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Top 10 Dark Last Photos Of Celebrities

Top 10 Dark Last Photos Of Celebrities

The pictures you are about to see today are truly sad it captures celebrities final moments whether it be amelia earhart packing up her bags for a journey which she would never return or from john lennon photograph with the man who later murdered him we’re covering it all in today’s video so let’s just get right on into it starting off this countdown we have paul walker on november 30th 2013 paul walker attended a charity event for reach out worldwide he was last captured driving off in a red porsche carrera gt little did he know that later that day the car would crash into a concrete lamppost and two trees before bursting into flames killing walker and the driver instantly it’s so sad looking at this photo like paul seemed happy he got into the car not knowing his fate in fact what makes this scarier is that he might have still been alive had it not been for one text he woke up that morning completely forgetting about the charity event that he had to go to that was until someone texted him to remind him had he not gone to the event and just stayed home things would have been different coming at

number nine

we have robin williams one of the greatest actors in comedic mindset has ever passed through hollywood there was movie after movie that this guy made that influence people from my generation and so many generations after and right before we get further into this point guys remember that you can like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and stick around to the end of the list because we’re gonna be answering some comments from our previous video top 10 disney mysteries i mean we can go down the list this guy was in aladdin jumanji mrs doubtfire all of those movies were certified bangers and this was the last picture of him before he passed he looks so happy he’s chilling out with his monkey crystal and the two of them are just being the best of friends but even having one of the coolest pets of all time wasn’t enough to keep him happy unfortunately shortly after this picture was taken robin williams would visit the doctor and get a very sad diagnosis it would seem that he had parkinson’s it was devastating news that would lead to him taking his own life apparently he was misdiagnosed and he actually had a specific type of dementia which leads to paranoia in our

number eighth

spot we have amelia earhart the fate of amelia earhart is still unknown did she die in a plane crash did she get stranded on a deserted island we honestly don’t know in 1937 emilia set out with her navigator fred noonan to fly around the world one of the last photos of emilia was her packing her suitcase for travels in which she would never return from much like these other celebrities she looked so happy just excited to go on this adventure but little did she know it would end in tragedy amelia and fred were last heard from on july 2nd 1937 the government spent 15 years looking for them in fact searching for earhart was the largest and most expensive search in american history sadly hardly anything came of this they thought that maybe the plane crashed somewhere in the pacific ocean but who really knows coming in at

number seven

we have gene wilder it’s impressive how gene wilder was able to be both hilarious and terrifying in many of his performances like throughout most of charlie and the chocolate factory he’s kind of scary but then when you check out blazing saddles he’s one of the funniest dudes around this was the last picture taken of him or at least the last one that was shared to the public he lived well into his 80s and in this picture you can see him with his daughter walking in los angeles it was in 2013 when one of the most famous actors in the world would learn that he was battling alzheimer’s this is obviously a very strenuous disease and it can slowly wither a person away it’s a tough battle because of this gene wanted to stay out of the public eye so after he was told by doctors that he was fighting alzheimer’s he decided that he would stay out of the peering eye of fans and become a homebody and i mean it sounds like a solid move you had an amazing career so in your last few years it would be nice to relax he passed away in 2016. Coming in at

number six

we have chris mccandless chris was a 24 year old american adventurer in 1992 chris set out on another adventure this time into the alaskan wilderness however he never made it out alive his death has been debated for years some say he died of starvation others believe that he died of poisoning after eating toxic berries the last photo ever captured of chris was a picture he took of himself smiling and waving to the camera holding a note the note is believed to have said i have had a happy life and thanked the lord goodbye and may god bless all later he was found dead by a group of hunters the hunters were looking for a shelter for the night when they came across the bus where chris was staying in but when they entered they discovered chris laying in his sleeping bag at the back of the bus his manes were already decomposing now the last thing chris ever wrote read day 107 beautiful blueberries then days 108 through 112 contained no words they just had slashes and on day 113 there was no entry at all so maybe it was some toxic berry that killed him but still this photo is super eerie especially because of the sign he was holding it’s like he knew he wasn’t going to make it coming in

number five

we have nikola tesla one of the greatest minds to ever grace the earth this dude was straight up one of the smartest people who has ever lived if it wasn’t for this guy we wouldn’t have the radio we wouldn’t have access to electricity the way that we do today and even though he has nothing to do with the company tesla that makes electric cars there would be a solid chance that those electric cars wouldn’t be running right now if it wasn’t for the inventions that this man made this was the last known picture of the inventor he looks like he was ill but he was actually mostly thin because he had changed his diet to eating very light he wouldn’t eat meat and he mostly lived off bread honey and vegetable juices probably the saddest part about the end of tesla’s life is that he basically had no money although he did find pleasure in pigeons for some reason the inventor had an obsession with pigeons he would go to the park and feed them and even said that they gave him some of the ideas for his inventions that’s the secret we’ve got to start hanging out with more pigeons in our

Number fourth

spot we have james dean on september 30th 1955 james dean died in a car accident at only 24 years old it said that he was driving fast and suddenly had to swerve out of the way to avoid an oncoming car but ended up hitting it almost head-on it said that dean died instantly but his passenger survived with injuries that day dean was photographed posing with the very car he later died in in fact that car is said to be cursed he only owned it for nine days before his death later after he died the car rolled off the back of a truck and crushed the legs of a mechanic then the car’s parts were disassembled and installed into other cars around the world all those car owners also got into deadly crashes so dean’s last pitcher was literally with a cursed car that killed him coming in at

number three

we have aaliyah leah was a rising star in the r b community and it seemed that she was going to be the next star in the music industry literally everyone who’s into music was talking about her before she was 22 years old she had already won 14 awards and been nominated for 73 awards through different music organizations there’s a good portion of us who don’t even have her driver’s license at 22 but her death would shock the world either one of those two pictures is thought to be the last of aliyah they didn’t have time stamps on every last picture back then so we don’t know exactly which one it is but aaliyah would board a plane that was headed to the bahamas it should have been a nice short trip but the plane crashed out of nowhere the next big thing in music was gone in our

Number second

spot we have john lennon on december 8 1980 john lennon was assassinated outside of his manhattan apartment earlier that day lennon was photographed signing autographs for fans the last photo of him was him signing an autograph for the man who would later murder him it’s so eerie the photo literally foreshadows his fate he was literally pictured with his killer later that night the man in the photo david chapman returned to lenin’s apartment and waited outside for him when he came down chapman shot him four times in the back that’s just way too freaky for me and coming into the

number one

spot we have marilyn monroe i mean what didn’t marilyn monroe do it’s thought that she changed how women could represent themselves in the public eye she was one of the biggest beauty icons of all time it’s thought that she had an affair with the president of the united states she was a bona fide legend and she may never be forgotten this was the last known picture taken of the superstar she was hanging out with one of her buddies buddy greco who was a famous jazz musician of the time man jazz has changed a lot it used to be the coolest thing in town there’s no way you could be playing jazz now and it would get you into the arms of scarlett johansson on the record her death was deemed to suicide but off the record it seemed that the cia might have taken her out she knew too many secrets from being close to the president they couldn’t let those secrets leak out all right and that’s all for today’s video let’s move on to our comment shoutout

portion we will be shouting out comments from our video top 10 unsolved disney mysteries it’s your girl lily commented if disney is sus is it the imposter and what color red red red is disney red i was gonna say red is always to us if you play among us oh really yeah i was thinking disney would be blue that’s what i think of disney with the blue and i think mickey mouse with his like little red shorts the mascot for disney you let us know in the comments below what color would

disney be beat flockabee commented by far the best disney video on amazing top 10 wow didn’t know a lot of these had me intrigued throughout the whole video nice this is a really nice comment i like it thank you so much she is into it that’s great they were into it they they were into it i don’t know if it’s a girl true gender dante commented he’s always happy what are you wearing i’m just in a good mood man that’s that’s a good smile in the glasses today i’ve seen that comment a lot they’re like chase totally stoned people think i’m high all the time it’s because i have squinty eyes because he is high all the time so he scripts the butts oh and then so many comments on this and they’re like i hope not i hope not that i’m

always happy or that i’m high that you’re not high that i’m not i hope not they don’t approve sorry jay that’s fair ma 66 ryan wrote in and asked i think the glass shoe not vanishing was meant to be the ticket for cindy’s marriage with the prince fate duh yeah but but but if you do this why not just let her stay past midnight true just let her say pastor they lock it up everything goes bing bang boom it’s a plot hole they didn’t think about that part that weren’t smart enough if the fairy godmother could have just cast a spell brought the two together right away she could have built the castle out of dust and then just like y’all she could have been happy from the start not had her locked up in exactly what’s with all the

rigmarole huh bippity boppity no don’t need that um did the other slipper disappear or everything else disappeared except that one slipper nut sus sus guys prof grandpa and dr dustin wrote nest sounds like debbie stone got murdered by jealous co-workers what do you think probably yeah you think that’s probably what it is because she just got married she was young she was beautiful look at my ring pusher then alicia brialang wrote in and said the real question is when was disney not dark and sus i mean that’s true they’ve been up to some shady stuff for a long time yeah yeah and that’s all the

comments are shout out for today’s video make sure to comment something down below for a chance to be featured in our next comment shout out and as always don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to the most amazing top 10 for more amazing videos i’m your host lindsey allen and i’ve been chad arena i’ll see you when i see you bye on november 3rd you’re just standing there sir it’s so funny you

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