Top 10 Dark Things You Shouldn’t Ask Google

Top 10 Dark Things You Shouldn't Ask Google

Top 10 Dark Things You Shouldn’t Ask Google

10 list coming at number 10 we have harley quinn fetus this google search will take you to a page that has a baby that’s suffering from ichthyosis which is a disease that can cause a person’s skin to form in diamond-like patterns all over their body this isn’t in a cool artistic way there are literal gaps in the skin now this will lead to horrible infections and it’s very sad to say but no one born with this will survive if someone tells you to search this it’s to get you to look at something

that’s for sure gonna ruin your day and maybe even your week and everything that i’m telling you about this is what i read from resources that i found on the internet i couldn’t bring myself to google this page to actually go check it out because stuff like that makes me really uneasy and it’s so hard for me to look at and i grew up in the era when people showing you gross stuff on the internet was blooming in full force coming in number nine we have fournier some of you who are big

basketball fans will hear the name fournier and we’ll think about evan fournier he is one of the players who came over from france to play for the orlando magic but if you’re deep basketball fans you will know that this guy’s nickname is

never google seems a little weird but there’s a very good reason for this fournier is a medical term that refers to a gang

green infection this is when the body can start to rot to the point where flesh will fall off there are open sores and this almost always has to be treated with an amputation but fournier is a specific type of gangrene infection that refers to

when this horrible flesh rotting sickness is on your genitals so if you type in fournier into google you might get some images that will be very hard to forget and a newfound fear that you didn’t know was possible on the bright side vernee also means bread maker so you might just see a few pictures of sourdough instead that is a much less stomach-turning

outcome and guys don’t forget to hit that like button it really helps us out a lot coming in at number eight we have rat king if you have a fear of rodents then it would already be hard for you to search something like this but if you don’t and then you do search something like this you might build a new fear of rants rat king is something that doesn’t happen very

often but it’s when upwards of 10 rats get tangled together by the tail this then becomes a mound of rat that just keeps building and building on itself until there’s so many rats in one place it creates a health code violation for a 10 mile radius how this happens is you have to have a ton of rats living in one place somewhere that has a massive rat infestation there’s

so many rats on top of each other that after a certain amount of time they just start to get tangled into one another super gross to think about because you’re not only thinking about the rats that now have formed some sort of spirit ball of rat

energy you have to think about the thousands of rats that are just running over one another for this to happen for rats to get tangled into a king rat type situation there needs to be so many rats in one place they’re moving over each other like a living earth coming in at number seven we have snake wives i wouldn’t look this one up because you might just get

sucked into a hole of internet strangeness for who knows how long i had no idea that this was a thing before i was making this list but snape wives is a whole subculture of people that think the character from the harry potter books severus snape connects to them spiritually and that they have romantic relationships with this fictional character huh yeah i’m

not making this up this is totally a real thing apparently these people believe they tap into the spiritual energy of stape and he will either possess their body or the spirit will come down and they will have a romantic relationship with him just avoid asking google about this because it’s one of the strangest corners of the internet you will ever come across coming

in number six we have jiggers how do you feel about parasitic infections yuck yes i definitely feel the same way about that there has never been a time in my life where i thought i could really use something living inside me like a tapeworm living off my life force well jiggers are one of the grossest parasites that you could ever come across and the worst part is that

this little pest can burrow its way into your body just from coming in contact with your bare skin jiggers are a small flea that dig their way into your skin and start laying eggs you probably won’t notice them at first until you start to get a

massive blister that will form somewhere on your feet then it will look like said blister has a little flea poking its head out it will look like a little black dot then you will know that you have one of these little dudes living in your foot once they get

in there like any parasite that will start to feed off your body and start laying eggs this guy will start a family right in your foot on the bright side if you have a good pair of tweezers you can pluck these dudes right out of your feet coming in number five we have symptoms now this one is a little bit of a departure from the other things we’ve had on this list so far

your symptoms aren’t a rock solid picture that’s going to be burned into your cerebellum until the point where you pass onto the pearly gates but this is a great way to convince yourself that you’re dying when you might just be a little bit dehydrated you wake up one day you have a little bit of a headache maybe you have some dry mouth in this day and age

with the pandemic flying around it’s easy to get worked up when you’re feeling a little bit weird so you google all your symptoms and the next thing you know you have tuberculosis and there’s also things like the placebo effect which is a very real phenomenon where people’s thoughts will affect their body so profoundly they will have physical effects in

extreme cases you’ll have things like false pregnancy where a woman is convinced she’s pregnant and will even go through the stages of pregnancy but there’s no baby inside her that’s the power of the mind so stay off webmd coming in number four we have things found in fast food i mean most of us like to enjoy fast food every now and again some of us

absolutely dominate fast food like when joey chestnut ate 32 big macs in 38 minutes oh yeah but we know that working in fast food restaurants isn’t a glamorous job and most fast food is horrible for you and has a whole bunch of junk in it so it

should be no surprise that people are finding disgusting things in fast food if you decide to google things found in fast food you will come across everything from deep fried chicken heads to syringes to spiders to spit to condoms just thinking about this makes my skin crawl and that’s just the stuff you can see in your fast food have you ever been driving through

the mcdonald’s drive-through and you thought about the person who’s making your burger and if they wash their hands after they went to the bathroom yeah i think i’m going to cook at home tonight coming in number three we have crocodile

if you want to see what some of the worst effects of drug use are then look no further crocodile is a street drug that has been popular in russia it gets its name from the effect that the drug has on your skin constant use will cause your skin to decay and look as if you have crocodile scales all over your body the drug is produced from gasoline and has a similar effect to heroin but is much more harmful for your body if you can believe that there is no good outcome from taking this

drug coming in at number two we have mouth larva okay so i’ve heard about this one for quite some time but i thought i should go check it out to give you guys a proper rundown and let me say that it deserves this spot on this list mouth larva is what can happen when you have an infection in your mouth that isn’t treated for an extended period of time there’ll be

an open sort in the mouth a fly will zoom in there lay eggs in the sore then after some time the eggs will hatch and this person will literally have maggots crawling around in their mouth eating away their rotting flesh now this isn’t something that can happen to just anyone people who typically suffer from this will have intense schizophrenia and are unaware that

they even have bugs crawling around in their mouth and in order for this to even start you have to have an untreated open wound for an extremely long period of time but just take my word for this when i say you don’t need to see this

because it’s more disgusting than all the saw movies combined sprinkled with a little bit of human centipede and coming into the number one spot we have anything to do with bombs i hope that none of the people watching this video have a hobby that involves mixing certain chemicals and crafting homemade explosives but there is a multitude of reasons why

you shouldn’t search anything to do with bombs firstly don’t build a bomb chances are you’re going to blow up your own house and please don’t go around trying to hurt people if you feel the need to do something like that please find someone to talk to because there’s a ton of help that you can get from people before you make a bomb on top of that if you start

getting too into this strange world you are going to be on every cia and fbi watch list they are going to catalog everything you do and if you make this slightest wrong step there’s a good chance that you’ll be behind bars for a very long time

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