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Top 10 Most Expensive Things Cardi B Owns

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Cardi B Owns

10 most expensive things that cardi b owns before we get to that make sure to like and sub to the channel below also check out our playlist up thereof other videos if you want to see more starting off at

number 10

we have culture’s crib if there’s one thing that cardi spends money on it’s her family with her daughter culture living one of the most lavish lifestyles of any child out there and when cardi had her new baby she was gifted a lavish white and gold crib and bassinet produced by k pesh designs a prominent company that caters to celebrity interior needs and apparently the crib cost roughly 4 500 and honestly looking at pictures of it i can see why it costs so much the crib is not only huge but it’s covered in jewels also and i guess cardi is so extravagant culture needs to be you know not been in style in at

number nine

jewelry for culture and again we got some ultra lavish things for culture who is probably still too young to even like wear any of it cardi actually admitted to spending 80 000 on jewelry for her daughter this jewelry was a diamond tennis bracelet and a pair of earrings from her mother who wrote in the instagram caption of the picture with the jewels quote if i’m iced out my daughter gotta be too and honestly like when you put it that way i kind of get what she’s talking about and even though i didn’t think the culture would be wearing any of the jewelry she has actually been seen at once wearing the bracelet so hey at least it’s not you know just sitting at home collecting dust and at

number eight

patek philippe watch cardi isn’t just spending her money on bling for her daughter she of course spends even more on herself but this next one was actually another gift her husband offset bought her crazy expensive piece of jewelry a patek philippe watch the matching rose gold watches are estimated to cost a whopping 150 000 and like wow i still don’t understand how people can pay that much for a watch like you could buy a g-wagon for that amount crazy apparently offset bought the matching watches as a gift for cardi when cheating rumors were swirling but it seems like the watchers weren’t able to patch everything up because they ended up breaking up for a few months due to the rumors but they did get back together in 2019 officially when they were seen at the grammys together so i mean maybe that helped in at

number seven

bentley and lamborghini’s it’s a no-brainer that someone as rich as cardi would own tons of luxury cars if you had any doubts that she does i’m here to end that because cardi owns tons of lavish cars one of her most lavished cars is her orange bentley worth 240 thousand dollars she bought it in 2017 after her first single went viral but the crazy part is that

cardi doesn’t even have a license and when james corden inquired about why she you know buys cars she told them that she liked to post with them for photos i guess you do anything for the gram right another incredibly expensive car she owns is a lamborghini and her and offset actually have matching ones with cardi spending over half a million dollars on

both combined but we actually know the specific number because when someone called her out for leasing the cars she clapped back with the receipt showing the insane amount bragging that she paid cash for all of it and i would tell you that amount but i literally can’t say that like i don’t know how to speak numbers anymore so sorry guys it’s a lot of money and at

number six

lola bunny diamond chain for coachella set cardi went all out but truly what more could you expect she apparently spent four hundred thousand dollars on a diamond encrusted lola bunny chain and her jeweler even spilled the tea that the purchase was not impulsive and she was actually eyeing the chain four months before going ahead with it however because she waited so long and actually ordered the piece only five days before the festival it was rushed like crazy and probably brought the price up too but the chain looked amazing on her and added to the performance so you know it’s

worth it for the fans but keeping on the topic of coachella cardi actually spent so much money on her coachella said that overall the performance was a loss for her in an interview with siriusxm cardi revealed that she was being paid 70 000 for each of her two coachella performances but since her setup and all the aspects of her performance equal to three hundred thousand dollars she lost money doing it and what cardi was making 140 000 for her entire coachella gig spent at least six hundred thousand dollars to perform and usually i think that’s the most insane thing ever but it is coachella which is one of the most known and respected music festivals in the world so obviously she wants to impress and i think it was her first one too so you gotta go all out halfway

number five

hurt looks as i’m sure a lot of you ladies watching know being a woman is expensive and there are tons of things we need to spend money on to look our best literally this past weekend i spent 300 to get my hair done got my roots touched up i’m not saying it’s smart but it’s necessary i just have to do it you know and apparently cardi once admitted that in order for her to keep up trends and look her best she spends 300 000 a month which comes out to 3.6 million dollars a year if her monthly spending is consistent and i can’t even come up with the words to describe how insane enough that is however cardi has been open about the fact that she is no stranger to cosmetic procedures so i’m sure that’s where the bulk of the spending comes from but that also apparently includes clothing and jewelry as well so you know that’s racking up the bill a lot and at

number four

offsets presents france’s 28th birthday he was gifted something you probably won’t expect and that was some cold hard cash with cardi giving him a whopping five hundred thousand dollars in neat stacks inside of a fridge apparently cardi revealed that she didn’t have to give him all that money but she said she ran out of gift ideas and wanted him to buy himself whatever he wanted and honestly you know i wouldn’t mind this kind of present like if someone doesn’t know what to get me cash is always better than like gift cards i hate when you get a gift card and then you just like forget about it and never use it or that’s at least what i do yeah never give me gift cards you’re gonna you’re gonna buy me a present and

number three

east st laurent boots like i said before cardi’s looks and style are very important to her brand so she spends money to get the best of the best when she needs to one of these things are designer boots with cardi spending ten thousand dollars on some sparkly boots and at the mtv vmas where she showcased the boots she wore a matching sparkly bodysuit and although I could never dream of spending that much on some boots i mean good for her if she’s able to right in at

number two

new teeth veneers are an extremely popular thing that a lot of celebrities and influencers get done and after cardi was ridiculed online for her teeth for years on end she decided to get new teeth to amplify her look and her confidence according to bet.com she got a new set of teeth at the price of two thousand dollars per tooth so she spent forty thousand dollars to fix her whole mouth including whitening and even though forty thousand dollars is a lot of money the confidence that comes along with good teeth is priceless so you know this is one purchase that i’m pretty happy that she did and finally at

number one

the multi-million dollar atlanta mansion and in case you were waiting for it of course her house is going to be the most expensive thing that she has purchased and her offset bought a mansion in atlanta for a reported 5.8 million dollars and cardi even showed off a bit of the house in her instagram showing a winery and a gun range she also said she’s been house hunting for the perfect place for two years and she was so excited when they found this one the house is 22 000 square feet has six acres of land five bedrooms 11 bathrooms and an 1800 bottle wine cellar and from looking at the pictures it’s

clear that every inch of this house is absolutely gorgeous and cardi’s definitely living the dream all right everyone that’s all for the video today let me know what you think about it down below what was the most insane thing that cardi has or do you think that she is just so rich that she can spend whatever she wants and it doesn’t really matter for me the most insane thing is the gift she gave to offset especially considering you know how badly then he treats her like cheating rumors swirling all the time but that’s whole other topic i just hope that he is getting her gifts just as good you know but

before i head out of this video i’m gonna shout out some comments from me and bree’s video on halloween costumes so dan said ruined a career i’m sure nearly all these celebs still are famous you are right i mean oftentimes it didn’t absolutely like cancel them into obscurity i mean it’s just a halloween costume at the end of the day it’s not going to do that i don’t think it should do that but you know they gotten a lot of backlash from these costumes you know a little tiny bit clickbait but scandalous costumes more so then hopes that people are so sensitive now some of these i can kind of

understand but others it’s like really are they serious getting mad about that’s obviously not the costume was trying to convey come on now i definitely agree i think with costumes it’s such a it’s such a strange line of course if something’s offensive or not but i think most of the time it’s out of respect and admiration for the person that you’re wearing the costume for so i i rarely agree with like bad costumes because it’s like you’re just looking after that person you know

obviously there are some really bad ones but like julianne huff really bad but i don’t know then ivy said really kim didn’t blackface wtf everyone loves to hate her i agree i feel like the kardashians get it the worst and they rarely even do anything like worth the backlash in my opinion then another user said i’m dressing up as karen over here 2020. both are just as

scary that’s a tough one what’s worse karen’s or 20 20. 2020 is definitely scarier like i’d probably deal with a few karen’s if i could just like swap it out for 20 20. i haven’t dealt with karen yet but i’m sure it’s better than the sum of 20 20 you know all right guys that’s all for the video today thanks so much for sticking around with me if you made all the way here i’ve been your host mackenzie smith and i’ll catch you guys in the next one and i guess cardi is so extravagant and i guess cardi is so excrept oh my god then hope said people are so sensitive now some of these i can some of these i can kind of understand but others are like really oh my god

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