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Trade unions threatened to strike

Trade unions threatened to strike

Faisalabad: Trade unions have threatened to go on strike from January 1 if the law banning inspections of textile factories is implemented.

It is said that he will quit his job from January 1 and will be in a state of shock on New Year.

Labor leaders say that while the industrialists made many demands during the Prime Minister’s visit to Faisalabad a few days ago, a demand was also made against the rights of workers.

According to labor leaders, the industrialists demanded an inspector-less regime during a meeting with the prime minister.

Trade unions say that we strongly condemn the Inspector General of Regimes, if it is implemented, injustice will not be tolerated and God willing, on January 1, 2021, the entire industry of Faisalabad will go on strike and will be on the streets. ۔

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