Top 10 Craziest Laws In America

Top 10 Craziest Laws In America

Top 10 Craziest Laws In America

there’s lots going on in america right now the next new president who is it gonna be who are you guys voting for i know a lot of you guys are like i don’t wanna reveal i don’t wanna reveal let me know who you’re putting for the comment section below i’m not american so good luck let’s get right into it let’s start with any time here

number 10

in tennessee a person cannot legally hold an official public office position if they’ve ever been in a duel or aided and abetted in a duel in any way i mean this one’s pretty serious it is even cited to be listed in the constitution well what’s more well that isn’t even the punishment this is also an offense punishable by law however the more permanent public

punishment is that you can never hold a position of power what i want to know is how this law interacts with modern times what if you challenge someone to a meme war is that a modern day duel can you not become the next president of the united states of america is this like all crimes what if you jaywalked you got a ticket can you be president trump has he ever jaywalked

number nine

in colorado you can legally modify the weather with a permit okay is this real life right now i suffered the full power of the storm okay so i’m like 30 years old and i’m just finding out now that it is possible to modify the weather let alone if it’s legal or illegal to do it’s actually legal in some states to modify the weather but illegal in colorado unless you have a permit

i wonder how much it is to get a permit to like never let it rain ever again why would anyone want to modify the weather while ski resorts commonly play god to provide their customers with fresh powder on the slopes the science behind it is

actually pretty cool though private companies are hired by colorado ski resorts to burn silver iodide on the slope which causes the clouds to precipitate and fill and ultimately release up off the hills creating fresh snow for the skiers so when you wonder why it’s so expensive to go skiing well you’re paying for the snow you’re paying for the cloud above you up next

number eight

florida laws well where do i begin with that florida always outdoes itself for its own crazy headlines but this one might be my new favorite it is illegal for any bar restaurant or other venues where liquor is sold to partake in dwarf tossing contests yeah dwarf tossing i know what you guys are thinking this is like a scene from wolf of wall street well apparently this

trend caught on across the sunshine state caught the ears of legislators who decided to ban the activity and issue up to a thousand dollar and fine i can’t afford to partake in this well this is actually outlawed in 1989 the year before i was born so 31 years ago and get this someone actually tried to reverse the law in 2011 but they were unsuccessful i don’t know what is funnier the fact that this is a real law or that someone tried to bring it back coming in hot on this list in at

number seven

in idaho cannibalism is strictly prohibited and punishable by law now this one freaks me out a bit why is idaho the only state that has this law shouldn’t this be a no-brainer in a first world country the law states that cannibalism is punishable up to 14 years in prison so if you eat somebody you’re going to jail and then you got to eat the crappy prison food well unless a life-threatening situation occurs so that means if it’s for survival so if you are out in a desert and you don’t see any food but your friend’s looking mighty appetizing you could take a bite out of him and not serve jail time you can eat all of him if you are very hungry in a desert

number six

north carolina brings you a strange law to this episode especially in times like this it is illegal to hold a business meeting while in costume but by definition a mask is also considered a costume along with the hood or a full costume outfit well you know what i guess they don’t have many halloween parties in north carolina because you guys are just boring i want to hold the most important meeting in a clown costume but beyond that how are they doing business right now with the coven 19 masks mandates i mean does that classify as like a costume can you not have a meeting with it do you have to like infect people with the virus potentially because you have to have that meeting with no mask on halfway there

number five

a new jersey law states it is a third degree crime to wear a bulletproof vest while committing another crime like if i’m committing a crime i want to be protected well the law itself states engaged in the commission of or an attempt to commit or flight after committing or attempting to commit murder manslaughter robbery sexual assault burglary kidnapping criminal escape or assault well here’s the caveat to this law it’s a third degree crime but if you commit murder in the first degree it gets bumped up to a second degree charge on top of the murder charge so basically just don’t own a bulletproof vest or commit any crimes and you’ll just enjoy your time in new jersey

number four

wisconsin is widely known as the dairy capital of the u.s they take this title very seriously it is illegal for an establishment to serve a margarine over butter unless otherwise explicitly asked by the customer violators for this can face a fine of 500 and it’s insane but they might even see up to three months in jail depending on the situation reoffenders can face a thousand dollar fine and up to a year in jail hey y’all what are you in here for um i murdered a guy what are you in here for butter finally

number three

a virginia law states you are prohibited to kill any animals that is considered to be a nuisance except for raccoons it gets better this rule is for sundays only there’s a small window after 1 pm and before sunset where you can kill any annoying creature why would anyone do that though except for raccoons they could be killed until 2am on sunday mornings this is like i don’t understand this law like is this is this real life right now is this a legitimate law i can think of a lot of animals that are way more annoying than raccoons that should have been taken out i mean i don’t want anyone to be hurting these guys on my watch

number two

on this list we have ohio there is a law that states that no horse owner is allowed to have a male and female horse together near a public street or an alley well why is this a law well i guess horses like to get frisky when they’re together and doing so on a public street can put lives in danger you can also get a dui in ohio if you’re riding a horse drunk while it’s carting a buggy and finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for

number one

washington actually has a law that states you may not kill bigfoot or sasquatch if you even believe that there is a such thing as such creature out there and you’re lucky enough to capture it and you kill it well you could face fines of up to 500 and jail time of a one year i like how it’s like you can get a year in jail and also a 500 fine like why do i care about that 500 why is that even a thing one year now that’s pretty serious like 500 being equivalent to a year doesn’t make sense to me

make it one year and like 30 000 in fines because that way i’ll for sure not kill the sasquatch well this comes from a 1984 law that protects the endangered species so apparently bigfoot is really endangered and we need to keep them alive we gotta mate them we gotta find the males and the females put them together in the bushes we gotta create little bigfoots i gotta sneeze why is idawa idaho i don’t want okay i am today i’m today’s years old what the [ __ ] which which causes the clouds above to persist precipitate my muscles which causes the clouds above to persist precipitate which causes

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