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Top 10 Creepy Bedtime Stories That Shouldn’t Be For Kids

Top 10 Creepy Bedtime Stories That Shouldn’t Be For Kids

whether we’re talking about classics like the stinky cheese man terrifying hauntings like the boy who comes home to hear a voice that has nobody attached to it or the secrets that are waiting for you on the 13th floor of a haunted house we’re going to touch all of these horror stories with today’s list of top 10 creepy bedtime stories that shouldn’t be for kids coming in at

number 10

we have the stinky cheese man honestly this is one of the best books ever written but i don’t know if it should be for kids basically it’s a series of children’s stories that are known to be famous fairy tales but they have been reworked to be very strange now i loved this book when i was a kid but that could be why i’m so weird now you could read this book to your kid but they might end up like me the main story of this book is called the stinky cheese man it was basically the story of a gingerbread man but instead of people trying to chase him down to eat him they can’t stand the smell of him because he’s made of the stinkiest cheese so he thinks everyone is trying to chase him down and eat him but in reality no one can stand him it’s the perfect representation of someone who thinks they’re great but has no idea what’s going on in the real world

the one i remember the most of the stinky cheese man versions was the ugly duckling the ugly duckling if you guys know that story starts out as an ugly duckling grows up to be a beautiful swan in the stinky cheese man version starts out as an

ugly duckling and then he grows up and it turns out he was just an ugly duck i remember that one so vividly because my mom would read it and she couldn’t finish reading it because the last line when it says turns out he was just ugly she would laugh so hard she was like and she could never finish the story because she thought it was the funniest thing on the planet coming in at

number nine

is under the bed you best believe if someone told me the story when i was small i would have gone and slept in between my parents i don’t even care i did that till an extremely old age which i will much say 12. you get scared sometimes i don’t know what to tell you now as the story goes a young boy is just sleeping in his bed when he hears footsteps outside his

door thinking he could be either a seal killer or just a random creak he peeks at the door before it swings open as the door opens it reveals a crazed serial killer holding the dead bodies of both the boy’s parents terrified and frozen watching him the man put the parents on a chair and got some blood on his hands and wrote something on the wall now thinking the

boy is asleep the murderer hides under the bed the boy at this point has probably peed and shut at this point and silently probably crying his eyes out and just every orifice on his body is you know releasing now it’s too dark for him to read what the man wrote so he just pretends he’s asleep and lays as still as possible just imagine it’s dead silent and the boy

can just hear the killer breathing underneath him an hour passes and eventually his eyes are adjusting to the light and he finally makes out what the man wrote just as he hears a noise from under the bed he reads the words i know you’re awake death coming in a

number eight

we have el coco this story has many names every culture has their version of el coco it’s basically the boogeyman now while most people wouldn’t dream of telling their kid this kid’s story in this day and age it used to be a very classic story for kids you would tell your child some sort of horrific tale about some beast that would steal them away if they misbehave and then say goodnight this would scare your kid into behaving i mean it’s a tactic that probably worked but the long-lasting mental stress you’d be putting on that kid would be some trauma that they would never get over and

probably stretch into the rest of their life they would grow up very angry and never know that it was because of the story of el coco that is actually floating around in the back of their head you know when i was a kid i thought the boogeyman was a dude who danced really well but was also scary that’s why they called him the boogeyman so i would picture this demonic beast grooving in my closet i thought he would burst out to disco music and then take me down to this underground dance club where he would eat me alive filling our

number seven

slot is the smell once upon a time as it always is once upon a time there was a married couple that fought a lot they were just starting to talk about getting divorced and the wife found out she was pregnant and so the couple decided to stay together for the baby honey even those marriages never work out never stayed together just for the baby but by the time the boy turned five the couple were fighting non-stop and she was bad one night the fight got really bad and the dad was

so angry he choked his wife to death in a panic he quickly took the body to the boot of the car before the sun could wake up and find out that his dad has murdered his mom he got to a swamp kind of piggybacked the body over his shoulder and then threw it into the gross ass swamp it smells horrible and because he had been in the water the husband also

stanked like when he got home he showered straight away but the stench stayed days passed and the smell wouldn’t go away and the boy kept asking where his mum was eventually the dad said she was staying with relatives and that was the end of that then any time he would approach his son the boy would be terrified backing away if their dad ever stepped close to him one night he asked him if there was something he wanted to say to him about his mother and the boy replied why is mommy’s face so pale the dad was like what do you mean and the boy aunt said why’d you give her a piggy back every day damn so the boy can see the mom nope anyways next one is

number six

the ouija board it should be no surprise that there’s a spooky bedtime story that involves a ouija board in fact this would be something i would tell my imaginary kids if i ever had them they need to learn from an early age that if you mess around with spooky things bad stuff will happen i don’t need my kids bringing that kind of bad energy into my life well this story follows along a group of kids who got the bright idea of using a ouija board to try and talk to some dead people and then things go terribly wrong everyone gets cursed and one by one each one of the kids dies off because of some

horrible demonic force that kills them honestly the whole thing sounds like a bad time but why would you tell this story to kids well back in the early 20th century the fear of the occult was much more serious than it is now now when you say the occult you think about a few girls sitting around a circle with some crystals in a birth chart but back then you thought the devil himself was going to use his followers to breed a dark army so this story would envelop kids with fear so they would stay far away from the dark arts coming in at

number five

is the voice it’s always the big houses that end up scaring kids for life now when this kid was young his family moved into a two-story house which was honestly a bit of a maze both his parents worked which meant he’d often come home from school to an empty house which is scary as a kid i remember that happened to me for a period while my sisters were in uni and i was scared home alone every single day i’ll just be like cocooned in the like blanket and just wait there until

somebody got home either way one evening he came home after being out of friends and the house was dark he called out for his mum and he heard her response from upstairs so obviously he went running upstairs to find her he called out for

her again and heard her say yes so he narrowed it down to one of the rooms on the far right side of the house the kid was still a bit scared but he knew as soon as he saw his mom he’d feel safe so he rushed to the room and just as he was about

to open it the front door opened he heard his mum shout sweetie are you home which is like okay if that’s my mum who the hell answered me in this room the boy immediately led over the door handle and ran down the stairs as he was going down he looked back briefly and saw something staring at him from the crack of the door that was open note to self just don’t don’t open that door ever coming in at

number four

we have the lorax this is a dr seuss story that i would get read all the time as i was going to sleep if you don’t know the whole story of the lorax it’s that of a forest dweller who used to live in a lush green world that was covered by nature and then slowly but surely the entire forest is torn down and all that is left is smog and rot everything that used to be green and healthy is now dead and the story is a warning to everyone that we should stop destroying the environment or it’s going to get eaten up faster than joey chestnut chomps down a meal [Music] now on second thought even though this story seems too real now and very frightening it probably should be told to all children so they learned that we need to take better care of the planet or we’re going to have to start eating each other like joey chestnut eats any food product  filling our

number three

slot is the keyhole we’ve all had variations of the scary story as kids but i always thought it was super creepy so this man’s flight lands quite late and so he drives this tiny hotel a few miles outside of kiev he tells the concierge he wants to book a room and she does all the admin stuff and gives him the key and the room number now just as he’s picking up his luggage to go up she tells him but one more thing comrade there’s one room without a number and it’s always locked don’t even peek in there too tight to even take her warning seriously the guy shrugged off and went to his room he passes the hell out but is awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of a running tab but hella annoyed he follows the sound and

realizes it’s coming from the room opposite his which is the one who the concierge warned him about he starts pounding on the door to try and get the person to stop but no one answers the man then looks into the keyhole and sees nothing but red the water’s still going until he’s had enough the flight was long enough he’s been through enough so he goes downstairs and complains to the concierge after finishing he asks by the way who is in that room and that’s when the truth finally came out she explained how there was a couple that used to board that room but the husband ended up murdering his wife she was a pale white beauty but her eyes were always fully red i don’t know but you know what you just saw on the keyhole is his eye coming in

number two

we have the 13th floor i mean it’s almost halloween so it should be no surprise that we have a good halloween story for you the bedtime story of the 13th floor is one where a couple of kids go to a haunted house that is an entire apartment building each floor is more spooky than the last the two kids keep climbing higher and higher but they are warned that you should not go to the 13th floor whatever horrors are waiting for you up there they are too intense for someone to handle well they managed to work their way up and they’re at the doorway of the 13th floor one of the two kids is too scared and turns back but the other one marches on alone the next day at school the one kid who turned back is looking everywhere for their friend but they can’t find them eventually they ask someone do you know where matt is and they respond who’s matt they ask a few more people but no one remembers matt as if they were erased from history and finally at

number one

is the ribbon i love ribbon stories there’s so many variations of this one one of them actually includes the pirate blackbeard this is not the one i’m talking about long long ago a pretty girl went to school and she had a lovely green ribbon tied around her neck at school she made a friend called jim who sat behind her in class he noticed the ribbon pretty quickly and casually asked her why she wears a ribbon around her neck and her reply was quite vague all she said was someday i’ll tell you now years went by and the tweens turned into teens and gem asked her out on a coffee date the day went obviously great since they’d been friends for years now and again jim asked her about the ribbon and this time

she said well maybe if we ever get married i’ll tell you fast forward many many years you can well imagine what happened the two got married were happier than ever and again he asks we’re married now why do you wear that ribbon on your neck and she says i’ll tell you if we ever have kids at this point i would be like are you cheating on me why are you not telling me about this i’ve literally married you the years later they have a baby girl and boy and again he asks her and all

she said is if you love me you’ll drop it for now someday i’ll tell you all jim knew was this girl she was his life and he loved her more than anything so he just stopped asking the duo finally grew old together and at last his wife was on her death bed he asked please tell me now why do you have that ribbon around your neck and with her last breath she said okay i’ll tell you take it off now and he did and as soon as the bow was loose her full-on head fell off mm-hmm anyway guys that was it see it just doesn’t seem as climactic as yours because you’re always like this is me anyway guys let us know what

you thought in the comments below would you read any of these stories to your children probably not anywho i’ve been your host for this one even hassan and i’ve been trader reina bye bye for bloopers you said it all yep yep terrified and frozen watching him the man put the parrots on a chair oh sorry i just had pad thai now while most people wouldn’t dream of telling their kid this story in the now while most people wouldn’t dream of but the but the long lasting mental

stress you would have be put but the long-lasting mental stress you’ll be putting on that kid hella annoyed he follows the sound and realizes it’s coming from the room opposite here’s the one the concierge warned him about that’s right anyways guys that’s it no you did the intro you let you talk for the whole of the intro hey go

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