Top 10 Extinct Animals Found Alive In 2020

Top 10 Extinct Animals Found Alive In 2020

Top 10 Extinct Animals Found Alive In 2020

let’s start with this list off in at

Number 10

well that guy’s fast what is that his nose is like so is this real i don’t even know what that is i don’t even know how to research this little guy okay well apparently that was the elephant’s shrew last known to be seen over 50 years ago but it was rediscovered in august of 2020 these mighty little mouse-like creatures are thriving in africa pretty cool something so small was able to evade a full extinction so before we get into

Number nine

make sure you guys hit the like button on this video because it really helps us out all right let’s see what we have in at number nine the tasia is named whoa hello there freaky the tarzier is named after its long impressive bone in its ankle you perv okay well what is this little thing so the animals on this list are pretty tiny this one is no different the pygmy taster of the taster family of the world’s smallest primates hails from the depths of indonesia the taster still lives but its

pigs me’s cousin is said to have been extinct until a man accidentally captured and killed one in a mouse trap in 2000 since then several pixme tasters have been found and tagged in indonesia and it is believed that they no longer exist great big thin membranous ears and those sharp teeth which are more like those you’d see on a bat okay wait first of all i thought these things were cute but they’re pretty creepy if you asked me apparently these guys are adept predators for being able to fit in your palm of your hand pretty wild but anyone else getting like the baby yoda vibes from this perhaps it could live many centuries next up at

Number eight

the terror skink thought one’s to be extinct well this video shows a man who found one in caledonia in these little things were said to be the t-rex of their time serious meat-eating predator reptiles they got their name from their mouthful of sharp teeth so this skink is the top predator here on this island in new caledonia there’s no doubt that this guy is the t-rex of this island

Number seven

is this real life right now what is that there’s no way that thing existed in our life like what world was that real and those sharks are like when they eat things their melts come out of their mouths and it’s just like it’s it’s so horrifying here’s another picture i mean it looks like it’s it’s real apparently these things went extinct many years ago but now it has been

rediscovered this last picture right here looks so real and it looks like it’s kind of like slimy and this one doesn’t look like it was taken in the water this one looks like it was captured it was taken out of the water but you can see what i’m saying

about like the mouth i’m not sure where it begins and where it ends but is it just me or is its teeth like exactly spaced out kind of creepy sharp cheeks i’d be scared if i was like swimming and i saw one of these okay so the images that we were seeing is actually the goblin shark you guys can search it online you guys can see so many more pictures of this well it was

actually said to be extinct over 125 million years ago but like other deep sea creatures it didn’t actually disappear didn’t go extinct it just hid in the depths beyond human discovery and it is said to be back and is thriving these pictures were taken from national geographic in 2020 so just months ago it was actually in august so the images you’re seeing is legit moving right along to

Number six

move on murder wasps with wallace giant b or the mega chile pluto is said to be back in action in 2018 two of these bad boys were available for the highest bidder and none other than ebay itself the place where we’re buying pokemon cards i just came across a charizard 25 grand should i buy it okay so apparently you can buy this creature like you can make a

transaction if you have nine thousand dollars in 2019 a single female was found in a termite nest and reopened the species as no longer being extinct well here’s a clip that i wanted to share with you guys so 100 authentic and to scale okay maybe not but could you guys imagine like that was the size of the killer bees like just absolutely massive moving right along

Number five

what sound does a deer make go in the comment section and tell me i i don’t know how you’re gonna tell me a sound like well a cow would just be m m-o-o-o-o-o for a deer i don’t know how you type with the sound of a deer but we’re not bringing you just any deer on this list the cashmere musk deer has been endangered extinct and back to endangered

again i mean how does this even happen is this real life right now one was discovered again in 2009 and they were back on the endangered list once again likely because these guys are targeted for hunting because of their musk glands which are said to be an aphrodisiac and can go for a whopping 45 000 on the black market and just like that

Number four

these five-inch freaks are also known as three lobsters and they were thought to be completely eradicated decades ago in a small island off the coast of australia but 24 were found in 2001 and they were sent to a zoo in australia which has led them to the successful breeding and repopulation of these creatures [Music] whoa that’s that’s like a like a stick a stick insect right what is that what does that remind you it’s like a i don’t know i don’t know what it is but it’s so it’s just so

creepy okay well obviously that was the tree lobsters you know it kind of looks like it has like the scales of a lobster the tree part is is like the uh the the tree stick thing that i was referring to yeah you guys seeing a picture right now of those stick insects it’s pretty they’re pretty cool but i don’t know i don’t know what they do i don’t know much about them from there

Number three

what the is that just a dog like this this breed of dog went extinct and now it’s back and now it’s howling for werewolves it’s howling for its werewolf mates doesn’t sound like a normal dog so maybe this is like a different creature well this species of dog is actually called new guinea singing dog and hails from papua new guinea they were thought to be extinct

for decades until a pack was discovered in 2016. so there have only been two spotted in the wild but there are some places around the world like the united states that have rescued what is to believed to be this breed of dog that went extinct and now they’re in captivity to try to breed them to expand them they’re clearly known for singing you know hence their name hence the video we just watched all right moving right along and

Number two

so many of you guys think that bigfoot is an urban legend well i know that it’s real okay i never saw it but like i’ve i’ve seen stuff like on tv and i think it’s specs well this creature that is like some kind of like half man half ape that lives a lonely life in the wilderness well that video was from 2020 in utah it’s pretty far away so it’s hard to tell but i can tell that’s bigfoot confirmed for sure bigfoot but if that’s how big that thing looks from far away like imagine how big it is when you’re up close maybe like 20 feet all i know is i wouldn’t want to come across one so this video was uploaded august 1st of this year 2020. if it’s not bigfoot then what is it let me know in the comment section below what the heck creature did we just watch and finally in at

Number one

okay so that clip is obviously from a movie if you guys didn’t know i didn’t know at first i thought it was real but the megalodon is said to be a real creature and we couldn’t not put this on this list this is a real and verified clip of what was thought to be a megalodon underwater filmed in japan there are reports that the megalodon was found a couple years ago

in marianas trench hence the movie hence the inspiration for the movie well it was found in the mariana trench a couple years ago and there’s all the fuss around this creature from some of the well-known sources like shark week and obviously hollywood movies that hyped this creature up considering 95 of the ocean has not yet been discovered by humans it could

be very possible that this thing is real in 2020 and there’s probably so many other creatures we have no idea about well there you guys have it i was your host landon do not sing which is my real last name and i’ll see you guys all in the next

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