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Trident Foundation to sponsor cricket teams in Punjab

Trident Foundation to sponsor cricket teams in Punjab

Trident Foundation has decided to sponsor cricket teams in Punjab. This is part of a larger effort by the foundation to promote sports and healthy living for under-privileged children throughout India. In addition, Trident will be partnering with schools across Punjab so that they can provide their students more opportunities on how best develop themselves through sport programs while still maintaining education as the priority activity during school time

In an attempt to help better educate kids from disadvantaged backgrounds about growing up and developing good habits, such as exercising regularly and eating nutritiously, Trident Foods recently announced its plan seek out talented young athletes within these communities who could potentially go pro one day. Additionally this move looks like it might come along with increased funding into some top notch Indian high schools around north India

Trident Foundation will sponsor cricket teams in Punjab, with the aim of promoting healthy competition and community bonding. The foundation has decided to allocate Rs 10 crore per year for four years during their five-year tenure as title sponsors.

Trident Foundation wants to promote sportsmanship by sponsoring cricket activities across different cities in Punjab through a 5-yr sponsorship deal worth Rs 50 crores ($7m).


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