what happens when

you have countries and countries that have been going at it for a long time it’ll get back together [Music] well you have Omaha and we’re right next to Iowa and I’ve done well in Nebraska and I’m doing well there right now but you do have you know you have Nebraska too you have Omaha and that’s something that a lot of republicans don’t get and I’d like to get it Nebraska won you know I’m way up but Nebraska too I’d like to get it and it’s something that a lot of republicans don’t get at the same time I’m right by Iowa and the farmers you know we got the farmers 28 billion dollars so we’re very uh we’re doing very well as I understand in Iowa and in Nebraska but we’re looking at that Omaha region that’s why we’re there it’s

been a while it’s been a while but what they did not particularly what they did was a very bad thing to the world not only to u.s but to the world what china I’m not going to tell you jeff I’m not going to tell you to thank you everybody  all right I was trying to listen uh very closely to the last question I know the reporter’s name the president said I’m not going to tell you jeff i’m asking my team what the president was asked there but you did hear him talk about picking up some areas that some of his fellow Republicans might not know that he could pick up he’s talking about Omaha Nebraska he’s saying the Omaha region he said he’ll be right by Iowa as well mention the 28 billion that he has given to farmers there and of course during the last debate joe Biden chided him and said well that was taxpayer money and that that was a back and forth

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