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Top 10 Cursed Stories You Should STAY AWAY

Top 10 Cursed Stories You Should STAY AWAY

starting us off at number 10 is the castle terry sherman moved on to the ranch with his family but after everything they saw and experience he saw the 512 acre ranch only 18 months after the family had seen multiple mysterious crop circles giant yellow-eyed creatures unexplainable lights in the sky and of course the attack on their livestock a 1.7 of their cows were either dead or missing and the cause of death was particularly weird one cow had a hole cut out in the center of its left eyeball but had no other injuries another cow had the same surgical incision and had had a six inch hole cut out of its rectum i mean last time i checked animals who attack can’t just make surgical incisions like that so other cows just had

their blood drained but if you asked anyone where the blood went they wouldn’t be able to tell you a quarter of their livestock died this bloodless way cattle mutations is one thing but the chemical smell that was present with each cow was very disturbing for the cows that disappeared their hoof prints would literally stop mid-part like they had just vanished into thin air or been abducted by something from above why have aliens always been so obsessed with cows i don’t get it it’s like the most repetitive motif in time what is it with cows moving on at

number nine

we have the shoe in the riverbed now this story surrounds two friends out on a road trip they were headed to new mexico when they decided to pull over near a river dam upon exploring the river one of the friends recalls feeling as if they were being watched that was when they came across a bone on the ground it resembled a spinal cord but they believed that it just belonged to an animal as they continued on they saw a weird rust-colored rock sticking out from the sand by this rock there was a half buried little girl’s shoe the friend went to go kick the shoe into the river but he heard a little girl’s voice say no don’t please then the friends found another bone eventually they called the police and found out that the

rust-colored rock was actually a part of a pickup truck that was carrying a man a woman and their daughter but what happened did the family just crash off the road did somebody drive them off the road this needs to be explored in a movie maybe the two friends go on to investigate and solve other mysterious cases while also coming in contact with ghosts and

number eight

we have stuck this one was written by garboyd27 i can’t move breathe speak or hear it’s dark all the time if i knew it was going to be this lonely i would have been cremated instead the mystery of what happens after we die is a center point of a lot of human discomfort most religions promise you the answer to the afterlife but do they really know part of me is excited to die i’ll never need to worry about running around late for anything ever again that seems like a peaceful future i can get behind but what if this short story has it exactly right what if you’re stuck in your body unconscious with no ability to do anything forever in our seventh spot we have the swap this next reddit user keeps switching between

universes he notices that every day something changes for example items in his room keep disappearing his shower head turned from gray to black and street signs keep changing around him one day the street sign will be brand new the next day it will be rusty covered in vines this has led him to believe that every day he wakes up in a new universe one that is slightly different honestly that would drive me insane but hey if i ever lose an object i now know it’s because i’m in a different universe one where i never own that object to begin with now at

number seven

sloth snapchat death list it sounds just as scary as you think because that’s quite literally what this was a 12 year old girl from florida was arrested after it was determined she made a list of students from her school that she was planning to gun down apparently that threat was posted on friday night with the user claiming she’d be following through with the threat the following monday at school upon the list of students being posted at snapchat a student informed their parents who then informed the sheriff’s office one of the threats posted to snapchat i quote indicated that students were not safe and

that they would be killed on monday following the 12 year old’s arrest she would be taken to a juvenile assessment center after admitting to making false threats she was initially arrested on two counts of a written threat to kill and false reporting concerning a firearm thankfully nothing came of the threat and the school operated normally the following monday with no incidences occurring but still very scary thought now at number six is the spy after the sherman sold the ranch column a biochemist working with the national institute for discovery science was on site when he saw something in a tree about 50 yards away from the research team a large humanoid creature seemed to be watching them it was

perched around 20 feet off the ground and was just casually motionlessly sitting there you wouldn’t even have had the slightest clue it was there except for its yellow eyes that did not blink the biochemist is not a wurst so he fired at the thing but it disappeared leaving only one footprint in the ground upon investigation it was this oval six inch track that looked like it had two sharp claws coming from out of the rear kind of like a raptor print or something like that but considering how deep the track was they guessed this creature was heavy as hell coming in at number five are the groceries most of the stories i was reading were mostly extraterrestrial related but this one seems kind of paranormal which i clearly have a lot of experience with seeing as i’m a host on this channel one day gwen aka mrs sherman was coming back from the

grocery store and put down her bags then like any normal person she unpacked all the bags and put them where they needed to be the fridge the shelf the freezer whatever she wanted she folded up the bags and went to pee but when she got back she saw all the bags back on the counter filled with all the products she had just put away now how the hell did that happen and who or what did it i mean a she just went and unpacked all that so this entity just cancelled out all her productivity b if you want to mess with someone there are better ways to do it than that in our fourth spot we have the black birds so on new year’s eve in 2010 in arkansas five thousand black birds started behaving unusually they slammed

into buildings phone poles and trees and died instantly people just brushed this off saying that they were probably just spooked by the fireworks but then it happened again next year on new year’s eve this time there was a ban on fireworks and none were used so why were so many birds dying well people believe that this was a warning that the end is near now before you comment down below saying there’s already a movie made it’s called the birds by alfred hitchcock okay i know but i’m thinking that there should be a movie about a bunch of omens that keep warning individuals for the end of the

world the birds would just be one example or maybe they experience this bird omen and then there truly is an apocalypse but no one has realized that it has happened slowly more signs start to show that in fact they have died from an apocalypse and are living in a different world or different reality moving on to number three we have the disappearance of bobby dunbar literally another case that i wish we had answers to so in 1912 bobby dunbar went missing while on a trip

to swayze lake he was missing for eight months until they found bobby traveling with his kidnapper or so they thought it was bobby the kidnapper said that the boy’s name was bruce anderson but police ignored that and returned this boy to the family but even the dunbars didn’t recognize their son they said his eyes were too small and bobby didn’t even recognize his brothers but after seeing the boy’s birthmarks and scars they were convinced that it was their missing son that was until a mother showed up claiming that it was her son bruce and not bobby but the mother wasn’t able to

identify her son in a lineup so the boy remained with the dunbars way down the line when bobby was growing up they took dna tests turns out he was actually bruce anderson and that their true son bobby was still missing now the movie the changeling is sort of like this but it covers a completely different real-life case i think for this movie they just need to explore this particular case and

number six

is the man so the night started off like any other night this guy got home from football practice had some snacks and checked his notifications surprise surprise he didn’t have any he continued on with this night because it was fifa time and you already know that means not looking at your phone unless your girlfriend is like bombarding you asking for attention me now a total of nine games later it’s now 1 am and he decides now is the best time to go to bed since he has school the next day good luck waking up at 7 mates now he checked his 0 notifications before bed and then left his phone on charge

on his dresser he then wakes up at 5 30 miraculously actually untrue i feel like in high school i could also operate on zero sleep cannot do that now, either way, he finds his phone unplugged on his bedside table which is not where he left it the night before but he just assumed he must have knocked over during his sleep or something somehow he had 12 Snapchat notifications all from random people he didn’t even talk to he opened them and they all said the same thing who’s that man laying next to you dude if i woke up and that happened to me i would move house actually firstly I would search my house because what if that man is still in my house just hiding in my closets or under my bed ugh coming at

number five

ridge man back in 2017 two eighth-graders was found 18 hours after a search for their bodies was conducted to this day the investigation still remains a mystery but a huge piece of evidence was found on one of the girls phones their snapchat story showed the last location they were seen which was along an old abandoned railway one photo showed one of the girls walking across the railroad while the other showed just the railroad with a black and white filter over it another video on the girl’s phone showed a man on the other side of the railroad walking toward them while shouting guys down

the hill it seemed as if this was an order and as you can imagine the man in the video was the main suspect however he was so far down in the video you can only make out his clothes which included blue jeans a blue jacket a brown hoodie and a hat his head was also down making it even harder to identify who the man was over the years there have been numerous suspects but to this date, the investigation is still open and ongoing and hopefully whoever is responsible for this heinous act will be caught soon and

number four

is the ufo so we can all agree the shermans have seen enough to last a lifetime one night terry looked out his window to see an rv parked in the pasture outside thinking the people driving may need directions or something he decided to go outside and ask if they needed help good guy terry the refrigerator-shaped rv had a red light at the back and white light in front and as soon as terry went outside the rv somehow rose into the air and flew out of sight out of sight it flew this rv that was clearly alien craft and not an rv flew into the ether somewhere like can we talk about that filling our

number three

slot is the sickness when you’re working or living in a supernatural extraterrestrial hotpot 24 7 you can’t think it’s not going to have a negative effect on your mental or general health column wrote in his book hunt for the skinwalker that some of the employees on the ranch would have physical symptoms of the supernatural phenomena they would report various migraines and nose speeds despite not having a history of having them portable tri-fuel meters with no sharp

spikes and activity during the health symptoms despite having been calibrated and tested multiple times what are the implications of that what does that even mean i don’t know but i feel like it’s not good in our second spot we have the soda children i wish that someone would get on solving these cases because i need answers especially for this next one so in west virginia on christmas eve george and jenny soder’s home was burned down now they had all 10 of their children in the home at the time of the fire however only five made it out the other five seem to have disappeared without a trace they don’t believe that they perish in the fire because no evidence to this was found now here’s where it gets more strange

apparently a woman claimed to have seen the five children watching their house burn from a passing car then another woman claims she saw the children at a hotel a week after the fire accompanied by four strangers so were the five kids kidnapped who knows but i need a movie made and in our number one spot we have friends to the end so in arkansas in the 1980s two friends don henry age 16 and kevin ives age 17 decided to go illegally hunting basically they planned on spotlighting which is when you shine a light in the animal’s eyes causing them to freeze and then the other individual

shoots them so they set out on august 22nd in the evening near the train tracks that were behind henry’s home however hours later their bodies were found resting on the train tracks and were run over by a train now their deaths were ultimately thought to be from the train running them over the coroner originally stated that they were asleep on the tracks after smoking 20 or more marijuana cigarettes yeah okay that’s hard to believe but eventually they found out that one of the boys was already dead and the other was unconscious before the train ran them over however no one knows who killed these teens or why all that we’re left with is speculation so one man came forward and said that the teens

witnessed a drug drop in the area and were killed as a result but no one knows if these claims are true although we don’t fully know what happened that night i would love a movie from these boys perspective and number 10 we have the garden okay this first one i grabbed off of website which grabbed it off of reddit but they didn’t credit the redditor so i couldn’t find out who the redditor was so if you guys know let me know the story goes out in the garden the girl in the

blue dress with butterflies on it stood on her tiffy toes trying to reach one of the pretty things in the trees branches when the corpse began to swing at her touch she laughed merrily this girl’s laughing while she’s playing with a dead body she’s either going to be a great doctor or an amazing serial killer or both she could do that crossover thing where serial killers also are doctors so they can kill people better in secret i’ve seen that all the time either way all the neighborhood kids

should stay away from her until she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up also why is she playing with dead bodies with her nice blue dress on where are the parents if you’re going to let your kids slap around a corpse in a tree at least make sure they’re not wearing their sunday best throw on some painting overalls and then slap a dead person as much as you like at number 9 we have bedtime i begin tucking him into bed he tells me daddy check for monsters under my bed i look underneath for his amusement and see him another him under the bed staring back at me quivering and

whispering daddy there’s somebody on my bed this one made my hair stand up on end the feeling that that dad would have as he slowly brings his head back up to look at what’s sitting on the bed whatever that thing was knew that the kid was under the bed so it was just baiting the father classic monster pranks this thing makes you feel comfortable right before it murders you in our eighth spot we have the different dog so each universe is slightly different some buildings might disappear maybe you live on a different street or you’re taller or people around you behave a bit differently well for the user mr stuffed baconator he is now living in a universe where his uncle’s dog is completely different so a couple of years ago he went back to brazil to visit his uncle’s dog for the first time the dog’s name is sebastian and he is a white

samoyad then just last year he went back to brazil and his uncle’s dog is now a huge labrador still named sebastian though just a completely different breed he asked his aunt and uncle what happened to their old dog but obviously they had no clue what they were talking about that was the only dog they ever had fill in our

number two

we have dreaming i was having a pleasant dream when what sounded like hammering woke me after that i could barely hear the muffled sounds of dirt covering my coffin over my own screams thank you to redditor vijardarina for this story i don’t think i could imagine a worse fate than being buried alive it’s like that scene kill bill volume 2. that’s probably the toughest part of the two movies for me to watch yeah it’s not the people getting their heads chopped off or lucy lou losing the top of her skull like someone throwing a hat onto the ice after a hat trick no it’s being buried alive that feeling of being confined not being able to move and then suffocating to death that’s why you gotta practice your one inch wood punch

just in case you need to beat your weight out of a coffin and for our number one spot we have visitors our final entry was written by cobalt collapse after working a hard day i came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child i didn’t know which was more frightening seeing my dead girlfriend and our stillborn child or knowing someone had broken to our apartment to place them there whoever did this was dedicated they almost deserve to kill you after that they’re willing to put in so much effort this person would have had to dig up the body of your dead girlfriend and your dead baby without

getting caught and then put them into a sack and transport them in a car but first even carry them to the car then carry them to your place and if you’re not on the ground floor you better hope the elevator is working then they gotta pick the lock to your place and then they need enough artistic sense to know where to place the bodies in the most horrifying positions can’t do the bedroom that’s too much of a cliche but maybe you want to try the bathroom for the surprise but it might take too long for you to get in there and then the bodies fall apart this guy is a real workhorse all right guys i’m

gonna put one bonus one on here day 312 the internet is still not working that’s by fluffy panisa i wanted to do it because it’s probably the most modern horror story i could find starting off this countdown we have the dreams posted by the user lost within myself they believe that when they sleep they travel to a parallel universe to save the confusion she calls them universe a and universe b universe b being the parallel universe so in universe a our current universe she is a 30 year old female with dark brown hair and green eyes she was adopted when she was little and is an only child she has been

married for seven years and she has a little baby boy but in universe b a lot of things are different for starters she has purple dyed hair instead of brown hair she was never adopted and she is the youngest of five children she has a different husband and they have no children freaky right but keep in mind she only goes to universe b when she’s sleeping you could say maybe she just has wild dreams but one time in universe b she was smacked across the face by her husband and when she woke up in universe a she had a throbbing red mark across her face moving on at number nine we have the lost

friend posted on read it by gada yeet she is part of a friend group of five but recently one of the friends in the group felt like someone was missing she felt like they were always a friend group of six but she can’t figure out who it is that’s missing so it’s believed that that friend switched universes and is now in one where she has a group of five friends instead of six anime eight we have the spheres we’ve covered humanoid beasts and drained cattle and now we’re gonna dive into floating spheres this place really is a mess now during the family’s 18-month stretch at the ranch the one thing they said

they saw the most of were floating spheres different colors different sizes just so many of them 12 separate incidents were reported with a family and their visitors saw giant orange circles flying over the trees on the ranch if that’s not bad enough terry saw the orange circle open up and smaller other spheres would just come flying out of the middle one of the sherman’s neighbors even confirmed seeing some flying orange basketball in the sky that wasn’t a basketball my friend that was zek 2 from planet futube filling our number seven slot are the lights during the sherman’s short and not sweet

state the ranch there were a number of unexplainable lights and orbs in the sky one time in the middle of the night the family was awoken by what seemed like football stadium lights illuminating their house simultaneously there was this musk-like odor going through their home at the same time on another occasion the family saw huge shafts of light going from the ground to the sky and this machinery sound coming from inside the earth along with it like what the f how deep have the aliens put their claws into the earth the family had machinery coming from inside the ground and what are these

beams of light signaling even at number six we have still this one was sent in by redditor horses everywhere it sat on my shelf with thoughtless porcelain eyes and the prettiest pink doll dress i could find why did she have to be born still i’ve heard of things like this actually happening people keep their stillborn children afterwards because the pain of losing a child was too much to bear and instead of overcoming the trauma it manifests itself in strange ways like dressing them up i don’t know if the person who wrote this story experienced something like this but this is a story definitely rooted in a

dark reality and number five we have photos our next story comes way of redditer goose to lose there was a picture in my phone of me sleeping i live alone sleep creep i would just hope if someone’s gonna take a picture of me while i’m sleeping at least make me look cute put a filter on it or something have some decency but this is also something that happens all too often there was a story about a girl in texas her ex-boyfriend broke into her place when she wasn’t there and then moved himself into the attic he would sneak out while she was sleeping and eat her food and take some of her things

when the police found him in the attic he had a little nest of her belongings around him on the bright side that means someone really really really really really likes you i’ve never really liked anything that much i mean like i love good food but if it’s raining outside and uber eats is on surge then it’s chef boyardee again baby and number four we have security working the night shift alone tonight there’s a face in the cellar staring at the security camera thank you to hctet for this story way back in the day i used to work as a security guard and every time i worked an overnight shift there’d be certain rooms that i would never go into i didn’t care if it was my job i’m not going to mess around with the ghost i don’t like it if i was working late night and i saw a face staring back at me in the security cameras i would leave i’m not gonna go

investigate no that’s it i’m done no no no no no no thank you i’m gonna leave the property and then i’m gonna go to the nearest 24-hour grocery store do all my shopping go home make myself a nice meal and then watch netflix i’ll come back in the morning when the demons are asleep at number 3 we have welcome home this story was written by madame i’m a damn i’m a damn this is the perfect follow-up to the last story i just read you get home tired after a long day’s work ready for a relaxing night alone you reach for the light switch but another hand is already there so the story continues from the last one i bail on the haunted place i was working and then when i get home with my groceries drop them on the floor

there’s already someone in my apartment i think i would just put the groceries down and say keep them then i would drive to a new country and start a new life where no one can bother me i would change my name to alfonso puppetino and grow a gnarly mustache and then just live a life where ghosts don’t come around and bother me i don’t need that kind of energy in my life in our second spot we have the drowning reddit user lunatic mcgee remembers the time where he almost drowned while going on a hike with his family so while on the hike there was a stream with a very powerful

current he decided to go near the water but the rocks were wet so he slipped into the water and he was quickly pushed down the stream now he remembers getting a hold of a rock and holding on for as long as he could before being dragged underwater but then he also remembers his dad grabbing him and pulling him out of the water so he remembers two different outcomes meaning in one universe he drowned and in the other he survived and in our number one spot we have the death so there’s a theory out there that we can live on infinitely one of ourselves in one universe may die but in another universe they live on i’ll explain that more in a second so reddit user pinobino posted the story seven months ago he said that he was driving to his office when all of a sudden a car came up behind him and he was overcome with an

intense feeling of fear as if that car was going to hit him suddenly he felt an intense jolt through his body but nothing even happened the car didn’t even hit him he continued driving on but he felt an excruciating pain up his neck and he felt extremely dizzy and sick on top of that he could smell and taste gasoline he even had visions of his family receiving news that he had died in a car crash but that never happened so he believes that in one universe he died in a fatal car crash but in this universe the crash didn’t even happen starting yourself for number 10 is the present so this creepy pasta-esque story takes place too close to home in scarborough ontario sarah winderson was just chilling in her living room talking to her boyfriend on snapchat and this guy is exactly who you’d want your daughter to date you know straight a student on

the football team good looking and just all around fun but he suffered from intermittent explosive disorder which causes someone to react super angrily to things that don’t require that response at all either way the couple was still happy despite his parents not approving of her that night he snapped her saying i have a present for you babe and oh he just loved presents he continued on saying you know how my parents always hated you how they always said i was too good for you now any normal person would think oh he got them to change their mind he was like well there’s no need to worry

about them anymore before snapping her a picture of his parents hanging from the ceiling blood was dripping down their bodies and he had gutted them like fish and she was like what the hell the hell’s wrong with you she dumped him straight away because he’s a freaking psycho and he sent her another snap saying is that so the picture attached was of her own front door so i’m guessing sarah was next you just take that man back so he don’t kill you coming at number 9 the snapchat confession 26 year old isaac andre renfro posted incredibly disturbing images to his snapchat story from inside a utah apartment that led to a police investigation their findings would shake a community to its core a witness of the

snapchat story told fox news i quote he showed a pile of blood on the floor and then a table knocked over and made his way to where the body was and showed the lady just laying there in a big pile of blood he was saying i’m sorry i’m sorry i apologize to my family and my kids and then he just said it was his time to shine as per reports authorities were responding to a domestic violence call and arrived at the residence around 10 30 a.m with the intention of getting everyone out alive the authorities spoke with renfro over the phone and shortly after heard gunshots from inside the apartment a swat team would deploy a robot inside to investigate around 2pm and it would be determined that renfro

took the life of his 26 year old girlfriend miranda shatchinger and himself it’s unclear how many people saw the snapchat story before it was taken down but as per reports it seems renfro was inside the apartment with his deceased girlfriend for hours before he took his own life and number eight we have a snap map now i enjoyed the map feature when it was first released on snapchat because i got to see what all my friends were around the world but i turned the feature off very quickly simply because i just don’t think people need access to my location like that and i feel like there’s always like those psycho couples that are like babe share your location with me just like dude relax trust issues much now either way back

in january of this year 24 year old jersey man tayshawn cosmi posted a snapshot of him with a gun and a bunch of money the police then used snapmap to locate his car and arrested him the same day for drug and weapons offenses they also found hollow bullets a digital scale and a lot of cocaine in his car i mean i’m really no expert or anything but it’s probably best to turn off your snap map when you’re when you’re a drug dealer you know what i mean and you have weapons just don’t do it at number 7 we have reflection this one was written by redditor the real hat man i woke up to hear a knocking on the glass at first i thought it was coming from the window until i heard it coming from the mirror again there’s so

many good horror movies involving mirrors because there’s something about them that is inherently creepy the perfect reflection of yourself stuck in there looking back at you some people have encountered paranormal activity where they’ve said they’ve looked into a mirror and they could see distorted versions of themselves or see a ghostly demonic presence behind them i mean that could be what’s happening in the story or this mirror person could be knocking on the glass because they’re just bored and they just want a friend you could put a half chess board up to the mirror and the two you could play chess for hours and maybe become really good friends also this spirit thing that’s knocking on the glass it did

come through at night maybe it’s trying to wake you up for a booty call i don’t know try and stay positive making our way down the list at number six we have the new items reddit user blood of loki shared a story about the time he was recovering in the hospital after a near-death experience when he was finally well enough to go home the hospital gave him the items he had come to the hospital with these items were a green coat and a hat but he has no memory of owning these items in the first place but inside of the jacket was his personal items so it’s not like the hospital just gave him the wrong stuff so he believes that sometime during his hospital stay he switched to a different universe one where he entered the hospital with that cotton hat we’re now at our fifth and halfway mark with the changes like i mentioned before it would drive me insane if i woke up and things around me just changed well this is what happened to the reddit user

drizzle so one night he went to bed on his white and black bedsheets but when he woke up the next morning his sheets were black and red he also found that his laptop was covered in stickers although he always thought putting stickers on electronics was stupid since it ruins the look of them but there he was different sheets and a different laptop he asked his mom about the sheets seeing if she somehow changed them but she had no clue what he was talking about also the night before he got into a fight with his family and he woke up expecting that they would still be mad at him but they weren’t at all it’s like the fight never happened so he believes that overnight he traveled to another universe meaning that his other

self got sent to the universe where his family is mad at him like imagine waking up and not knowing why everyone is upset with you that would just add more fuel to the fire like the parents would be like oh stop pretending like you don’t know oh yikes i bet that was a rough morning for that version of himself in our fourth spot we have the wives this next story is pretty eerie but also really cool so posted by the reddit user aj knox09 he shared the time he swapped places with his other self so first it’s important to note that his wife-to-be passed away when he was 20. down the line he got married

to another woman who he’s been with for 20 years and they have two daughters together so one day they were all at a restaurant when all of a sudden he became very dizzy even grabbed the table to brace himself when he turned to look at his wife he saw that it wasn’t his current wife no in her place was his 20 year old wife-to-be and their daughter who looked just like her then he was overcome with the dizzy sensation again and when it stopped he was back with his current wife which means that in another reality his wife-to-be never passed away and they went on to have a life together

which also means he’s technically married to two different women at the same time like is that considered cheating if your other self has a different partner in our third spot we have nair reddit user gange underscore 316 claims that he is from a parallel universe where earth is called near yep he said that back on nair people started disappearing all over the world without a trace then one day he did too and he showed up on earth he then reached out over reddit to see if anyone else on there was from nair as well apparently a lot of things are different back on near his planet is smaller they have different countries and they don’t eat animals now he just wants to find a way to get back home now at number two are

miscellaneous incidents there was so so many more stories from the family that didn’t fit under just one category or title so i was just like let me just file them all under miscellaneous incidents the family would just be working outside in the past  and hear floating voices above them talking to each other where were the ghostly voices coming from no idea alien related things like circular ice patterns crop circles and huge holes would just randomly appear all over the property overnight the family hardly ever slept and anytime they did they would always have violent nightmares and turns out a lot

of the family members had identical dreams which is no coincidence the shaman’s two children were honor students before their parents bought the ranch but after moving there their grades plummeted hardcore after being laid too many times and sharing strange office stories gwen was also fired from her job in an attempt to protect each other the family started sleeping on the floor of their front room i feel so bad this family is probably so scarred from this whole experience i can’t even begin to imagine and finally at

number one

are the orbs now seeing flying orange circles is one thing but seeing blue orbs is something else again these orbs are the size of a basketball but were a lot more dangerous you could tell they were intelligently controlled or had a mind of their own since they traveled quickly around the ranch and would make sharp turns that needed superhero like reflexes to accomplish one fateful night back in may of 1996 terry was out walking through this cattle dogs when he saw blue orb whizzing about the field he encouraged the dogs to go after it and they did biting at it and whatnot but it outmaneuvered them every time and it did it just as their teeth were about to get it so you knew it was teasing them the orb led the dogs

out to the brush and after hearing three distinct yelps there was no other sound from them the next day terry went searching for the dogs but couldn’t find them anywhere instead he found three round spots of dead vegetation and in the middle of them was a large black greasy lump kind of like the orb had incinerated the dogs either way they never found them starting off this countdown we have the case of cindy song cindy song was a 21 year old senior at penn state university in 2001 on halloween night she disappeared and was never seen again now to this day this case still remains unsolved so on halloween night cindy returned home from a party around 4 00 a.m she dropped off her bag cell phone

and took off her false eyelashes however cindy herself was nowhere to be found so police don’t know where cindy went was she kidnapped or murdered no one knows now a criminal named paul weekly did describe a woman that matched cindy’s description saying that he kidnapped a woman in the area who he thought was a prostitute he then admitted to killing her and multiple others the police did find the other bodies but not cindy’s they think that he just made up the story and hopes for a lesser sentence so here’s my opinion on this case we don’t truly know if cindy made it home safe the friend that dropped her off didn’t hang around to make sure she got inside her apartment so someone could have

kidnapped her and taken her keys to return some of her belongings that way it looked like she did return home either way this case needs to be turned into a movie coming in at number nine is the giant beast the sherman family recall this one terrifying incident that etched itself into their minds forever one night back in march of 1997 a huge wolf-like creature came down from the plains and spotted a group of calves that were in their pen and when i say huge you guys i mean three times bigger than the size of a regular wolf huge like that’s big the creature came and put its head through and tried pulling one car fully through and out of the fence terry saw this and ran inside to get a gun and started just shooting it but the creature was unfazed he went and then got an even bigger rifle and after shooting the beast eight times it finally

dropped the calf now was there only chance that terry chased the creature all the way to the edge of the ranch but by the time it got to the river and crossed it its prints were just gone they were present on terry’s side of the property but had somehow vaporized on the other side bro what the hell is this creature that can survive more than eight bullet wounds from a rifle in our eighth spot we have the white woman so a connecticut couple was driving along a winding forest road one day when they encountered a pale woman in a long white gown in the middle of the road thankfully they swerved out

of the way and avoided her when they looked back she was no longer there upon researching the history of the town they discovered a woman named sarah bishop sarah lived in a cave in the woods and would dress up in a long white gown only for church every sunday but in 1810 she passed away after freezing to death so they encountered sarah’s ghost that day now if they make this into a movie then it should be about sarah’s life like why was she living in the cave for how long etc and then maybe make it a little more spooky maybe have her ghost taunt the town members who knows coming in at

number seven we have kathy hobbs now there are a lot of people out there that have experienced premonitions personally i’ve had dreams of stuff happening and then the next day it comes true but nothing scary it’s just like what my mom’s making for dinner or a specific worded text from my friend now this woman named kathy hobbs had a premonition but this time it allowed her to predict her own death however she sadly wasn’t able to avoid it so all throughout her life kathy would get premonitions of herself dying at age 16. this actually made her develop agoraphobia and she didn’t want to leave her house shortly after her 16th birthday she believed that she was no longer in danger however on her way back

home from buying a book she was attacked and murdered that is extremely scary and sad but i think they could make a movie loosely based off of kathy’s story like maybe it’s about a woman that can predict other people’s deaths and then tries to save them before she is faced with her inevitable death in our sixth spot we have the sleeping sickness so from 1917 to 1928 half a million people suffered from a sickness called the sleeping sickness this caused their bodies to be in a frozen type state while their mind was still active about a third ended up dying and the survivors were left with limited

speech and body movements now what causes this is unknown although people have theorized that it might have something to do with brain inflammation but what’s the weirdest thing about that is that it disappeared randomly and everyone was fine for years and then it just reappeared suddenly again so what is truly causing this does a higher power have control of our bodies or is it an illness created by the government someone make a movie with these theories please we are now at our fifth and halfway mark with the doppelganger now it said that everyone has their own doppelganger someone who looks eerily just like yourself but it’s said that if you meet your doppelganger then you will be faced with

bad luck let me know in the comments below if you have met your doppelganger or who your celebrity twin is and let me know in the comments what celebrity i look like i’ve gotten caitlyn deaver alexis bloodell and even jesse barton anyways this one woman claims that she has seen a strange doppelganger version of herself in her own home so she said that several times in the night she would see herself standing in a mirror her husband even said that one night he saw his wife sit up and crawl backward to the end of the bed and stand up by the door turns out his wife never moved and was still laying beside him so who is this version of herself that she is seeing is it herself from another universe her evil

doppelganger or a ghost trying to embody her anna mafu is the best friend one night this girl was laying in bed and she gets a snap notification from her best friend who lived in another city she was excited hoping it’d be a double chin picture or something and believe me if that snap notification was from me it would have been but it was a picture of her best friend sleeping and there was no way she took it herself since it was from across the room 10 minutes later she gets another snap from her and this time the pitcher is a bit closer the same thing happens again and this time the person is super close to her now the fourth snap comes in and it’s a close-up of her best friend’s neck sliced open soaking her pillow in blood her first instinct was to call her friend’s parents who ran into her room to find their dead daughter and nothing

else upon investigation police found out that the snaps have been sent to everyone on the girls list along with the fifth snap saying i’m coming for all of you okay alrighty remember girl changed her number got a new phone all all of it but it wasn’t enough one by one her friends started dying and you couldn’t even trace it back to anything since the snaps came from their own phones the girl woke up one morning to her roommate asking why she opened her window in the middle of the night she hadn’t so i’m guessing she is next fill in our number three slot is the ghost of snapchat a woman named lindsay was doing her thing shaving her legs in the bathroom and listening to some music like we all do unfortunately her phone is vibrating from the music she was shaving to and it ended up falling in the toilet this led to her getting a new

phone off of craigslist so you can imagine things got quite scary from this point on she got a deal on the phone as it apparently belonged to a recently deceased elderly man something that clearly didn’t bother lindsay after a few weeks lindsay got a snapchat request from a stranger all of her data from her old phone was already transferred through icloud so this new request was from a total complete stranger at first she would receive random letters numbers and emojis which didn’t mean much at all every snapchat she sent back went unanswered and to no surprise all of her friends denied

they had anything to do with this then things got weird when lindsay was working on her history paper one night her roommates had gone on a camping trip so she was home alone and that’s when the account started sending her snapchats of what appeared to be her window the next was a silhouette of her at her desk very weird lindsay checked out her window and saw nothing but heard the front door opening being on the second floor of the three-story house she ran to the top floor grabbed a hammer and locked herself in a roommate’s room with a dresser in front of the door just kind of giving it a good push the snaps continued coming in but lindsey refused to open them still she heard steps coming

upstairs and a sinister laugh every time she rang for 9-1-1 she got a busy tone and finally when she decided to delete the snapchat app she heard a scream lindsey then decided with the phone being completely useless to her that she was going to hammer it with each strike she heard another scream until the voice and footsteps were gone lindsay opened the door found her home ransacked and ran to the neighbor’s house who called the cops the authorities found no proof of forced entry or anyone else in the home but did find puncture wounds in all the walls and photos apparently the investigation is

still ongoing and the phone has not been found since now number two is ahmad arbury so if you’re unaware on the 23rd of february a 25 year old unarmed black man called ahmad aabri was shot to death while jogging the assailants were three white residents of the neighborhood travis mcmichael his dad gregory and william bryan the whole thing was videotaped as william shouted racist slurs at ahmad’s dead body now the glenn county police department claimed the brunswick district attorney’s office advised them not to arrest anyone which is shocking how do you not arrest them for murdering a

man in cold blood unprovoked turns out the d.a george barnhill had connections with his son and gregory mcmichael and that’s why he wanted no arrests to be made he recused himself from the case and eventually the three men were indicted on four counts of felony murder two counts of aggravated assault and more the fact it took 74 days to arrest the mcmichaels is beyond me then a report circulated that travis’s sister lindsay posted a snapchat photo of ahmad’s dead body citing her reasons as being a huge fan of true crime like i’m sorry just because you like true crime doesn’t give you any reason to snap an image of someone your brother and dad just murdered he’s not a freaking trophy animal this one pissed me off you guys finally at number one the snapchat hostage in 2018 a boy was held hostage and those responsible

for holding him were sending demands to his family over snapchat perry the victim was an acquaintance of those who held him hostage and thankfully he would be returned to his family safely unharmed however prior to police tracking down and arresting the five people involved which included a 15 and 16 year old as well as a 22 year old and two 19 year olds it was a scary scene as per reports a family member notified the police after images of the victim were sent to the

family through snapchat being held at gunpoint with a demand for money in exchange for the boy’s safe return everyone involved in the case is believed to have known each other and this didn’t appear to be a random incident when all was said and done the five people involved were facing a slew of charges including kidnapping for ransom or service uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm possession of a loaded firearm extortion a soul with a deadly weapon among a handful of others

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